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  1. "Why aren't you being civil?" cries man whose entire contribution to the debate was a pasted team sheet and "You're on a wind up". You started it. I said it was a 3rd choice line up. It was a 3rd choice line up. The 2 likely leaving in January are Azpi and Alonso with Hakim and Pulisic quite possibly following. Most of them haven't played together because most of them haven't played.
  2. Congratulations you googled a team list that proves my point. For the hard of thinking it doesn’t matter if you think that team *should* have beaten wolves it still contains 3 players, maybe even 4 who will likely leave in January literally because they are third choice, no recognised striker, a defender in midfield and a player who was playing against the advice of the clubs own doctors. I’m not saying Chelsea are in a unique situation, I’m saying putting the remaining players on a bus together is mad, the fixture should never have happened and anyone defending the fa letting football continue while also saying the country should be wary of the current covid variant is a bloody idiot.
  3. Are they on the cart? I thought the evercade device saved.
  4. Ok hive mind, that Liverpool penalty shout?
  5. You also get all your U23s (Or some youngster rule), so both teams actually have a pool of 31. If that site is accurate, I certainly can't verify that for Leeds.
  6. I checked out of idle curiosity, Leeds and Chelsea actually have identically sized squads on the Premier League site.
  7. Oh you won't get any argument from me (Or Thomas Tuchel or Jurgen Klopp from the interviews I just saw) that we shouldn't be playing ANY games right now.
  8. Well the starting line up included 2 players who are leaving because of lack of game time, 1 player being rushed back from injury who shouldn't have, was missing both possible number 10s and had a defender in midfield so you tell me.
  9. Because a 3rd choice team who don't normally play together and are missing all the main attackers probably won't score many goals.
  10. Leeds don't have a smaller squad an international isn't worth 2. Chelsea literally couldn't name a full squad for the game.
  11. Why is that relevant? That's virtually every Premier League team at this point.
  12. Game should never have happened, result feels fairly inevitable.
  13. I'll tell you now that's a realistic experience.
  14. You're at the point the ref needs to be careful booking people because if someone gets suspended the team are out of players...
  15. Yeah I'm not 100% sure about that.
  16. So much COVID there's an entire cloud of it on the pitch. Or it's misty, one of the two.
  17. I think he's being deliberately cheeky there because he knows no teams WANTS to start with 4 centre backs.
  18. I assumed that but I can only see the Newcastle match on the schedule.
  19. Ah I thought yours was COVID too. It will be soon enough, there's a pretty damn good chance several of the players you're about to face have it.
  20. Well their matches weren't on TV yesterday in the main...
  21. And to be fair, that just means both sides should qualify to get it postponed.
  22. Yeah, I'd suggest literally only having 3 fit outfield players not in the 11 might constitute a reason.
  23. Apparently Chelsea applied to have it postponed but 7 players out is not enough and as Tuchel points out they just made them put the remaining ones on a bus for 3 hours. They can't name a full bench despite including 2 goalkeepers and a guy who's been injured for 11 matches. Pathetic.
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