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  1. I don't accept he forced Lewis anywhere and he made the corner. If that's not unacceptable I struggle to see what overtake is, especially in these difficult to overtake cars. You'd see that move 100 times in any karting race. Lewis left an absolute chasm on the inside there, partly because the gameplan for Mercedes was very sensibly to avoid racing Red Bull at all costs. If there was a wall there, Max makes the corner just fine. Frankly Ricciardo there is basically just proving why he's not a world champion but Max (and Lewis) are. Lewis battled it knowing he had an out, Max dived in there at least partially because if he misjudged he had an out.
  2. No-one generally comes out of those encounters looking good. The difference though is it's the job of the Merc and RB people to get the best result for their team (And RB could be argued to have won the championship there and Saudi with their bamboozling of Masi) whereas Masi is supposed to be in charge and comes across as the worst kind of headmaster.
  3. There are, last I heard, 10 that don't work. Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One DWVR Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Joe's Diner Just Deal With It! Robinson: The Journey Shadow Complex Remastered Shadwen TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 We Sing
  4. Yeah the Matrix thing is worth watching the intro a 2nd time because you suddenly realise that it's almost entirely, possibly entirely entirely, not a video. And then watch the chase because you do see how strictly it's scripted when "Auto fire" turns on
  5. I played 2 games of Eliminator ever, I won the 2nd one and then retired undefeated* *
  6. To be fair, given Analogue's general ability with promised dates, so are all the rest of us.
  7. We don't know that, we'll find out when one happens.
  8. It was at least a week the previous times apparently, although I did see someone say a particular game "Worked off both rom and cart" so I wonder if certain people have one on the sly.
  9. Broadly at least, some stuff that really thrashes hardware might not, you need FPGA or higher for some mega drive demos. I believe C64 Sonic also works on a Mister because the REU is implemented but I don't know about emulators.
  10. I would hope so, my assumption is they're just waiting to see if any are needed to replace dead on arrival machines.
  11. I think it's fairly clear Group A was cancelled orders from the first batch so that makes sense.
  12. Depends if they're written for the system I guess, like the recent demake of Sonic or just a PC game made to look less "smart".
  13. No, we thought you were serious when you used an ablest term as an insult.
  14. You all know the answer is David Luiz.
  15. They would want someone experienced but maybe short term and someone reasonably easy to get for Mercedes. Vettel is by far and away the obvious choice. Unless it's Russell's choice and then he should choose Latifi for the lols.
  16. And they did that having made basically the opposite mistake a year earlier which is why the start of the other series goes. EA Hockey NHLPA 93 and then and only then NHL 94 Yep, along with "we'd never sully the FA Cup with sponsorship" because "The FA cup with... Budweiser" wasn't it? And then emboldened by that we're now full tilt the "Some fucking cunt FA Cup".
  17. It's saying you play like a Grandma.
  18. Oh don't worry I'm claiming them all. If only because I'd rather $IndieDev has money rather than Tencent.
  19. To be fair, Shenmue 3 is absolutely worth the 2 others I've seen to me but it just seems like EVERYTHING must be rogue.
  20. Failed at the first hurdle there then. When I find who wrote the memo that basically all games now have to be "rougewhatever" I'm going to have some very strong words. Why design 2 levels when you can make them play the first one a thousand times with no chance of success the first 900 or so times!
  21. Autosport don't exist anymore, the site is just reprints from motorsport.com, including the linked article... https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/what-could-mercedes-plan-b-look-like-if-hamilton-quits-f1/6927262/
  22. Depends, they'll have some pretty heavy fixture congestion but they've also moved games until after Conte gets to bring in players so who knows which way it'll work. Badly if they waste as many chances against everyone as they did against Liverpool.
  23. Dudley


    Certainly the period a couple of hours in is the worst bit.
  24. You don't but you don't get to bitch about "It being a joy to come into the thread" directly after delivering a drive by shitpost. I have literally no idea what your other line even means.
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