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  1. I got Far Cry 6 on PS5 this week, left it to install. It turns out if you turn off the controller, because the controller has a battery life measured in pico seconds, it stops installing the game. Not rest mode, just the controller. I came back 3 hours later and the mandatory "patch" was nearly done but the game was still 3% installed, which it immediately started working on when I turned the controller back on.
  2. Oh christ, that one should come in a cracker.
  3. I think we should cancel the concept of windows.
  4. It controls wonderfully but I feel it's a little empty and dull by today's standards, it's why X is the better game.
  5. Chelsea were 7 for the Wolves match, although one subsequently turned out to be a false positive. They were unfortunately distributed though, very well set for central defenders!
  6. Oh NOW you fuckers get to cancel games!
  7. Assuming you noticed that's last season. Last season they won the semis so they already went "One step further". Also presumably they'll be hoping for go "two steps further" anyway.
  8. Sega Power gave that 73% in a review that said you don't need it if, and I promise I'm not kidding here, you already own "Cool Spot" or "Global Gladiators".
  9. Yeah, I only spotted the obvious one then a Spurs supporting mate pointed out the other obvious one.
  10. Ever see something so stupid you genuinely don't know if they're taking the piss?
  11. And this is interesting because it kinda shows the problem here, an "Edge 10" back then would have been the initial review rather than a hindsight one. Most of those are classics, but would they have been recognised as such in an initial review.
  12. Hey. HEY! You will not disrespect Modena like that. You will disrespect them for all the other reasons they deserve it! This, not allowing people their preferred racing line is absolutely part of virtually any overtake than isn't a DRS draft fest. The block pass is basically day 1 of overtaking tuition.
  13. How many mugs are they bundled with?
  14. Mine crashed during the installer on launch day. Same reaction as you, still not played it.
  15. Excellent predatory strike from Jansson. Just one minor issue.
  16. To be fair he does appear to be setting a new record for squad numbers.
  17. Nah you can always market a record but a possible reason for said conspiracy (if conspiracy it be) would be to have a different champion, any champion. But if that was the aim then you would have swapped the positions on lap 2 for just one example. Yeah motorsport.com became a tyre fire this year. Which is interesting because the MotoGP section has always been like that but now it's spread. That said, if you think the tribal Lewis v Max fans are bad try Rossi vs Marquez.
  18. Exactly, Hamilton left him an acre of space and he made a move and hit the apex. You know who DOES have a lot of space they're not using? Lewis. There's no need for him to go off the track, it was a calculated and successful attempt to retain the place.
  19. Nothing says first choice team like the squad numbers of 2/3rds of your front line adding up to 132.
  20. They are but they have been spot on every month since I remember.
  21. Yeah, Gio's the reserve driver but he won't always be there. This is just formalising plan B. The confusing thing is they haven't quite thought this through because Haas' reserve driver is also Gio, so if they lose Mick because Gio isn't available then they're going to discover the plan's small flaw.
  22. But neither have been Games with Gold. Tbf, as an EA Sports game, Dirt's on GP pretty much by default.
  23. Dirt 5 was so bad I almost wanted to wipe the memory of the entire series from my brain unfortunately because on paper this is absolutely a return to form month.
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