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  1. It's been pretty bad, for 3 days the game hung saving forever if you "Bought a car". Also cars were stopping dead mid map for weeks.
  2. Yeah if there's one thing I've learned from 3 years of playing old games in modern contexts it's that the less arcadey a game, the better the chance it's not aged super well. A modern remake of TSAM could be astonishing. You could argue that's what GTA5 heists are but I'm still thinking top down.
  3. Nah, there's only one reason the C64 was shit No you'll find the actual Yesterzine next week is back to laid back, it's got golf in it for fuck sake. GOLF! Although I can see why people who chase numbers are that sort of channel...
  4. Tell me you never owned a Wii without telling me you never owned a Wii
  5. Horizon 5 is absolutely unfinished. Or possibly so far past finished it's looped round. But it is unacceptably broken, especially for nearly 2 months past release, last week one of the game's main objectives, needed for month long achievements, did not work for almost all players.
  6. That one came up on Yesterzine too, that's a very clever game, with an awful multiload on the Speccy and some serious interface issues. But at the time YS gave it 9 and it absolutely could have been 10.
  7. Yeah, if you can knock them late enough in the race that they don't finish the best CPU it really confuses the game. And actually this is one of the things I like about F-Zero X, a huge field that doesn't rely on the same cpu finishing 2nd every time. Especially with the full reverse grids.
  8. To be fair that's not REALLY true on the SNES one, although rubber banding is certainly there. On the newer ones they're absolutely 6/10s except in multiplayer.
  9. Aladdin is a good Master System shout (And is by SIMS who made a lot of the most technically proficient SMS games) But I've always been amazed that Road Rash on the SMS looks ANYTHING like it does. SMS top, SMD bottom. The difference is basically nil. And it shifts too.
  10. Although again, when the FA refuse to protect players and effectively punish clubs for doing so, it's not a surprise when a club who may well get relegated by a point is tempted not to.
  11. Yes to be fair you do have to actually have them but I guess you could argue that's basically the same as the Gameboy T2 cart on my desk. I can still play it after LJN shut down only because I have it. I'm not sure why, but I have it.
  12. To be fair, Hot Pursuit is fucking great.
  13. The download went fine, it was the installing from disc part it didn't bother to do.
  14. That's not why you won't be going though
  15. Yeah, like I tried to work out if I did something wrong or I was missing a quirk of the whole process but I can't figure out what it might be.
  16. To be fair, if GOG shuts down you just keep playing your lovely completely non-DRMed games. Of all the people I don't see going for this, GOG are top
  17. What actually counts as "Running on a C64?" or a Spectrum, or an N64, or anything? Is Sonic a Commodore 64 game? Is Majora's Mask an N64 game? Is Starfox a SNES game? Is Super Mario Brothers a Game Gear game? What the bloody HELL is a "PC Game"? What constitutes a "Game for 'x'"? And is it as simple a question as it seems?
  18. Unless that adds a lot more AI it's not going to solve the main issue. Nah, Stunt car is deeply flawed as a game even for the time. Its driving model is STILL a standout but as a game it's got major problems. The damage system is stupid, especially the persistence and once you get out of division 3 then it's basically luck to get around a couple of the courses with moving elements. And even then the bits of the courses that aren't "normal" it's simply a case of remembering the magic speed for each jump and fall. Play Divisions 4 and 3 today and you'll love it but beyond that you'll quickly realise the flaws that stop it being a 10.
  19. Sony are missing a trick. Oh dear.
  20. I got an email from Base that the one I put myself in the queue for in January was available. Sadly it's locked to my account not a code so I can't pass it on but there's clearly new stock.
  21. I mean yes... but also no. You could totally play Prey not like that, by choosing abilities differently etc. And it's certainly the least like that of any of Arkane's games. But also kinda yeah I see.
  22. If that. If the people who somehow think Forza Horizon 5 is "dudebro" ever get hold of Dirt they'd be curled into a ball within seconds.
  23. Which is the point really. This is "A use" for NFTs the same way going down to Tesco is "A use" for a Boeing 747. Technically true but could be done much easier now if there was a will using traditional means. (A car)
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