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  1. Mings didn't watch the Palace match then
  2. Oh that's what strikers are for.
  3. Yep, and you've clearly forced a half time sub Chelsea were hoping not to make.
  4. If you're going to pretend someone hit you at least hold the vaguely right area.
  5. I should condemn the Villa keeper for that but you gotta love the balls to try and get away with fucking up the penalty spot when your team just conceded one.
  6. They technically did with the 3DS version of Hyrule, it that the 3D only worked on the "pro" model.
  7. Yeah, it's just we're a bunch of cynical 40 somethings who consider anyone younger than us some kind of in your face skater dude or something. It's a very laid back game even in the voices.
  8. It was given away on PS Plus recently if that's something that could have confused you.
  9. Dudley

    PC Engine Mini

    PSA : Be very careful how you power it, see... well the rest of this thread.
  10. Which I think they've given away before. Because if they haven't I don't know how I already have it.
  11. For shoving someone over then going back for afters? I don't think you could argue it.
  12. And it occurs that will of course ban him from the Norwich match, for which Palace are already marginal.
  13. Yeah, that'll get you a straight red. Which is probably good because the first yellow was iffy.
  14. Pretty much ditto, I only tried it on gamepass and basically became an Arkane fan through it.
  15. Try it without doing it first though, because that sounds like an incredibly lifeless game to me. With the added bonus that if you think "I'll rely on the subtitles" a lot of them are quite simply wrong.
  16. He just retired though. Although given his replacement is Bottas... "Unlapped cars must lap themselves".
  17. Well that's because art and artists is nothing to do with it, you just want the receipt. It's the "Buying a pack of gum to get cashback" of the art world.
  18. Yeah it's "the same ip" in the same way Donkey Kong and Super Mario Strikers are.
  19. I guess you could set up an auction or something but you'd risk the wrong person buying it.
  20. Yes, but they were absolutely fine until GAME's management bought them back. The timeline is 1990 - Game formed 1992 - Future Zone formed 1995 - EB buys into but not all of Future Zone 1999 - EB buys GAME 2002 - Management Buyout, Remaining EB and Future zone branded stores become GAME. 2007 - Gamestation 2012 - Died and ressurected 2014 - Back on stock exchange 2019 - Bought by Professor Pies. GAME actually had to pay EB royalties for years after the management buyout because of copyright on all the POS etc.
  21. One of the problems with this is often the problems are server related these days, which means when the 100 people are reviewing it, it might well be fine. Then Forza got 5 million players in a week.
  22. He's got a point, after all last time the regulations changed Mercedes had a big advantage in the early races of 2014 and that vanished in... *checks notes* Oh.
  23. There are multiple examples for digital music too, Zune being the one that leaps to mind.
  24. The issue was mostly in the setup, choosing characters where there are multiple pages of text etc. This was indeed on Speccy so maybe the 64 version fits it all on a screen.
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