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  1. Yeah and the problem there is you'll get matches suspended until you're perfect again whereas for the other clubs the FA goes "Goalkeeper up front? Sounds like a fit player to us! Game on!".
  2. You're still only allowed the same number of players. COVID doesn't care if your bench "cost" an arbitrary amount. For a start, Chelsea's bench is that high because it contained a lot of players coming back from COVID and injuries who couldn't play the whole 90. At least partly because they're possibly the only team by this point not to have matches postponed. Have West Ham had to start 4 central defenders in a match and a front line with an average shirt number of 66 in a match yet?
  3. Get out. But yes it's an incredibly lazy collection that basically skips all their games and has 5 games total, 3 of which are Speedball.
  4. Obviously at the cost of both of you having to now be online to play your own games.
  5. Shots fired... but if the thread game is not a C64 one, does requiring a Plus make this not a CPC one...
  6. Yeah, Heat very much owes a debt or two to the Horizons of this world.
  7. The Playstation changed the world and suddenly the PC wasn't king of the hill anymore. But keep your friends close and your enemies closer, maybe the Playstation could in fact be the making of the PC as a modern 3D gaming platform. While PC Zone ponders this they look at a next generation sports title and a 2nd generation sports title. (Which is the cleverest sentence I'll ever write).
  8. I think this is it and thanks to people I trust telling me both these things I never even played it.
  9. I'd be hearing a lot of rumours about problems at Playground, mostly troubled development of Fable (people joining expecting to make driving games and being dumped on it, people leaving etc) but the state of this, which should have been basically a freebie as the 4th Horizon on the same engine really makes me worry about them and how Fable might crawl out.
  10. Not blaming the keeper for a second on that one certainly.
  11. Almost exactly what I texted my dad, you could stop the guy or you could crumple like a drunk student.
  12. The problem he's got is there's a lot more wheel to wheel racing in the midfield than there ever was at Mercedes. He'll be doing this every race but with a Sauber under him.
  13. Well it's always a risk. It's not even always talent, it's a case of "peaking" as a youngster just when there's a space in a team for an opportunity. There's no particular reason to believe Nathaniel Chalobah is any less talented than Trevor but the times they got their opportunities in the first team have worked out for Trev but Nath ended up moving to Watford after playing maybe 10 games in a decade.
  14. Good move. Especially now no-one in day to day operations F1 gets much of a break. When you do, take one properly. I don't think I'd read anything much into it.
  15. Very high chance I'll regret this but good to see Lamptey starting and being Brighton's best player for the first 10 minutes. Brave decision to dodge the Chelsea loan academy career path in favour of trying to earn playing time elsewhere but it seems to be working out for him.
  16. Dudley


    Go to online Julianas but make it friends only? Or does the game see that trick and still throw in AI ones?
  17. On the plus side, the 3 months off while other teams play the games they were allowed to postpone is going to be great.
  18. It was absolutely fine on a One X, unless it's got a lot worse in the last year.
  19. Dudley

    PC Engine Mini

    Oh it's a horribly faulty design.
  20. It's quite clever really, you can reach the hall of fame never winning a race. But if you're saying the likes of the eliminator, the trial and any unbeatable AI is easy then you're too pro gamer for me. Everyone can get exactly the challenge they want with it.
  21. Well yes and no, after all it was already 1-1 at half time and 2 of Chelsea's 3 came from dumbass moves by Villa defenders giving away penalties. Granted one of those was ON said striker. Villa could and probably should have got a point out of that, Lukaku or not.
  22. Yeah that was a dumbass penalty to give away, especially when you've lost the game either way. Scoreline is pretty hard on Villa given the influence of 2 penalties.
  23. Do you not start Cannon Fodder by pressing "start"?
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