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  1. One of the replies to the RPS tweet is "22 Cons" and frankly that justifies this whole thing.
  2. So if you can't get enough points for the season their response is essentially "Sucks to be you".
  3. For those new, in general accessories "just work" with these things. As mentioned the SMS for GG on the MegaSG (even though the GG itself is an adapter) and the Super GameBoy both both as well as they did on hardware. Even a Mega CD on the SG. Any SMS convertor you care to pick up on the Mega SG. J-Carts, Multitaps... The only problem I really know of is the original powerbase convertor on the Mega Drive. And that's because its shape fouls the HDMI cable, same as the issues MLiG had.
  4. Not had a chance to watch theirs just yet but I'd speculate that's the higher res of the SMS confusing it while the machine itself is still "running" at GG res. Weird because it's absolutely fine on the MegaSG, which is actually irritating because I wanted to show the difference the resolution reduction made on the GG Incidentally, I'm on a not official discord that for no reason I'll mention Kevtris is also on and there's no specific information being public there.
  5. Yeah that's generally where I fall, if you can plug the "Game module" into a 100% original system and it works, it's running on it. Which is interesting because Donkey Kong 64? Majora's Mask? Not N64 games by that token, they didn't work without the separate expansion pack..
  6. I've just noticed this is you and fucking Enduro Racer again I doubt anyone's tried it yet but the GG SMS adapter should absolutely work on the pocket. Hilariously it works on the Mega SG with a GG adapter, resulting in this nightmare.
  7. 8KB RAM, the cart is indeed 256k. Your 2nd point is an interesting one, I've seen the debate before. Like, is StarFox REALLY running on a SNES kinda thing.
  8. I was expecting 2023 anyway so ambled in at my leisure around 20 past and booked 117676 for a pocket and GG adapter. I might grab a case etc when I go back for the other adapters. I'm the weirdo who won't jailbreak it though and who already has a Super NT and SuperGameBoy plus a Mega SG and GG adapter which is of course a big part of the utility of the dock, it'd only be GBC and GBA for me.
  9. To be fair I don't think it's a surprise that if Analogue were 2 person company with an average IQ of 100, 201 of that would be in the engineering side. I think I'm just gonna get the device and if offered the GG adapter, there's an amount I'm willing to risk lending them and it's not the full dock+adapter*3 I suspect.
  10. Yeah it's a shame I can't tell you but I didn't reply or anything and just blocked him so I've no idea.
  11. That's the worry isn't it. I don't have any huge need for the dock but the ease of using it as a capture device might swing me. I certainly want the adapters and the machine so I might just assume it's the price of buying it on ebay and just do it.
  12. None really. How about that the C64 needs a ram upgrade when the SMS does it in 8kb? I'm just messing really it's just weird seeing the internet drop their pants for "8-bit game runs on 8-bit machines". It's not like the absolute bloody miracle that was Pinball Dreams on CPC.
  13. Yeah I've said it multiple times now but that's the baffling thing, he HAD a rules friendly way of achieving exactly that. Red Bull got in his head basically. As they did in Saudi when they negotiated the clean side of the grid.
  14. You've missed out Aston Martin, who I'd file with your first group not least because 5% of the car company (but not the team) is owned by one T.Wolff.
  15. I guess the nearest you have is 2003 Brazil but then nothing was actually changed, the result was declared wrongly. Again that's not happened here.
  16. Yes, If the teams signed up to that, and they did, can't see CAS overturning it even if they have the There absolutely is, but I don't know of a single time it's happened except when a team broke the rules. And here, no team did.
  17. Fair. The trouble is CAS is really just going to look at if the sport applied their own rules. They did. I'm not sure whether CAS can force a sport to do anything either actually.
  18. Then Red Bull would sue, and win. They won by complying with the race director's orders. Mercedes could in theory pursue this as far as suing for provable financial losses from the decision but they have no mechanism to overturn the decision. No-one, least of all the teams and FIA are served by it becoming a bad thing to obey race direction. "A safety car has been called" "Ok Lewis keep going full speed, the incident is in turn 8 and we disagree with the SC so we'll just ignore it".
  19. That is organically, at least in the age of safety cars, one of the risks you take being in front is exactly that happening, it's just racing. Very, VERY roughly, they use half as much fuel behind the SC.
  20. It's probably better than average but it hides that at the time several of those teams were PL and that 2/3rds of their possible opponents (44/63) are not. So it's not QUITE what it looks. Yes they've not seen a Man City, Liverpool or Utd in that time but there's only about a 1 in 15 chance of facing those 3.
  21. Yeah I can't guarantee it was him but it absolutely wasn't the former Slightly Mad Studios head (he's just generally a bit of a dick but not a problematic one) and it WAS verified and claimed to be him in the bio.
  22. Mine isn't, I must have forgotten to return the form
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