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  1. On 22/10/2021 at 18:13, ryodi said:


    All of the early DS games used the touch screen just to be seen to be using it. Diddy Kong Racing DS had you spin the tyre on the touch screen to get a boost start which makes the game almost unplayable for me. 


    Also Another Code



    One puzzle involves you half closing the machine to reflect something onto the other screen.


    Which was super except that I'm told it basically didn't work on the DSLite's screen.


  2. 1 hour ago, MrPogo said:

    Got it. Anything that’s looked remotely like good luck for Max definitely wasn’t and anything that looked like bad luck definitely was, but it was completely the opposite way round for Hamilton.


    Strange I'm seeing the exact opposite happening.


    - Gaining a whole extra point in Sochi - Pure luck

    - Gaining 32 points in Britain from an incident the FIA say Lewis caused - Pure skill.


    So no, don't be stupid, this isn't Reddit.

  3. The FIA says Silverstone is absolute Max no fault bad luck. If you're gonna count Monza and not Silverstone that's bollocks.


    That Mercedes subsequently fucked up at Baku is not luck.


    If Lewis had had his car implode at Silverstone, what the sport says was a crash he caused gained him 7 points. That's luck.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    Sochi. Last to second .. pure luck


    Oh the "Driving quickly" kind of luck, got it.


    Without the rain he was finishing last?


    In reality, Max gained 8 points he might not have got from the rain, Lewis gained 7.


    Let's set that one against the 50 from Baku and Silverstone (that Mercedes didn't convert the first of those wasn't luck, it was a combination of bad design and the driver not reading the manual).


    I'd rather not bring up luck but to suggest the luck, such as it is, has been entirely with Red Bull this year is hilarious fanboyism.

  5. I'm not actually sure which bits of good luck Red Bull have supposedly had.  Especially anything to rival gaining 25-32 points by running your championship opponent off the track.*  Or having your main rival be kicked out of another certain victory by a tyre blowout. (Red Bull did get the luck of Hamilton forgetting how his car worked shortly afterwards)


    * The FIA says he was responsible, that was obviously bollocks.

  6. 49 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    I think this is now Max's to lose. There won't be any more upgrades, these are now the final incarnations of the two championship protagonist. Both drivers are absolutely on top of their game, the cars a machine tooled to an atomic point. 


    It's going to come down to the best back room strategists and right now that's got to be redbull. Lady luck looks to have parked her well oiled buttocks on the side of sickly sweet soft drinks now. Pure talent is the only think keeping Lewis in the game. 


    Pop those champagne corks, the fireworks are going to be bright Blue this year. 


    Which is fine because Lady Luck spent the first half of the season speaking German.

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