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  1. Wait, all this fuss about "Gamemaster coming back" and they're making 3 episodes? Three?
  2. Ah yes like that problem in Russia that mysteriously had no visible impact on the car or its pace but required his immediate retirement from a good distance in front of Maz.
  3. That's a real <console you don't like here> fanboy of a post.
  4. If you just want to "finish" it's not a hugely lengthy game certainly, maybe 20-25 hours. You gotta put together a whole day run of course.
  5. The fireworks of Mick cruising to a title and Mazepin fighting in the midfield?
  6. Tell me you don't read Wireframe without telling me you don't read Wireframe
  7. Apparently Mazepin was the best part of a lap behind his teammate because his feet were warm, something that only happens to him, despite 3 other drivers racing that chassis.
  8. Strange I'm seeing the exact opposite happening. - Gaining a whole extra point in Sochi - Pure luck - Gaining 32 points in Britain from an incident the FIA say Lewis caused - Pure skill. So no, don't be stupid, this isn't Reddit.
  9. The FIA says Silverstone is absolute Max no fault bad luck. If you're gonna count Monza and not Silverstone that's bollocks. That Mercedes subsequently fucked up at Baku is not luck. If Lewis had had his car implode at Silverstone, what the sport says was a crash he caused gained him 7 points. That's luck.
  10. Oh the "Driving quickly" kind of luck, got it. Without the rain he was finishing last? In reality, Max gained 8 points he might not have got from the rain, Lewis gained 7. Let's set that one against the 50 from Baku and Silverstone (that Mercedes didn't convert the first of those wasn't luck, it was a combination of bad design and the driver not reading the manual). I'd rather not bring up luck but to suggest the luck, such as it is, has been entirely with Red Bull this year is hilarious fanboyism.
  11. I'm not actually sure which bits of good luck Red Bull have supposedly had. Especially anything to rival gaining 25-32 points by running your championship opponent off the track.* Or having your main rival be kicked out of another certain victory by a tyre blowout. (Red Bull did get the luck of Hamilton forgetting how his car worked shortly afterwards) * The FIA says he was responsible, that was obviously bollocks.
  12. I am both that guy AND a double agent. Also whatever having a Switch makes me.
  13. Which is fine because Lady Luck spent the first half of the season speaking German.
  14. Hey now it's 2021 that's an outdated stereotype. Now we have complex hierarchical UIs that edit config.sys for us!
  15. As always your contract is with the retailer. Whether it's worth the effort to make them understand this is up to you.
  16. That would be a sign from god it's time to watch my recording of Moto2.
  17. 8. He only gained 6. EDIT : No I'm a race behind, 12.
  18. Not waiting 6 laps to pit the first time is presumably the suggestion. Which forgets it would have meant he didn't have the tyre advantage at the end.
  19. Fair enough, that was Lewis' best plan, he was nearly good enough but the plan for Max to cane it on the important corners was spot on.
  20. Not sure it's even close enough for that, I think he's just past the best of those tyres and Verstappen has saved just enough of his.
  21. <F1> There's a battle for 1st! <Sky> 11th, Got it. <F1> No, for 1st <Sky> I hear you. I got you. 6th.
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