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    The BTCC Thread

    Andy Neate picks up 2 points on his licence and written reprimand for "Instigating an altercation with the father of another competitor". It doesn't say whom but Richard Morgan, father of Adam Morgan and owner of cicely "gave evidence". Feel free to explain to me any time why that absolute idiot has a racing licence?
  2. Lewis was quicker, in a straight fight, no matter what tyres, Norris was going to lose. He might have come out ahead but he was not going to stay there.
  3. Dudley

    The BTCC Thread

    From the replies...
  4. So after 3 games Spurs were top without conceding and Arsenal were bottom without scoring. 3 more games later Arsenal are ahead of Spurs on goals scored. Football changes quick doesn't it?
  5. And of course crashed in this pitlane this weekend. Ultimately, 2nd is great and all but he's already had one of those. Without Monza I'd see the argument but in this case there was only 1 realistic way he was winning that race and it was exactly what he did.
  6. The original version of children doesn't have have that piano bit
  7. Dudley


    The thing is Indycar isn't like F1. Someone being in a car doesn't take it from anyone else. Johnson is there because he's a great in another sport who wants to give it a punt and has someone to pay for it. Without him you wouldn't have seen...ooh... Oliver Askew in that car, that car wouldn't exist. If someone has the money, eg Juncos, they can step in without another car having to leave. So I care a fuck of a lot less about "Ride buyers" because they're also "Ride creators". That said Johnson is a mid-40s rookie. That he's broadly on the back of the field at all is actually pretty impressive.
  8. And that's assuming they build the thing and it's not the "Circuit of Wales" all over again.
  9. Why? EDIT: Oh you mean the track move? No, from 2023.
  10. I've switched back to BTCC but 2 point gap at the top right?
  11. In the last few years anyway, Schumacher had a few of them
  12. And good for him. That was the only way he was going to win. He doesn't REALLY care about any other position.
  13. 7 points in a close championship though... If this was a case of being closer to clinching a title then maybe but this is the difference between being 7 and 14 points clear.
  14. I know it's a close one but how is Bottas literally out of the points, 3 places behind the guy he's replacing? Even if Lewis passes Lando, Lando will go back ahead of Bottas in the championship.
  15. Luckily for Hamilton Red Bull are currently engaged in actively fucking it.
  16. Is this also why Mick had a mysterious sudden car failure while running a considerable distance ahead of him?
  17. Too late now but you're right they could totally have put Perez between Lando and Lewis.
  18. I'm not sure that Red Bull have bothered taking Perez into their race strategy calculations at all tbh.
  19. If Lando can extend like that he might even be able to take softs.
  20. Another rule that they totally ignore until they'll suddenly have a clamp down for no reason.
  21. To be fair, it's a lot easier to see things that are in front of you.
  22. This is Daniel paying back Lando for Monza isn't it?
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