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  1. Thing is, how are you playing Dreamcast on a system with no analogue?
  2. Giving the school bully your lunch money to stop punching you is "resolved by both parties" yes.
  3. Yeah but using that phrasing implies a full time job and some sort of business. Rather than just a friend helping out someone with fragile mental health.
  4. It's a Sega character. Presumably the person in the avatar isn't you either. And don't even think about posting "I chose this nickname for non Space Channel reasons".
  5. Well no, there's also the debate over whether it's any of the "ip holder"'s business. And I'd say there's a range of views about that on this channel, all supportable.
  6. "PA". Retro Princess (aka Hannah) replies on Facebook because Octy finds that stressful because the internet is stinkhole. That's the extent of that.
  7. How difficult was it to get permission from Sega to use that username by the way?
  8. I've successfully played the first "world" of Jet Set Radio Future on it, and my PC uses a CPU so old it only has a 3 number part code. (and a Geforce 970 mind).
  9. Late equaliser too. You must be having flashbacks.
  10. Dudley

    Megadrive Mini

    Yeah I tried to pick this one apart when I did the videos but I think I just confused things further.
  11. Yeah, there's a reason my YouTube stuff is heavily scripted.
  12. Yep, that whole point 1 is misogynist bullshit. Not to mention that their medical history is fairly well known. 2 relies on you thinking he knows nothing about how YouTube works. This feels unlikely. 3 and 4 is just ignorant. Of course you can be both. Plenty of people, myself included are knowledgeable people in various forms of confrontation but then need to go and lie in a dark room afterwards. You might as well claim some elite athlete fakes tears on the podium because "I saw them run quick".
  13. That would make sense yes. When they use Sarah essentially never it's difficult to split the two sometimes, just thought I'd mention it.
  14. That is, essentially, exactly what Octy was doing. Incidentally, Octavius uses they/them pronouns, since this forum's usually pretty good with that stuff.
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