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  1. I could be wrong but I have seen no official source confirm either console will play ALL previous gen games. The Xbox statement was "Games from all previous generations" for instance,
  2. I remember Football Manager being the first game that required one but as someone who had an HDD from the start I'm actually not sure if it became commonplace.
  3. I thought the difference between the two was you got PC games?
  4. That's my point, you can easily write a game that runs with or without it, therefore there isn't a problem writing a cross gen PS4/5 game.
  5. I tell the story occaisonally but in the bad old days of PC gaming there was a bug in Disney's The Lion King that caused crashes only with one specific Cirrus Logic graphics chipset found only in Compaq Presarios. That was fun. Mainly because at the time they were giving away The Lion King free with Compaq Presarios.
  6. I switch between laptop, conference speaker and usb headset on my laptop and windows reliably gets it right about 90% of the time, just enough for me to not notice when it doesn't until it's too late.
  7. Nah, like I say I buy one x all things being equal or PS4 Pro if there's a cheapy and I tend to buy PC only for exclusives and steam sales. If a game really does fuck up on one console we'll hear about it anyway but I actually can't think of a single instance this gen of a game that was unbalanced across both (rather than shit on both) Oh absolutely and I've certainly not saying that having admitted to buying both a pro and a 1x... but the difference after that point even on a 65" 4k Samsung I sit probably slightly too close to has never been enough to matter. And to ruin it entirely what I'm currently playing is Saints Row 3 and I doubt that's above 720P. That said Outer Worlds on a 1x was stunning at times. For most though, especially the very decent proportion using a 1080p screen, you're probably best off just buying whatever you can get cheapest or in the CEX you're currently in and just not worrying it. Whereas that certainly didn't used to be the case, Chase HQ is an utter mess on a C64 but wonderful even on the humble Spectrum for instance. Aladdin of course is literally 3 different games on Mega Drive, Master System and SNES. That just doesn't happen now.
  8. Although the PC went through this a year or two ago and it doesn't seem to be causing major issues.
  9. Yeah, they legally shouldn't have a say about being "on" Geforce Now. But it turns out they do, or at least Nvidia doesn't want to find out.
  10. Dudley

    Formula One - 2020

    I don't know Texas but for the race that sounds about right. (T12) But if I were there all weekend I'd want to make sure I watched some practice from the sequence from T3-9 too.
  11. For what it's worth, from someone with literally every machine. My CPU is an i7-950 from 2010. My Graphics card is also a GTX 970 which is from 2014. I play most VR just fine, I play everything there is in 1080P without even thinking about it.
  12. I'm torn here, if these WERE the originals $15 is a decent price. But I'm worried by "Inspired by".
  13. A series 3 ep of my YouTube series includes a thing on LCD games so these will be really helpful thanks! If you're still watching @MagicalDrop Do you happen to have or could take a few phone quality snaps of some of these if you don't mind me using them with credit? It's difficult to find images and those are lovely.
  14. We've been waiting for this basic scenario for a while now (What if they score before a break in play) and in a way it's refreshing that we were all right and they went with the worst of all possible options.
  15. Dudley

    Formula One - 2020

    The problem with any rules is the teams spent a collective $1.5bn or so trying to find legal ways to go quick and the FIA don't spend that trying to stop them.
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