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  1. I really don't understand why some retailer doesn't just open orders. Let me order one, you can deliver it any time I reach the front of the queue but just let me order and forget. If that's March, fine. You'll have people who get them quicker cancelling orders but surely you'd have a huge share of the "I want one but I'm not going to fight" crowd.
  2. Just the thumbnail looks epic on that one. Legends Flashback is usually a NES pretending to be an Atari, but that doesn't cover Aladdin, this is going to be interesting.
  3. Shopto have them but only if you buy an extra controller and spiderman. Typical behaviour from them really, essentially scalping in all but name.
  4. To be fair when you're the size of Alan Jones you have trouble escaping from a medium sized fire engine.
  5. Yeah, I was obviously watching the other match but the BBC comment "Fred should be off, just not for what he was sent off for" coming 20 minutes after "Fred's scoring or getting sent off" rather summed that one up I guess.
  6. Yeah I understand the principle certainly, but it's hard to deny in hindsight it's the kind of thing that could fuck up a lot of games, not just the "GT" genre of driving game collectathons.
  7. Someone check on Tammy Abraham, this is not a good night for him.
  8. The vita isn't too bad to hack but to be honest something like that Retroid would do you just as well and probably end up with a better interface.
  9. Spoiler : No such thing exists. At best it'll be scalped manually 5 seconds after it's posted on HUK.
  10. You are, understandably, partly confusing two things. 1 - The game's progression, which is messy and broadly involves you earning enough points to "move on to the next stage of the tournament" (Although given you can take infinite races and attempts that doesn't really work as an analogy) 2 - The Forzathon and Seasonal events which are injected into your game on a time schedule by the developers and very, very broadly at this stage are designed for those who finished the "game" 2 years ago. It was bad enough in 2018 with just "1" mostly and when I'd played the firs
  11. Remember 2 weeks ago we were discussing Currys somehow managed to fatally piss off 1 in 20 customers... To be fair to them, if they don't have single controllers in stock, this is probably Sony's requirement of them and anyway where would they get you the replacement controller from? If they DO, how none of them have thought through "Open the box send yours back as faulty" is beyond me. Did that all the fucking time at GAME.
  12. Yeah, this is the point. If he's in the postcode of Bottas he's done well. The whole "Mr Saturday" thing won't hurt him, neither will Bottas' tendency to drop early in races.
  13. Look at Monza's qualifying, they may have a Mercedes but the Williams aero has been dogshit for a while now, this could well be one of their harder races. Aitkin has something of a freebie here, under normal circumstances after this year he wouldn't qualify for a licence when his 2017 F3 season drops out. But not only have they extended the window plus this locks him in. He's also done a free practice this year, which is pretty much the most testing of anyone. Lucky year. He'll be off the back of the field though.
  14. I guess the problem will be people will start bitching when there's 1 pixel clear between the lines, with some justification. But it works for me. The biggest problem for me with marginal calls is people assume the picture is god. But it isn't of course because it's from a 60fps video. At 20mph there's 15cm/6in between frames if a player is running, and so any pause "At the moment the ball is kicked" will be an average of 7.5cm wrong. We're seeing decisions given for a LOT less than 7.5cm.
  15. No, although neither qualify for a licence now.
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