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  1. That's an improvement, I never played Blinx, I own Toybox.
  2. Not as such but they pretty much published that themselves. Issue 45 has pretty much every review in the "What Cart" section, which means only 46 and 47 are missing from that.
  3. Go was not a magazine you could buy but was still very popular. As the only really successful handheld only magazine it was there as the portable gaming device came of age and there were 4 formats covered in this issue. Our reviews though come from the original Nintendo Game Boy. With a licenced platformer whose pedigree is incredibly promising and an arcade classic that somehow contrived to be the gaming hell... Also, did you know the Nintendo Game Boy only exists because of an American board game manufacturer? You will. This is the episode featuring pictures of @MagicalDrop 's rather lovely Game and Watch collection.
  4. Depends what happens with the persistent rumours of a Xeries S or whatever for the nextbox.
  5. OBS is a lovely thing, I do all my capture with it.
  6. Or an illustration of why he won't, because winning takes effort. Not really, not 6 or 7. Although twenty years ago it was a lot more possible for a car to spring a surprise, not least because we were much less a spec sport than we practically are these days. See Jordan coming from nowhere in 1998 or Damon Hill at Hungary a year earlier. 1990 Leyton House March and their young designer Adrian Newey made a wonderful car.... so long as the track was entirely smooth. At Mexico they failed to Qualify it was that bad on bumps. 2 weeks later they went to the newly resurfaced and perfectly flat Paul Ricard and literally dominated the race until the cars started to fail. One of them still finished 2nd. Other than the weirdness of early 2012, you've got 2009 where Brawn stole a March but were never THAT dominant and with some teams having KERS and some not, some having the double diffuser that was so good on the Brawn and some not, there were multiple teams who could be somewhere in the general region. But then Red Bull and then Mercedes basically spanked the field. And it's exacerbated by deliberately or otherwise both teams having 2nd drivers that could rarely challenge.
  7. You do know game developers are allowed to read social media right? You must be so confused when universities tweet out details of exams and then you go along and they expect you to have done the course.
  8. Although selling to CEX right now is a hell of a faff.
  9. It wasn't aimed at the general public no matter how much you keep pretending it was.
  10. Yes but the backlash was because they proposed it for physical. How is this tricky to understand? And there's no conspiracy theory they want physical gone, of course they do, it's money not going to them. The Xbox All Digital is a step towards that aim for a start.
  11. Sorry this may be my fault but like I said I made a video on this whole thing recently and I remember IGN desperately trying to get any details on what the fucking hell they meant by most of it.
  12. If we're lucky. We're there though, you pick up a disk for that 18 month old game and it'll contain about 20% of the current version of the game. Nope. You could only sell a game once, you could only lend to someone you'd been friends with for 30 days and you could only do ANY of this with the specific permission of the publisher of the game, which they could decide on a game by game basis or even switch off entirely without warning at any time. You could only sell a game to authorised retailers not each other and the console had to check in every 24 hours so if xbox live was down everything would stop.
  13. It also doesn't account for buying it used like i did.* * haven't played it because of course.
  14. I recently did a video on the history of Distinctive Software, which was where Don Mattrick of Kinect fame got his start. Dear god I'd forgotten the train wreck of the original Milo demo and how obviously fake it was.# I would genuinely love a tour of exactly how much was in that, recorded or otherwise. I fear it was literally a video "Kate" was timing herself to.
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