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  1. Now come on, you name me a restaurant with a better gift shop.
  2. Yeah and to be fair the PS1 and 2 at least are most of the rest of the section, nothing before that of course.
  3. Stand back chaps, we've got a new definition of retro.
  4. That is terribly marked. It's in the very general area of where you are in that story.
  5. Yeah, there's some dodges. The BMW is actually a 3 series in the BTCC for example. And if you're doing 2021 you're currently missing the Infiniti, Hyundai and Corolla. Although you could probably adapt a Huyndai TCR. If you race department and google right there's quite a lot of historic btcc around too including basically everything from the 1990-2000 Super touring era and the Sierra RS500s.
  6. Yeah, the downside to getting my racing seat is I can now only play racing games in VR.
  7. Your stock disappears every time you loop. But whether you picked it up or not, the stock in the world replenishes every loop.
  8. The single seater wheel is all business. Love it.
  9. You can build a reasonable BTCC grid if you try too. TCR cars are slower than BTCC but not massively. Changes next season when the BTCC goes hybrid.
  10. To be fair, for stuff you publish it's probably easier to know.
  11. Non-spoilery discussions of the above. Infusion is, broadly, cheap. Infuse anything you think you might need ever, there's no benefit to having left over residibucks. There ARE cleverer ways to kill several of them, but any good assassination is one you walk away from. You will indeed be killing most of them multiple times. Minor spoiler point about the above
  12. I thought you were suggesting him for Newcastle manager for a second there. Seemed unlikely.
  13. Yeah he might have been a poor example there if he were still out of work.
  14. I wonder who they think they can get. I assume they're arrogantly assuming a Mourinho or equivalent that's free will join them to indulge in a relegation battle. Again?
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