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  1. I guess "Microsoft" didn't MAKE those right, companies like Sony did (so it's just "Is it a console?").
  2. The Nintendo Play Station is the "theoretically 2nd" one. But they made a portable CDi before that under the name "Inteligent Discman"
  3. To be fair, go back another 15 years and it's "A playing card company making a machine for a dead market", at least as far as the Americans were concerned. The Playstation of course was not Sony's first games console. Technically not even their 2nd.
  4. Yeah, the best corner clears the first man by 0.01mm, so it's not surprising a few hit them while still being better corners than ones that are a lot higher.
  5. Or at least Venturi Motorsports, please send courtesy of Mrs S. Wolff.
  6. This is why I have some sympathy for "we played 2 days ago" as an excuse. Because yes they should be able to play every 2 days, and they can. But if they're at 99.5% and their opponents are at 100%, they can lose.
  7. It's weird that one. They sent an incredible number of free copies out way before anyone who paid got theirs (I'm not sure they even have). They sold then refunded digital copies because it "wasn't good enough" then sent out fixed digital copies in which I've yet to spot a difference. The magazine is.. ok. It's a bit generic, there's no real attempt to cover new games for old systems and they waste several of their limited pages on movie reviews for some reason. Obviously none of the people who got free copies bothered to mention this, as TripleJump haven't. There's promise but I'm not sure I've liked the way they've gone about things.
  8. Then good news, this was an initial race start, although it was after a practice and qualifying so maybe something happened to it I missed in that session.
  9. It happens almost never in real F1 during actual sessions and while you can hear it from external cameras you'd struggle a lot more to hear it in a car. It'd be fairly pointless really.
  10. This is that Revenga going up the goodwood hill. That'll get your attention. (Obviously if you're in VR your focus is such you really see that stat panel to the top of the windscreen.)
  11. I've been pretty liberal with the contents and it doesn't quite work yet but. LMP1 2 Toyota TS040 (2014)s, because there's no hypercars. 5 Revenga (Rebellion R13)s, 2 Rebellion, 1 Alpine, 2 in Glickenhaus livery. 2 Vendetta (Ginetta) V60 1 ByColin (ByKolles). LMP2 17 Oreca 07 1 Ligier JS P217 You can just about find enough unique real liveries for this. GTE "Pro" Debating which Ferrari 488 to actually use but 5 of the acrl ones right now. 2 works Corvette C8R 3 works Ford GTE (but I can't find liveries that even work with the one I've got) 2 works BMW M8 GTE 2 works Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2018 4 works Porche 911 RSR 2018 GTE "Am" 4 Porsche 911 RSR 2017 2 Corvette C7R 3 Aston Martin Vantage 2017 Using the older cars for Am keeps them behind. It's not a "real" grid but there's some distinct classes and enough cars to fill them. Cutting it down to 24 for short circuits was tricky, I need to investigate because the one race I tried a car didn't ever move off the grid but it's only an Oreca 07 so I can't quite work out why yet.
  12. Been getting back into racing in VR. I've built a near as damnit LeMans grid and done some historic F1 fields. Turns out I can pass at Copse if I have a modern F1 car and they have a 1975 Ferrari 312.
  13. Never been at Imola when the Ferraris have gone out early then? It's got DRS. I've no idea how either but they specifically said it has it.
  14. True but the FIA got themselves in this mess, they can't afford to lose a team and they certainly can't afford to lose 2. That's how Red Bull got what they wanted with engines despite it being entirely anti-F1.
  15. Kane "wasn't for sale" as well of course.
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