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  1. 2 Ex-Chelsea players doing exactly what they always do!
  2. Unscratch that. Kepa and DeGea both fluffing saves they should make in their sleep.
  3. I honestly don't know, wouldn't surprise me. And even then they're as limited as this will be, because it can't add detail the console isn't outputting. For the complete non-technical in the room, if this was what they claim, it could see there was a boat in the game and make it a better boat. But it doesn't, it's getting an out of context picture, so all it can do is guess.
  4. Yeah that one was on Kepa. Can't argue with the disallowed goal either, it's not deliberate from Giroud but it doesn't have to be deliberate to be a foul and the goal doesn't happen without it.
  5. It's an hdmi dongle, which means it does nothing until the console has finished. So no, it's not a graphics card because it can't render any higher resolution or any higher framerate than the console itself, because it doesn't have the information required to do so. All it's being passed it a finished image. Therefore what it actually is, is just all the processing your TV can do but in a dongle. You know that processing you switch off because it adds lag? Upscalers can make an image look better but that's all this is doing.
  6. The idea of the season is absolutely great, if it really was building up to a proper conclusion for the show. Ted meeting the mother during that wedding and the show ending with their first kiss say would have been absolutely perfect. But yeah, grabbing her, immediately killing her off and invalidating most of the series to make him end up with "fan favourite character" was awful. I've actually not watched the very last episode and I don't think I ever will. Yeah, this should have been the perfect end, it should be remembered as a classic finale. Literally into the sunset, literally achieving their dream but of course not being satisfied because of course for Del it was always the thrill of the chase. "This time next year we'll be billionaires" would be remembered as perhaps the greatest closing line to a series in history. And then they fucked it all up. If I have to choose a point, it's the first episode of season 9. "The City of New York vs Homer Simpson". The Simpsons to that point had essentially been "real". It didn't fuck too badly with physics beyond that which a sitcom normally might. And then that one happens. The episode itself is really funny, but it marks the departure of The Simpsons from a sitcom that happens to be animated transitioning to animation wacky physics fun time hour. I adored and adore the first 3 seasons. I haven't ever watched 4 and 5. Both versions of 4 and the complete 5 sit on my hard drive but I just... don't want to.
  7. I already have my tickets, probably should have flagged it here. But if on the off chance anyone is doing 12-3 on the 31st, let me know. What do they have there?
  8. New Episode! In "Tokyo Mangachan" we apparently need 4 people to look at the rise of FMV games as people struggled to know what to do with the massive storage space on CD. One company was king, "Digital Pictures" and one of its games is this issue's heaven. Meanwhile the single worst game we've ever seen is the gaming hell, but at least there's a story. And to comfort ourselves we look at a semi hell, where I finally play a game I've been wondering about for a quarter of a century.
  9. Wait, why do I not subscribe to this?
  10. I note right at the bottom they mention they're shipping from China and so you'll be spending a bunch in customs charges.
  11. Plus isn't aliexpress about on the level of Wish. I'd assume what would actually turn up in most cases would be a 2gb SD card badged as 64gb and a plastic model of Pikachu in a Deadpool outfit.
  12. I'm still not entirely sure why "Make a keyboard" is the tricky bit. Why are we even doing iterations? Can't they just buy any of the 8 million generic already existing perfectly good keyboards?
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