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  1. Dudley

    Formula One 2021

    Well, theoretically in 9 years they'll be illegal to sell in the place the majority of the teams are based so you'd assume so. Of course whether that target will be remotely hit by a government who are doing zero about it and only proposed the target as a dead cat or whether the teams will stay in post brexit Britain remains to be seen. I think it's a misunderstanding really, F E is meant to be a testbed not just for the power train but for every idea they think of. That's why we had the now long forgotten "ejay" shit during the race. That's why it has attac
  2. Ah that makes more sense, I thought he was referring to Callum Hudson-Odoi there.
  3. Yeah, he's waving his hands around like he's hailing a cab. Which is only a natural position if you're hailing a cab.
  4. Yeah but how were they changed that matters there?
  5. As a Chelsea fan hoping someone had posted that, I too would like that explanation. Based on the laws as I understand them, I'd have given that.
  6. Yeah if you're a big release day gamer and all you care about is AAA you've certainly knee capped two of its big selling points. Although that also means you own an Xbox and don't play MS published games, which I would contend is not the average xbox user.
  7. To be fair the disc version isn't free. Although, neither was the one he downloaded!
  8. None of which matters if no fucker wants it. Which tbf I'm not that unhappy about since I certainly did notice the lag and really don't like what streaming tech represents for preservation.
  9. To borrow from another industry, "The best way to make a small fortune in motorsport is to start with a large one".
  10. And really the point is there seems to be no maths that makes a commercially viable release that price, much less the "average". Although those were salaries 17 years ago, still not making the difference mind.
  11. That final corner is everything at Suzuka East, both because of it not really being a "proper" corner as it's a side road followed by a misleading easy to slide off outside but also because every tiny fraction of an mph is going to stay with you all the way to turn 1, especially in a car like that.
  12. In short, you're paying someone to point out all the damage posting the game to them caused.
  13. Yeah, that's asking for it. To be fair, Spurs were superb for the opener and you do not gie Kane anything like that kind of space for the 2nd.
  14. Dudley

    Formula One 2021

    As for that crash, perhaps don't have unprotected gaps in a wall outside of a corner exit.
  15. Dudley

    Formula One 2021

    Still happening this year isn't it?
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