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  1. ? Oh I see, you mean you don't get why it has them! I thought you meant you couldn't see it!
  2. I think I might have seen this joke enough times though. This is the first one they've done without their long time script editor and it really, really shows. Half the episode was "We're bad at driving these so we'll hit things". It, as usual, is at its strongest when Clarkson drops the character and proves he actually knows a thing or two about history.
  3. More like the Emptyrates Stadium
  4. Arsenal melting down, Ozil kicking things into the crowd.
  5. 90 seconds in Arsenal are already fucked.
  6. Which will be just super when little Jimmy finds out that since he has the average UK internet connection he's at half the speed required to do that in 4k. Even if streaming was an acceptable way to play action games which it is not. And then they'll try and take their opened effectively digital copy back for a refund. That'll go well.
  7. Worth picking up used to make sure the troll doesn't get money. The only slight shame is it can't do what the PS Classic can do and properly integrate stuff on a memory stick into the main menu.
  8. Looking at it I think I can make it fit in the book case I use as a console tower. Not that I'm going to stop from buying it on launch either way.
  9. Dudley


    And if it gets traction then other services will want to be on it.
  10. They won't really know which one the new one is. Xbox One X, Xbox Series X. There is no way to expect people who are not immersed in gaming to know which one is the new one. iPhone 3,4,5,6,7.... fine. The thing about the iphone is it'll only ever show you stuff you can run and there aren't boxes in stores. If someone's mum, or even most people see a box saying "Xbox <something> X" in a store they will assume their "Xbox <something> x" can run it. It's not going to be the difference between format failure and success, especially in this consolidated gaming era but it's going to be a problem and it's going to be a problem for the entire generation and even beyond for the likes of CEX.
  11. I thought I remembered this being someone on here. I love this and tweeted a link for others. It's not just a look at the area, you really know your Shenmue and that brings a lot to the video even if you didn't know the game at all, just as an illustration of modelling an area for a game.
  12. Wow is it that bad? 80% off inside 2 months?
  13. Which works right up until older models stop being able to run games, how do you brand that? A PC style system requirements box?
  14. Xbox 6, always be one louder than Sony.
  15. Yeah, the granny in GAME won't understand that one at all. When I worked in Blockbuster I had a guy threaten to sue us for falsely advertising we had something on VHS that we didn't. His evidence, the "DVD Video" logo. Not in Britain today then?
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