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  1. Glickenhaus down to 1 for Portimao and probably 0 for the non-Europe races but they'll totally have 2 at Monza and LeMans you guys. Given their LeMans entry is on the basis of a full season WEC entry, at what point does it start to be awkward they still have it? If they allow this then anyone who wants a LeMans entry just has to pay FIA for the formal full season WEC entry and never turn up to the...less profitable.... races.
  2. Of course the other possibility is the decision was made in the wake of Bottas being overtaken by a potential replacement in an actual Williams.
  3. Whole thing is on youtube as well btw. Toto took it so well because he knows the problem is already sorted....
  4. tbf, Wycombe weren't even technically in the playoff places and then cup ran their way to promotion, that someone managed to finished behind them is a miracle. And actually with the whole Derby thing, they could still stay up couldn't they?
  5. For the 2nd one in your list
  6. Soulsbourne isn't my thing even at sane difficulty but I would absolutely have been day 1 on a Cuphead with a difficulty level below "I would never get out of the tutorial", I'm exactly its target market. Still never played it.
  7. These don't require PS Plus so you would be actually mad to not make a quickie Sony account and claim them even if you've no idea when you'll get a PS4/5.
  8. And I think the brinksmanship on Hamilton's contract this year made that obvious. If you'd had Bottas and say, Perez (the best that was available between years) in that team this year than it's difficult to argue Max would not currently be sitting on a 4 race winning streak. Or you'd probably have Hulk who would probably have finally got that podium but still wouldn't be touching Max.
  9. Partially that, partially the feeling that onerous requirements to allow accessibility would be a massive impact on development time. And yes it wouldn't be 0 but it's simply a requirement of doing business in a mature medium, this isn't some hobbyist pursuit it's a billions of dollar industry.
  10. To be fair it might seem that way because of the lag on the posts of the people who love it.
  11. Not a mainstream game but the mobile game Simpsons : Tapped out explicitly makes it part of the plot, referring to the player as "Skyfinger" to the extent that eventually you end up with a statue.
  12. Dudley

    The BTCC Thread

    I'd like to hear more of this kicking him out plan. The thing is it's not isolated, it's been constant since he joined and also they've just officially determined he lied about a mechanical failure to cover his idiocy. The man should not have a licence and I suspect the only reason he does is there's a serious danger of losing 4 cars including the current championship leader if he throws his toys.
  13. Yep, and given it's a relatively common game and you tend to play retro games for short sessions (most people anyway) a game like Wave Race is about perfect in 2021.
  14. Yeah, been playing Premiere recently and that has Lives, an overall time limit AND limited health per life. You know what, it doesn't need all of those. I happily used the infinite lives cheat there.
  15. Waverace's biggest problem is just it's incredibly thin, tiny number of courses.
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