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  1. Mostly it's the reason that we're going to have another 2 shit seasons.
  2. Yeah there's never a good time to buy but it's my 40th later this month and I could well be off work for another 3 (but when I get back I'm safe). So as good a time as any.
  3. There's something about the resolution and lighting on that pic that makes it look exactly like a crowd graphic from the PS2 era
  4. Yeah they're pretty much obliged to do it but the fact it's already outlawed for next year tells you pretty much by definition it's probably legal this year because if it wasn't they wouldn't need to change the rules. Yeah, I'm just happy to see F1 cars running round, because I didn't watch their esports since it was trash. I don't think I'd care if Indycar and IMSA stayed esports, those races were great, as has the W Series been.
  5. Dudley

    Xbox Game Pass

    It is, but it could be better, especially for people who wouldn't normally sink 100 hours into an open world race game.
  6. Exactly. I'm about to spend just under £2300 on a PC. It's my first full PC purchase since 2010 and that PC has only had a graphics card and some storage upgrades in that time. It gets used for multiple hours every day, for games, for video editing, for most of my web stuff and until I offhanded that to a NUC it was also the music and video server for the house. For well under a quid a day including the few upgrades. I don't have any live TV subscription, paid for already.
  7. It's possible but their issues seem to be aero stability more than anything. Which will be worrying for them because they were very, very quick here last year. If Red Bull have fucked up their aero and Ferrari already admitting they fucked up then we might as well all fuck off until February 2022.
  8. Obvious guess, the game is set to "Full screen window" or "Full screen borderless" not "Full Screen". Many games offer both, Command and Conquer Remastered for a recent example.
  9. ACC is beyond my current PC so I'll let you know when I upgrade. I'm certainly hoping of one that or Automobilista is the answer.
  10. Dudley

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh much of it is, and I love it and have spent 151 hours on it. But a lot of that is completionism and the stories etc. As a game it could really use a structure, especially for the more casual player discovering it through Game Pass.
  11. I hope Last of Us Remastered is longer than that because if that's true I'm 2/3rds through and the much praised plot could so far be described as "Man tries to save 3 women, fails twice". That same guess in the thread also thought it'd be cheaper here than in the US, which I'm taking as an indication of its likely accuracy.
  12. Mario Kart 8 is a pretty awful single player game, albeit a wonderful multiplayer one. Racing Transformed is genuinely superb single player.
  13. Almost certainly you're fine either way. But you don't need to knock down the laptop's screen, just set the game to run at that res and you can keep using whatever res for windows just fine. The only downside is if you're picky you might notice a small number of scaling issues, shimmering etc. I doubt you will ever notice in practice.
  14. It's Hamilton. 5 years ago that might have been a debate.
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