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  1. That is a peak Alonso career move.
  2. Was that Williams or Hill? I don’t remember well enough other than Hill was sacked that season.
  3. Knew Mercedes have been sandbagging.
  4. Are there any vacancies at Ferrari? I reckon I could give it a go.
  5. Motorsport.com has a more complete quote.
  6. The commentary on the first lap was dire. He was screaming so quickly I think I heard a Claire Leclerc in there at one point.
  7. What if they forced them to start the Grand Prix on the tyres they finished the sprint with? You’d have a bit of a compromise between wanting to score the points in the sprint, and the optimal strategy in the GP, possibly with people not scoring points putting during the sprint to start the Grand Prix on better tyres.
  8. Just seen that Cognizant have dropped Aston Martin references from their advert. Clearly they were erm…aware of their deficiencies.
  9. Why does this start at 30 past the hour? I was guaranteed to miss it if I hadn’t checked, since I was going to skip all the pre session punditry.
  10. Ah yeah that makes sense, it’s probably one of the existing feeds. What kind of idiot changes the camera to not look at the track on what is likely to be the pole lap though.
  11. I mean afterwards, when they showed a replay of the full lap. That was part of the Sky feed not the world feed.
  12. Did Sky seriously just show the pole lap and cut to a view of Verstappen’s visor for half the lap? What?
  13. Thanks for the reminder, I had no idea.
  14. Move to another country.
  15. The more road relevant an open wheel series is, the more it races into irrelevance for me. I’ll watch touring cars if I want road relevant. It’s not meant to be a science project, it’s meant to be exciting. That fan car is a step forward and it’s exciting. It looks like the future, not like a much worse electric version of something that already exists.
  16. Didn’t Heidfeld’s time get beaten a while back by an electric car?
  17. He has a lot of excellent solo songs.
  18. How did Alpine manage to turn second on the grid into sixth behind his own teammate?
  19. Does Russell have to stop again?
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