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  1. 2 hours ago, kiroquai said:

    Oooh, intriguing. Interesting that it's all come full-circle in that the team that was initially set up as a venture by Ford with Jackie Stewart is once again hooking up with the blue oval. For shits and giggles they should badge the engines as Jaguars.


    Hopefully they don't half-arse it as much, mind. Always smile at the story of the Ford executive who visited the Milton Keynes factory in late 2000 and, when going through the project's expenses, enquired as to who 'Ed Irvine' was and why he was getting paid so much*


    * this latter point is a fair enough question.


    Red Bull launch here, for those interested. It'll be an RB18 being shown, but it will show off the new livery. I say new - it's Red Bull, it'll be exactly identical again.




    The story apparently is that Bill Ford Jr, chairman of the board saw him at the top of the list of Ford‘s highest paid employees, and demanded “who the hell is Edmund Irvine and why are we paying him twelve million dollars?”

  2. I’m presumably missing a really fundamental point here, but wouldn’t Honda have had some clause that Red Bull couldn’t sell their technology on to a rival manufacturer when they basically gave them their engine?

  3. 45 minutes ago, scottcr said:

    Turns out my dads Rubber Soul is worth a few bob. Sounds great as well. 

    also, found two photos inside his copy of revolver - I suspect John and Paul were hanging on his wall.






    Those photos are out of the white album, so you might find the others there if you have it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Yiggy said:

    So I’ll ask in here just because you’re vinyl heads! I’ve asked in Hi-Fi thread as well. 

    I got the Nad 3020 amp which works a treat. Now I want a new turntable.  

    Budget £300. I’m initial considering a Rega RP1 or an AT-LP5X. I noticed a few Audio Technicas posted in here. The RP1 seems like the HI-Fi choice but they’re both pretty good? Gonna get new speakers at some point so just want the best source I can for now. 

    Any thoughts on those or other suggestions?

    I have the Rega P1 Plus, which is the P1 with a built in preamp, since I didn’t have a receiver when I bought it. I know it’s Rega’s entry level model, but beyond more expensive materials, I don’t really know what more you’d get by spending more if I’m being honest. Build quality’s good, the tone arm is good, and the motor is silent. Annoyances are the piano black finish is impossible to keep clean, but they’ve changed that to matt recently, and having to take the platter off the move the belt if you want to change the RPM, which I very rarely need to. It’s not really upgradeable either, but again I’m not sure what getting into the constant cycle of upgrades would really get you other than worrying that it’s not good enough. I’d still like a P10 though despite doubting I could hear any difference with it. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    But I think Liberty desperately want an America team on the roster to really sell the whole shabang in the states. 

    Whilst Hass is American, its not got that Andretti name attached to it. Carl Hass is well known to the like of you and I, but even my mother knows who Mario Andretti is.  



    Gene Haas trading off Carl Haas’ good name since 1983. 

  6. 1 hour ago, MardiganX said:

    I’m at a loss as to why this isn’t getting more love. Maybe it’s the very traditional and somewhat dated American ideals that set the foundation but as a character driven show it’s as good as any I’ve ever watched. Me and the wife finished season 2 last night after a 7 episode marathon and it was absolutely brilliant. So many stand out moments and just really satisfying to watch on so many levels.


    Ive always had a soft spot for Cole Hauser going all the way back to his turn in Pitch Black and he doesn’t disappoint here. The soundtrack aswell is always perfect. Season 3 likely to be started this evening and then delighted to see the related shows that are available. 

    It’s unbelievably good. I’m up to date with it, having started just before Christmas, and it’s rare for me to watch a show that quickly. 

  7. Just now, Count Buffalos said:

    It's just good business sense isn't it? The current teams clearly weren't going to allow them in on their own. Wolff has been particularly obnoxious about it but I'm sure that the others hold similar positions. 

    I’m not against it at all, it gave me a chuckle that they were put down for being too small and insignificant so they’ve come back with one of the biggest car companies in the world. 

  8. Didn’t GM run some sportscar prototypes in the top class under the Cadillac name? Possibly in ALMS?


    Pretty funny how Andretti has run to get big brother to make F1 let them play. 

  9. 48 minutes ago, Varnsen said:

    yeah massive kudos to @Junker and @Fretnoise.


    Dare I say the lobby stability was the best it's ever been? Loads of close racing which frankly I wasn't used to in a few err dicey moments. Apologies to @Corranga at Spa, I actually just lost the car on the straight even though it definitely looked like a twitch in your direction! If Noble is expecting an apology....nah. :P I put a load of FIA badges on my livery so I think I'm covered. As for @GwiDan it probably evened out in the end..

    Don’t worry, I can even it out a bit more next year. 

  10. Started watching Acapulco, and it’s a surprisingly delightful comedy - set in a resort in Mexico, rags to riches story about a guy who starts as a pool boy there, it’s very colourful and feel good. 

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