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  1. This isn’t just football, this is Marks & Spencer International football
  2. Portugal v France appears to be a 90 minute penalty shootout.
  3. Croatia looking like winning the whole tournament.
  4. I’m watching it on Safari and it seems good enough. Better than S4C is on iPlayer at least.
  5. Why did they not sing that verse Friday for the lolz?
  6. He’s an amazing keeper. Really had my eyes opened in the friendly against France. He never got to play for Liverpool when they used Karius and Mignolet. I think that was an impressive performance by Wales’ remaining 10 players after the red card.
  7. I like them using the real bands to play the podium music instead of that 90s CD.
  8. He probably has an eye on the Red Bull seat and will literally wave him by.
  9. Surely they have some buttons on the steering wheel for yes/no messages to the team.
  10. Why are they talking about pit boards? There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the broadcast from the pit wall. Verstappen will just have to wave as he goes past the pit straight.
  11. You’re right, no need to put too much on your Plato.
  12. For all their “no blame culture” there have been hints for years that Merc is a house of cars ready to collapse under any pressure.
  13. I suppose this is as good a reminder as any that the factory that builds the car and the team that operate it are not one and the same, and Mercedes have recently been building cars that are so good the race team hasn’t needed to be amazing.
  14. Verstappen looks like he’s massively saving tyres from Hamilton’s onboard.
  15. They’re all going to 2 stop except Perez aren’t they.
  16. Given that Sky basically own C4 F1’s contract at this point, and the fact that C4 is commentating on the race live to be cut up for the highlights later, I wish we could choose the commentary feed.
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