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  1. Motorsport seem to think Todt is going back to Ferrari. I can’t see it.
  2. Can we talk about the next race yet? Is Yas Marina going to be a better circuit this year?
  3. If Max and Lewis weren’t in F1 and all the other current drivers were still in their current seats, I think it’s likely that Bottas would still not be champion.
  4. Lewis is surely Mansell here.
  5. This thread’s effect on me right now:
  6. I wonder if Max slowed down, saw Lewis wasn’t passing him, got confused and annoyed about it, and pressed the brake pedal to expedite things, like “come on I’m letting you past already”.
  7. That super slow mo of Toto is one of the greatest sports reactions I’ve ever seen.
  8. Wow, that race was so long it’s already new year.
  9. Interesting that MBS didn’t award the winner’s trophy given that he’s at the circuit.
  10. I knew I recognised this track from somewhere, but all that pyro just reminded me where - it’s the set of Star Trek Discovery.
  11. Of course not, that’s why it’s funny.
  12. Maybe it’s the stewards making sure there’s no evidence
  13. I don’t think I’m going to be able to remember half of what’s happened.
  14. This year we have fully morphed into WWF1
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