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  1. Wait until they announce Mugello.
  2. The brakes are weird, I find that I go to full pressure immediately and then rely on muscle memory as I ease off rather than any kind of feeling. I think braking is what I’ve improved the most since playing GT a lot; probably 95% of time has been found in how to balance the car through a corner coming off the brakes.
  3. Crofty is worse than when he was on the radio, he shouts all the time to try and force excitement, and I hate his catchphrase. I’m sure he used to be good on the radio.
  4. Yeah but that’s because Fuji is a cool track. Bathurst is just the Rally Monte Carlo in a GT3
  5. I have a Sky box without a subscription but it looks like they want a basic package before allowing signing up to the F1 channel. There’s no knowledge of any season pass for NowTV as yet is there? I see they jacked up the price of the day pass.
  6. What’s the cheapest way going to be to watch the new season?
  7. GR2 is my favourite car class in this game I think. They’re mostly as quick as GR1 but more intense to drive because of lack of 4WD. If you have it, I highly recommend trying the Xanavi Nissan around Fuji but with BOP turned off; it’s slower but pretty much the nicest driving car I’ve tried in the whole game.
  8. Who even ties a noose knot?
  9. I actually liked Batman Forever.
  10. The game does something weird with engaging the clutch after you spin.
  11. Does it suggest that liberty knows Vettel is leaving and Mercedes is leaving? Tie Sky into a long term contract for lots of money now before the sport is worth less in Germany?
  12. That’s a ridiculous time for race pace. @kiroquai, great pictures!
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