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  1. I’m pretending forever that everyone had a go and you just cropped the list too short.
  2. I had an absolute shocker last night, but my rocket start from the back to the front at Le Mans made me laugh!
  3. Great way of claiming innocence - well you can’t prove I did it!
  4. Is there a link for just that final race? I haven’t seen it.
  5. I keep reading on GT Planet that dirty air and loss of downforce really affects the GR2 cars, but would they have really simulated dirty air when slipstreaming in this game or is it just the faster speed from drafting that tricks people into thinking they have less downforce because they’re going quicker?
  6. I mean, there’s an argument to be made that the sausage kerb doing that is an excellent incentive to slow down. I’m glad they’ve removed it though.
  7. Is autopolis full of idiots? It seems full of idiots. Anyway, I dropped down to DR C this week as I learned it, and I somehow managed to drag myself back up to B by trying not to push too hard and letting people spin off in front of me, making the occasional overtake. It’s an interesting one for race C because there’s no fuel strategy, just high tyre wear and a choice of hard or mediums - the fastest I’ve managed is starting in hard tyres and changing to mediums about two thirds through, but I’m not sure that’s the optimal strategy.
  8. The S2000 is one of the most fun cars in the game, I’m a big fan. I’ve been practicing autopolis for the group 2 daily, man that is not an easy track.
  9. Ha it’s not a problem, I was so surprised that you slowed down to let me back past that I forgot to brake for the next corner.
  10. I had some great races on interlagos this week, on the whole people have raced very cleanly which made it a lot of fun to take part in.
  11. I don’t know, but that looked hard enough to break the chassis to me.
  12. I’ve been thinking that I’m not a fan of them allowing tuning on some time trials, it’s too involved and I don’t have the time or inclination to make minuscule changes to gearing and bump damping, test, then change it again, which I imagine goes for most people. Everyone is just going to end up using the same tune posted on some forum and there’s no point anyway. Anyway, rant over.
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