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  1. I don’t massively want to see the race restart after that.
  2. I don’t know how he’s alive.
  3. Actually, does that mean they don’t go down to 2 cylinders or whatever when following the safety car any more too?
  4. It’s the only way I can think of doing it, along with the beeps they apparently get in their earpiece, unless that also counts as changing engine mode.
  5. How does fuel saving work now that they can’t change engine modes? Does the driver just have to remember to short shift?
  6. Schitt’s Creek is awesome. I bounced off the first few episodes hard and took a few months to remember to try and watch it again, but it’s a very heartwarming and generally kind show that I ended up binging and made me feel better about 2020.
  7. Interesting choice to have the game in Llanelli
  8. There was a scene with the Admiral, where they were having a perfectly normal conversation, but which she whispered throughout. If I’d been him I’d have told her to speak up.
  9. I love it so far. I’ve managed to try it on some Elac speakers which sounded amazing, but I’m currently using it in the bedroom on some powered PC speakers that were going unused, at least for now. It scratches an itch for me that I don’t get with digital music - I can pick something I like off the shelf instead of scrolling through an endless list on my phone where I often forget about albums I like altogether before too long.
  10. First on-topic post in this thread with my new player:
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