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  1. Ant is too far back for the time remaining.
  2. So has Toyota been restricted more than usual with BoP? Rebellion seem way closer than before.
  3. I’m reasonably sure if they do it the same as Tour de France that on the app/website there’s a stream without ads
  4. It’s decent, I got it for the TdF, and I’m pretty sure they’ll do uninterrupted coverage of Le Mans too.
  5. Just pay £5 or whatever it is for Eurosport for the month.
  6. Their comments section is a total cesspit
  7. This repair is going to take so long, if they didn’t red flag it, the race would finish under safety car.
  8. Weird brown smoke coming off that fire.
  9. I feel like I say it every week, but that should be a red, they’re wasting too many laps.
  10. That F2004 V10 starting up gave me chills
  11. Embarrassment from losing Monza
  12. I think he’s deleted himself from that and the Switch one now.
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