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  1. I’m sure Norris used to have a poster of Albon on his wall.
  2. Why has the auto embedding cut off the very funny caption underneath?
  3. I wish there was a good alternative to the motorsport network monopoly.
  4. The final of this is broadcasting on YouTube now.
  5. GwiDan

    Formula E

    Absolute shambles when they green flagged the race after a safety car with marshals still all over the track though.
  6. I feel weirdly emotional and sad to finally be playing this after never expecting it to exist.
  7. Did Noble beat Hamilton? I don’t feel so bad now.
  8. I’d probably go for Montreal of what I can think of.
  9. I really struggled to make it through that episode - they didn’t hold back. Is no one else watching this?
  10. I played Shenmue 1 and 2 on Dreamcast in about 2004/5 and hold them in my memory as some of the best games ever made, so the reviews are irrelevant to my decision to buy 3 or not. I’ve never waited longer for a sequel I thought would never get made! And this is a sequel, not an entirely new game, so surely the point is that it’s similar to the others? Where should I pick up a boxed copy? Is Tesco stocking it?
  11. He has a real mean streak about him.
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