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  1. I don’t think the media has been duped at all. If anything, they’re actively trying to dupe the audience to sell subscriptions and clicks. I’m pretty sure I saw an advert on sky calling this the “biggest season of all time”.
  2. More than 16 races a season is unnecessary.
  3. I wanted to ask about quantity of charcoal with a Weber. I manage fine with temperatures etc, but I keep thinking I’m using too much lumpwood or briquettes, wasting money. Is there any guidance on how much to use, or is the standard just to fill a chimney starter to the top every time?
  4. Gasly’s stop was so slow they used to refuel in that time not so long ago.
  5. Really good that they broadcast FIA transmissions, much more transparent.
  6. There’s seven of them in the top two.
  7. Don’t say that too loud or you’ll have Perez in that car before long.
  8. I just watched it in full, absolutely outstanding. First FE race that I enjoyed on merit instead of for slapstick. The cars really suit this track don’t they. I’m glad they ran the proper layout, it immediately elevated the circuit over any previous iteration. I’m not sure what they’ve done with nouvelle chicane though? Is that permanent for F1 too?
  9. I can’t tell if the Aston is bad or if it’s the drivers.
  10. I like this new P1 commentary format.
  11. Tbh, Kimi very rarely crashes.
  12. I’d take it, but he’d have to lose a few pounds to fit in the car.
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