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  1. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    It’s pretty much the only one worth listening to
  2. He got FOMO after turning down Lord of the Rings because he didn’t understand it; when this came along, he didn’t understand it either but thought he should do it.
  3. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    U-mask, which basically all the teams have been using for facemasks have been banned by the Italian government after providing false regulatory information. Oh dear.
  4. Any grants available to set up a team?
  5. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    I still maintain that it’s stupid having Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo on the same grid.
  6. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

  7. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    Never believe the hype with F1, just watch the races.
  8. They could do how I met your mother
  9. Isn’t that the plot of Jumanji 3?
  10. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    Here’s a silly one
  11. GwiDan

    Formula One 2021

    That's cool, they're all sold out now though. I love things like this, but wish it was a slightly more recognisable part!
  12. What should they call a comparison of the new film with the original?
  13. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm rllmeye at these names.
  14. Justice League? Oh not that kind of disaster.
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