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  1. WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    Yeah I noticed the audio glitch too.
  2. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Increasing maximum fuel allowance is irrelevant because they will still underfill the cars to get a weight advantage. They should have a minimum amount of fuel that means they can run at full power.
  3. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    It’s my favourite racing game that I’ve played. Wish they’d improve the VR on it now that I’ve bought a headset; I went and bought Dirt Rally last week for my VR fix.
  4. Moto GP 2018 Season

    What absolute ridiculousness that race was.
  5. The BTCC Thread

    This is starting soon if anyone wants to watch.
  6. Formula One - 2018 Season

    The clocks are going forward tonight aren’t they? What time will the race actually be on in that case?
  7. Formula One - 2018 Season

    I drink Heineken before all my hot laps.
  8. Top Gear - Series 24

    Wheeler Dealers did I think.
  9. Top Gear - Series 24

    I really enjoyed it; shows it’s still a good show even when not doing a massive road trip.
  10. Top Gear - Series 24

  11. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    I’m another one in the really enjoying it camp.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    That’s infuriating. I watched the extended Lewis Hamilton video earlier, it was actually really enjoyable, and he came across as much more likeable than he does at race weekends.
  13. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Do the in game YouTube videos in this run in a small window instead of full screen for anyone else?
  14. Formula One - 2017 Season

    At least it gives them someone other than Honda to blame for breaking down now.
  15. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I don’t know why developers think we enjoy busywork like cooking and potion making.

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