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  1. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    I’m another one in the really enjoying it camp.
  2. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    That’s infuriating. I watched the extended Lewis Hamilton video earlier, it was actually really enjoyable, and he came across as much more likeable than he does at race weekends.
  3. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Do the in game YouTube videos in this run in a small window instead of full screen for anyone else?
  4. Formula One - 2017 Season

    At least it gives them someone other than Honda to blame for breaking down now.
  5. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I don’t know why developers think we enjoy busywork like cooking and potion making.
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger's best film?

    Can’t believe Hercules in New York isn’t on the poll.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Is there any way of getting the in game YouTube videos in fullscreen?
  8. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Anyone that wants another one for a race add me now I have my wheel. PSN is GwiDan
  9. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    The G29 is awesome, I just bought it. I’m sure a fanatec is better, but I can’t imagine it would make £100s of a difference.
  10. Pro Cycling - Vuelta a Espana 2017

    Causes bronchodilatation which helps with breathing. My point is, what is an elite athlete who is capable of winning a very physical competition doing taking medication or an asthma attack and then managing to win the race? Doesn’t add up.
  11. Pro Cycling - Vuelta a Espana 2017

    I struggle to find a reasonable explanation for his use of salbutamol. Anyone that’s taking a high dose of that because they need it has no place winning a professional cycle race surely.
  12. Formula One - 2017 Season

    Yeah, funny about Sirotkin too - I remember years ago he was due to drive for Sauber. Wasn’t he one of the 50 drivers that were signed up for that one year?
  13. It doesn’t make sense that there is onboard footage from right up until the beginning of the crash - if the cameras had been destroyed surely there wouldn’t be any onboard from the run at all? Has the cause of the accident ever been explained?
  14. Formula One - 2017 Season

    Sounds like Kubica’s out of the running, which is frankly a surprise given all the time various teams have invested in testing him.

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