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  1. I notice flarey jeans make your top ten, but not skinnies. What gives?

  2. Gonna download this, sounds excellent. The creationists have been sending Attenborough some pretty nasty hate mail, mind.
  3. You are having a LAUGH if you think Restless isn't a top ten buffy episode! Apart from that, it's a great list (about 8 of those episodes are my most watched episodes of the show), better than most peoples ones. I'd drop Hush down a little and stick The Gift higher, and there's many episodes better than End of Days (which does get a good rep, but I find it hard to remember - many of the season seven episodes kinda merge together in my memory). Incredible series, anyway. Lets not get too busy with discussions about the worst episode. For some reason every single online discussion about Buffy tu
  4. Saw this last night. Admittedly, I was pretty tired when I went in as it'd been a long day. Got bored about 25 minutes in. By about 45 minutes in I knew I wasn't a fan. Fell asleep for most of the last half of the film. Maybe if I saw it was I was more alert I'd have enjoyed it more. But I have a funny feeling it's one of those films I'd normally just keep fast forwarding through because it trundles along too slowly. I love gay rights issues, politics, campaign stories and all of that, but this was a let down. I'm sure the West Wing would be boring too if I was watching it whilst half asleep,
  5. I like the new Franz single. It's catchy!
  6. Multiple personality episodes of TV shows and films are always hard to believe, but generally pretty good once you get into it. See Primal Fear, Fight Club (to a lesser extent for this sort of thing), that episode of the X-Files, that episode of ER etc etc. Oh and Toni Collete rocks in every film I've seen her in.
  7. Were 'Combo' and Woody just friends then? And yeah I think his name was Woody. Not sure why I had him down as the younger brother.
  8. You know the main skinhead baddie. His younger brother (he was about 19 in it). Sort of the leader of the kids. Used to be on Emmerdale or something apparently.
  9. These stories seriously make MMO games sound fucking awesome. This is the kind of experience I'm after, not something like MGS4 or whatever where everything is kinda laid out before you and you just play it through. And not GTA4 where the sandbox gaming is incredibly limited when compared to this stuff you guys are talking about.
  10. "We shot a deer. In the woods near Lake Mattatuck on the second day. There was a special vest they had me wear so that they could distinguish me from things they wanted to shoot, and I was pretty grateful for that. Almost the whole day had gone by, and we hadn't gotten anything. Eddie was getting frustrated and Bob Shoemaker was getting embarrassed. My camera guy needed to re-load so I told everybody to take a ten minute break. There was a stream nearby and I walked over with this care-package Natalie made me. I sat down and when I looked up I saw three of them; small, bigger, biggest. Recogn
  11. Sounds sterling. It better not be made by ITV though. And that smooth talking boy (the younger brother of the skinhead) better be in it.
  12. The Fantastic Mr Fox is AWESOME. So, so, so good. I love all the descriptions of food, it used to make me so hungry. Not sure about a movie version, but this thread has made me wanna read the book again. So many delicious chickens.
  13. Chase

    Singstar PS3

    Haha cool. Yep, first time I've played it. It's brilliant how it can get ANYONE to start singing, even people who would normally never even sing if no-one was listening. I like I Predict A Riot where you have to get really high about halfway through. Oh yeah, that 'Ha ha ha, ha ha ha' (Pussycat dolls? and Will.i.am) song is brilliant!
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