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  1. This is how you do online gaming! Continued support and regular free updates. COD4 would be even more amazing if Infinity Ward actually bothered to release some new fucking maps instead of this leap frogging nonsense.
  2. err..if you go to 'custom' instead of 'quick match', you can see how many people are in each game and what game type they are playing..
  3. I'm loving BP having just started it. I am in awe of how polished and stunning it looks. Why is it the best looking games; COD4, Burnout Paradise run like greased lightening, yet the ugly ones like GTA4, move like slide shows..
  4. Went on a bit of a gaming rampage at the weekend. Managed to complete three games from start to finish; Bioshock, HL Episode 2 and Portal. Now started Burnout Paradise, been giving that a good pounding!
  5. Race Pro IL-2 Sturmovik Gears of War 2 FIFA 09
  6. When are developers going to wake up and realise that if you produce an incredible online mode, the punters will come running and will stay. COD4 has zero competition, it's in a league of it's own. GTA4 had some shit multiplayer stuff tacked on, who the hell cares about GTA4 now, no one. Battlefield:BC, what a load of shit that is. If they had re-released the PC version of Battlefield 2 with 64 players in a game, then COD4 would definitely have some competion at this moment in time.. More multiplayer only games please..
  7. It's because all the games you just mentioned are shit online. Everyone is playing Call of Duty 4.
  8. I personally want COD to become a multiplayer only game, moving towards larger maps with squads, 64 players etc. Like the Battlefield series, but better. Ditch the single player because its very dated and not much fun.
  9. Today I bought: Bioshock Orange Box Burnout Paradise
  10. Total garbage. Looks like a PS1 game with added 'grain'. Framerate is shit. Nobody is playing as squads. Controls are dreadful. Lag. Takes a million bullets to drop someone. When someone dies the body bag appears before they have even hit the deck..lol It's so inferior to BF2 it's not even funny. Saved myself £35. Back to COD4 I go..
  11. By the time the GTA4 DLC comes out, I wont even care anymore. GTA4 isn't even the 'Special' game it was supposed to be, that's why my copy is now on Ebay, having completed it. DLC should be reserved for multiplayer, for example Infinity Ward could have a team of people regularly creating new maps and weapons to make COD4 last until COD5 is completed, instead of handing over COD5 to some other lame company, whilst Infinity Ward get to work on COD6. This should apply to Forza 2 also. The problem is not enough content is coming out quickly enough..
  12. Where exactly is Nico's health indicated? I've completed the game and I have never been able to tell how much health I have, I always go and buy armour before every mission.
  13. Finished GTA4, back to COD4 multiplayer I go.. It's like crack.
  14. I agree, the mobile phone is too fiddly and like real mobile phones, bloody irritating.
  15. How awesome would it be if Battlefield 2 was re-released for the consoles, dedicated servers, 64 players, Live headsets etc. COD4 multiplayer would become tumbleweed central..
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