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  1. "I’m not into politics and I don’t want to be involved in that.” “because I just don’t want to be judged any more." "I support that movement and not any sort of political organisation that I think the Black Lives Matter movement is" Guy needs to shut up, is not clever.
  2. Halkyon

    Assetto Corsa

    Nice. I had a practice around some tracks in an FIA/Goodwood spec classic Mini last night. Lovely, I wish all the 3rd party models were that good (few are). I am awful at this game as I can't judge how much to brake though, always too slow or too fast for a corner!
  3. Halkyon

    Assetto Corsa

    Right, after mild dissapointment with F1 2020 and with an eBay'd G290 sitting doing little I've just bought AC and downloaded some extra cars (I love classics). Any other essential mods for graphics and so on?
  4. That first point is pure gold and I need to track this study down. Thank you!
  5. Halkyon

    F1 2020

    Hmmm. I took to it okay with corners-only 2D racing line, perhaps the full one is unhelpful? That said, I did have to learn left-foot braking to nail the last sector.
  6. Halkyon

    F1 2020

    I bought this and judging by my Steam list this is the first F1 game I've played since F1 2012, I am so old. Very little has changed? Handling model still good. Runs smoothly. Pit-stop animation, car path-following in the pit and lining up to the grid still laughably bad after a decade of development. A.I. still insane. Their cars are stuck on-rails, shunt you in braking zones, are inexplicably fast one some corners, inexplicably slow in others. Unlimited flashbacks are an absolute necessity as a band-aid for the AI. Tacked-on career features and R&D are half baked and unsatisfying. Feels like a completely different game depending on ABS and traction control settings. No assist standards in multiplayer. On the assists - I've tried it with an XBox One controller and now the Logitech G290. Braking and acceleration without or with less assistance is easier on the controller because of the trigger vibration - direct feedback of traction breaking/slip seemingly just before it happens, really a fantastic implementation. Of course with a wheel the steering is smoother but braking and accelerating without locking up or spinning the rears is far more of a guessing game. The balance I've struck for now with the wheel is ABS off and traction control on "medium" (there is no "low"). Ranked and event multiplayer seems to be pretty good, but those with TC tend to run away with it, especially in the wet. ABS seems to be a bit overpowered as it basically makes braking hard while turning possible in all conditions. I love the final fast twisty section! The rest is meh. 95%?! I'm currently running 60-70% although in a shit car, last finish was 12th in Vietnam.
  7. Very much enjoying this season so far, pure schadenfreude of course as I love seeing Ferrari fail. Having the only black guy consistently win is also nice. Imagine how much more inconsistent the small efforts the drivers and teams are making to assert solidarity with the BLM movement would be if Hamilton was a less established driver in a lesser team.
  8. They seem to have really cracked down on dodgy streaming sites? Struggling to watch anything without giving Murdoch cash.
  9. Vettel should have retired already. Stupid cunt.
  10. Anybody happen to know where I can get a powered dummy battery like this that isn't from Amazon and China? Finally got my camera to work as a webcam.
  11. Here is my annual 'fuck Ferrari they can leave if they can't compete on more even territory post'. Fuck Ferrari they can leave if they can't complete on more even territory. I don't think the name means as much to younger generations anyway.
  12. You've happened upon what would be my Mastermind topic. Definitely a Series II from 1952-56, that dashboard with central speedometer giving it away as 54-56 (and looking the reg up says May 1956). Quite a rare one you've come across there, perhaps 120,000 were ever made and most will have rusted into dust.
  13. I've had enough of Adobe pushing their cloud bollocks on me and the terrible library management. Cancelled the subscription and am experimenting with darktable, seems nice but I can't even figure out how to export/save a file! Also I shamefully caved into an urge and bought a Fujifilm XF 60mm f2.4 Macro lens on eBay after telling myself I'd wait for a decent vintage medium-telephoto.
  14. !!!!!!! Morris Minor, going to say Series II. Just had to get that out after seeing it... lovely photo.
  15. Can't wait for this album.
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