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  1. This is Hip-Hop.

    Sorry if this is a repost, I did check back briefly. My hip-hop album/EP of the year so far, by a long way.
  2. The Game Development Thread

    I had no idea you did it until I dropped into this thread as I found it organically but I've been enjoying Wingsuit greatly. That's rare for me as I spend my time at work playing and analysing tons of mobile games (i.e. the competition) when nothing else needs to be done. Having to do this has, of course, made me hate most games.
  3. Your favourite folk music

    A bit soppy but pretty much anything Kate Rusby.
  4. The Game Development Thread

    It is very good and we're working on something pretty special that I can't talk about yet. It's a great time to join. /plug
  5. The Game Development Thread

    Sorry for the plug, but I thought I'd just drop this in: We're after a Unity Games Programmer. Preferably experienced and/or full of amaze. http://www.neonplay....programmer.html
  6. The Formula 1 Thread

    Really want to see Caterham's reaction on The Forum.
  7. The Formula 1 Thread

    Where exactly is Jake going and how come Sky are letting the BBC have all the races? Have they admitted defeat after putting out such mind-numbingly bland coverage?
  8. The Formula 1 Thread

    Not this interview crap again. They're paid to drive and rarely saying anything remotely interesting.
  9. The Formula 1 Thread

    Haha. If the result gets changed in Ferrari's favor by a stewarding decision post-race for something that wasn't even flagged as under investigation I'll rage-quit F1.
  10. The Formula 1 Thread

  11. The Formula 1 Thread

    It just occurred to me we won't hear Vettel's radio message if he wins.
  12. The Formula 1 Thread

    Yaaaay Petrov maybe saving Kovalainen's career!
  13. The Formula 1 Thread

    I think everyone still on the track deserves the WDC now.
  14. The Formula 1 Thread

    1 point in it, christ.

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