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  1. We're all adjusted to it as normal, but it must be a challenge to make these cars not look like complete shit when you have to plaster random words all over them for money.
  2. Why not both? Can't be worse than Mazepin.
  3. Anyone else steeling themselves for the F1/Sky commentators to suck Max's dick for 90mins?
  4. I've seen this argument crop up several times and think it's worth pushing back on a little. I tend to think this is the culture of the sport a choice to do nothing and perpetuate it is being made, over and over. Perhaps it is a long hangover from when there was a decent chance of death, so you had to be that competitive and/or blinkered enough to enter at all. These days I don't see why being a cunt and aligning one's behaviours with that kind of toxicity is a requirement, it could easily be disincentivised and is... to some extent. Mazepin is getting told off, if he w
  5. F1 is a bit of a cluterfuck of cocks. Vettel is often referred to as "a nice guy" and yet deliberately drove into Hamilton under a SC, something other drivers copped bans for in lower formulas. I don't think anything will change until they start doling out race bans, but that would also cause uproar as it'd effect financials.
  6. In the same evening: "I have no favourites in F1 just drivers I dislike less" ... "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS PEREZ YEEEEEEEEAH"
  7. I'm sure Stroll or somebody will manage to crash into Russel at the start and make the whole weekend a dissapintment.
  8. Another driver to hate watch I guess.
  9. Nothing to do with his father "investing" in Haas I'm sure. Maybe it's for the good PR and image? Just forget about the fact he's tried to attack people with place markers, punched another driver, and the above. It must just be raw talent.
  10. Interesting the impact was 'only' in the region of 50G, others have survived over 90G according to the internet. All that crumpling bodywork, a 90 degree rotation to the right, and a bendy barrier did a hell of a lot for RG. Happy days.
  11. Don't walk into any embassies without witnesses Hamilton.
  12. ITT we discover the concept of a GOAT is impossible and uninteresting.
  13. Wonder how F1 management felt about Lewis telling us all it'd be a boring race. WIll help viewing figures.
  14. I'm not much of a Nurburgurgurgurring nerd, but isn't it all bumpy and shit? Especially that banked corner called the Carousel or something like that. Will the F1 cars be missing those parts?
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