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  1. Don't walk into any embassies without witnesses Hamilton.
  2. ITT we discover the concept of a GOAT is impossible and uninteresting.
  3. Wonder how F1 management felt about Lewis telling us all it'd be a boring race. WIll help viewing figures.
  4. I'm not much of a Nurburgurgurgurring nerd, but isn't it all bumpy and shit? Especially that banked corner called the Carousel or something like that. Will the F1 cars be missing those parts?
  5. The stewards are already doing this to Hamilton.
  6. Well, how significant is the integration work really with spec ECUs and such? Could comply be enough? As others have said, it's almost like the automatove industry conglomorating into an ever decreasing number of large internationals has been bad for consumers and motorsport. On the 'spec vs tech' side - is it perhaps important to make a distinction between tech that prevents fun racing (aero), tech that is prohibitively expensive and largely invisible so leads to boring rich-team dominance (engines?), and everything else (DAS)? We're already headed towards forcing lowe
  7. Well Ferrari's preferential treatment will surely come to an end.
  8. Yep. I used to read everything he and scarbs F1 wrote back in the day, but he definitely has a streak of gammon in him.
  9. If anyone is going to dominate F1 again and make the outcome boring I'm happy that it's Hamilton with his BLM activism (and previously some lighter touch environmentalism and veganism, I say that as not-a-vegan). It must trigger the motorsport (and I see even racefans comment wankers) so terribly. Delicious.
  10. I'm not sure Vettel was ever any good at anything other than qualifying and leading from the front in the best car. He tended to crash into Webber or something else whenever actually challenged. It'll be interesting to see if he can handle life in the middle of the pack. Recall him deliberately ramming Hamilton and somehow not getting banned for several races. "Petulant" is the oft used word. They're all assholes to some degree but some are easier to dislike than others.
  11. My saga continues. Had a peek at what my CPU and GPU temps were while playing after finally getting it downloaded! GPU usage: 0% CPU usage: 10% @ 90c 10 FPS Yeah, it's using the integrated GPU and super-heating the CPU (they share cooling in the laptop) so it can't run. Fingers crossed for this massive Windows update and AMD Radeon driver release as the installation folder isn't accessible for games installed via the Xbox Beta app so I can't even override the GPU selection.
  12. Also having an experience getting this downloaded. Into the in-game downloader, at least, but it stops and crashes every so often and now I can't get past the "Press Any Key" intro screen.
  13. Restarted my PC twice and it worked, because logic. Thanks.
  14. Okay I have Game Pass on PC, it says it's included, but there is no "Install" option like other games on Game Pass. Rage.
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