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  1. To be honest. I think a lot of that is fair but at the same time I’m not bothered. it’s like when somebody tried to convince me that the National were pretentious sad dad rock and I was like, yeah, that’s why I like them. or alternatively - it’s hard to give a shit what anyone else thinks about something I like. Especially sneery music snobs like the quietus.
  2. Early ! good on a first listen, not as good as last one though maybe. I’ve tickets for brixton next year. @KartoffelKopfI am 43 years old, your first post resonated hard.
  3. Sorry. Wasn’t suggesting you were, just love that sketch - any excuse. Are there many people who play as “the baddies”? I mean it’s not like 40K where basically everyone is the baddies.
  4. It’s a bluey green so I’d give it a test before committing. If you haven’t got the citadel paint app it’s worth getting as shows what paints combo well. I’ve been doing my skitaari in a bluey green that’s stegadon scale / coelia/ sotek green / temple guard blue.
  5. Coelia greenshade goes brill over the nihilakh oxide if you want more contrast.
  6. @Davros sock drawer that is brilliant. You should be really proud of that if it’s one of your first minis. Lovely stuff
  7. No such relic for loyalists I'm afraid. I'll make those changes for next time but I think I'll be playing as marines again next time. My mate's approach to necrons has been to use disposable scarab swarms to tie up units in CC so they can't shoot anything else, so playing as white scars was the counter last time to be able to fall back and charge again. He then uses the skorpekh destroyers and lord to smash stuff, so the counter is to have MSU and also bladeguard who now have a 3++ thanks to those cool shields. The problem is 50 power gives necrons a lot of bodies, many of which spring b
  8. No, as that only helps invulnerable saves, which is only for defence against ranged weapons. Nothing helps being whacked in the shin by an angry Necron Lord with a -4ap weapon. Normal save is 3+ so it’s unblockable. If I play as Taranis that gives me a 6+++ on wounds and if I take Armour of the sainted Ion that gives a regular save of 2+ So would be able to attempt to save those hits. It’s still too risky in a 50 power game to have 45% of your army as one model. Also skitaari are rubbish. I bought the knight and armigers when 8 really suited them. Seems to have g
  9. I played a game with my knight. It got smooshed to death turn 2. We’re still playing at 50 power/1000 point size but as an experiment I made a list with a knight, 2 armigers and some skitaari. playing against necrons. I thought I’d just chew through his units. What I didn’t recon with was his skorpekh destroyers and lord. Getting whacked by a guy who hits on 2’s, does 3 damage per hit with -4 AP meaning you can’t save takes a knight down pretty quickly. oh and he has a 4+ invulnerable save so shrugs off massive damage attacks. It’s all learning curve I guess as we’re
  10. Day 1. Cheers all. I only have a handful of discs for the xbone, most are probably on game pass. Mine is basically used as a Netflix box 95% of the time anyway.
  11. As someone who has paid zero attention to teh console warz and new stuff: will this be backwards compatible? Can I download my xbone games onto it? can I use existing xbone pads with it? ta
  12. And if I paint citadel minis do they go here or the gw thread? we could have a separate modelling thread maybe? Save ending up with a mega thread?
  13. I think it’s just years of picking up the pad and my thumb automatically going to the stick. I have to force myself to move it to the pad. I'm finding I’m much better at landing tricks spinning left than right. Which is odd.
  14. Boneless did the trick. Thanks all. Just done it. I’m struggling between using the pad or the stick, also - do people use the spin bumpers and the pad to turn when doing grabs?
  15. Right. The 5th subway token. How the fuck am I supposed to jump high enough off the ramp to get it? Is there a trick to it? I can get the one you have to jump off the rock and the other 3 are easy But the last one is a total twat. any suggestions for better launch? I’ve upped Mr. Hawk’s air, Ollie and and hang time stats As much as I can. I’m crap at this compared to back in the day. Finding getting sick scores a virtual impossibility. Need practise.
  16. Only saw this was coming out a couple of days ago. It’s amazing. I’m rubbish but it’s all coming back. I’m teaching my 8 year old who just loves jackassing off stuff into massive bails. Bliss.
  17. Remorse is having given away hero quest, advanced hero quest and expansions and a load of minis to a mate about 20 years ago then drifting apart. The regret.
  18. @Captain Novaforce you are me and I claim my £5
  19. @Davros sock drawer there’s new starter sets coming for 40K from games workshop https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/02/sunday-preview-new-warhammer-40000-starter-sets/ so that Smallest box will be around £20 - £25 from the third party sellers like Wayland or firestorm etc, good value, plenty of stuff to practice on. post up some of your air fixes
  20. My problem is I’m easily distracted. So at the start of lockdown I thought I’d get all the warcry stuff painted, made some progress but then got distracted by list building in 40K which lead to a knight and some admech, And then some death guard stuff, then a new blood bowl team came out, and then Indomitus and so on.
  21. Wow. That’s loads! A pile of shame visible from space! Ive built about 100 minis but only actually finished painting: A knight. (That’s quote big though) A bloatdrone all the scenery from warcry about 25 warcry minis about 6 marines think that’s it. Lots of work in progress though.
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