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  1. I personally wouldn’t. You’ll need a couple of coats of white to cover the black and you’ll be in danger of obliterating all the detail.
  2. 1000 points will be around 8 guys depending on your faction I think. You can buy the 6 Chaos teams for around £25 a set I think. Kill team starter sold out and didn’t get reprinted so I’m buying this just in case
  3. Warcry starter and ork cards ordered. And the wood elf bloodbowl team. So much for not buying anything before finishing the backlog. I’ve already got an old metal wood elf team.
  4. I’d be interested as I often need one or two models for a kill team.
  5. Zenithal is a technique rather than a spray. What Nicky means is a quick spray from overhead onto the raised areas to create a light / dark contrast Theres 2 contrast paint specific primers - greyseer and wraithbone. One is warmer
  6. Yes, it’s translucent paint. Just paint them normally.
  7. Who has death guard? Do they have morty? He’s amazing in game if he can get in melee
  8. That sounds great, how long will that take? will you be playing as well?
  9. And


    @Naysonymous now is probably a good time to drop back in as they’re giving away lots of free stuff on the run up to the new expansion. Plus ranked now has 50 levels so they’ll start you at the bottom with the noobs and you can play in wild with your old cards.
  10. And


    Maybe. Give it a go. Craft Whizzbang
  11. More quick and dirty contrast guys. Been batch painting the colours on 16 of these guys using contrast and shades mainly with a few details and metals thrown in. I reckon less than 30 minutes a model on these. photos really found the mold lines I didn’t. I don't normally give my dudes names but the acolyte is definitely a Zoidberg.
  12. What the heck are they? Anyone interested in warcry? Looks a bit like killteam/necromunda for Sigmar https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/14/coming-soon-warcry/ starter box looks good and you can use other factions, might have to get it.
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