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  1. Don’t sweat it, Next month. Or month after. Nobody should be beating themselves up over this.
  2. Nice, love those tanks, they’re really good too
  3. Those guys are cool. You should pose it popping a wheelie, instant win.
  4. There was an hour wait to get on the gw store this morning, managed to get one of the new plain macfarlane hellblasters. (this does not count as a miniatures purchase)
  5. You know there’s a new edition coming out in like a weeks time though right?
  6. @Pelekophoros Next month get your overlords to sponsor us and send us all a knight to paint. Community outreach. @moosegrinder that’s a brill looking model. Can you spray it to speed things up? I’d give it a once over with leadbelcher if it were me.
  7. Well, as long as your happy with that outcome it’s just a temporary blip. Good luck with the move. I’d love to break free of the ‘beautiful’ south but the Mrs job doesn’t allow.
  8. So me and the boy are up to series 6 series 5 was brill, the Ashoka arc particularly good. 6 however Although Mace ‘rear’ windu is fucking rad
  9. They look awesome. How big is the army going to get? Do they have vehicles?
  10. Made a start last night, so that’s the easy colouring in bit done - let’s see if it actually makes it past this point… so we have three nurgle tanks in the mix? Interesting.
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