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  1. 10% in on kindle Slow burn so far but I’m trying to stretch it out. Seems like it might be a short book
  2. Ha, while I basically got back into it and peaked/plateaued after about a month.
  3. ? anyway - to lower the tone, more tabletop ready dudes, this time nurgle flavoured and chaos BB
  4. Started it today after a quick wiki of what the fuck happened in the last book. Should have made time for a re-read. But with that in mind I’m starting a rewatch of s5!
  5. Yeah the dry paint is a bit shit in my experience. Just use whatever you have. Test the brush against the base or something before committing.
  6. Both great games - I’ve only played both online on steam with my buddy, terraforming is the better 2 player game, we tend to have bots on scythe, also scythe is fucking complicated and made easier by having the computer do some of the lifting in the options and modifiers.
  7. Looks great. I’d cheat and drybrush it gold and then touch up the blue.
  8. Awesome stuff @Davros sock drawer I painted a quarter of my order army: As he’s a shirtless brawler I’ve done him in jeans and shitkickers.
  9. No way anything complicated is going to work with a 5 year old. You’re dealing with like a 30 minute attention span here. Maybe the space marine adventures game? As that’s relatively easy and quick. Heroquest would be too much.
  10. I was reading on Reddit about a guy that placed highly in a tournament as he turned up in some kind of fascist tshirt, no one would play him so he progressed through the tournament as they effectively conceded. Bonkers. He should just have been told to fuck off.
  11. Next time the opportunity arises I’m in. So shamed by my hungoverness I had to make a vast pile of pulled pork which has fed me and the kids most of the week.
  12. Played some bloodbowl 7’s and my mate went old world alliance, took a tree man. Which then rooted itself to the floor. 3 times. he was a bit like :
  13. I do mine as they live shoved into a box and then played with. If you’re musty leaving them on a shelf I wouldn’t arse.
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