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  1. The fact they’re keeping all the codexes is good though. I prefer the game with fewer rules and not having to keep track of rules plus chapter approved plus faq plus psychic awakening etc etc Is a bonus for me
  2. not that you can say anyway but I’m betting this edition is much more like killteam to avoid the whole turn 1 get shot off the table issue
  3. Behold. One knight 3 left arm options 3 right arm options 3 shoulder guns 3 carapace options All basecoated and nuln oiled ready for painting. Chassis dry brushed. Loads of armour plates to paint and stick on.
  4. Belisarius Cawl discovering a sample of the Primarch’s Genetic material in a fortified stasis chamber, circa 40,000 ad, colourised.
  5. @martingee that's splendid. Good work.
  6. Unsurprisingly there’s lots on eBay going for ridiculous money.
  7. High life. 1/5. Boring. Tawdry. Edgelord scifi. Avoid.
  8. Modular knights. Gotcha. Will probably glue then.
  9. So I’ve decided on a chapter identity. The Bennys. WIP: also @Nicky In your photo - what’s the benefit of having the torso magnetised to the legs rather than just glued? Ta
  10. And So I managed to find a canis Rex on eBay so that’s the next big project. Ordered a bunch of magnets and green stuff too. though annoyingly my eBay bargain codex order has been cancelled
  11. aside from the vids dotted through here there’s also a thread :
  12. Oooh, that's a good idea @Nicky the 1x10mm magnets that is. Might nick that idea. Love the colour of the heat burn on that melta lance thingy too It's moot at the moment as I can't find it in stock at any of my usual online retailers apart from gw itself, where its loads more to buy.
  13. I just used a cordless drill on its lowest setting and was ok.
  14. Wobbly is fine, you should see the state of my repulsor cannons. They’re wobbly and wonky.
  15. @martingee that’s really useful. Thanks!
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