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  1. To be fair it was shit at the time, it's Mrs Browns Boys levels of sophistication. Though this really jars with Walliams reinventing himself as a kids author, he's like a poundshop Roald Dahl.
  2. 2010 1. Inception 2. The Social Network 3. Monsters 2010 was a bit rubbish really 2011 1. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy 2. Shame 3. Attack the block Wow, not a lot here either really 2012 1. Avengers assemble - still probably the best of the marvel films, perfect film making 2. Dredd - in any other year this would be number 1, a crime there weren't more made. 3. Looper 2013 1. Wolf of Wall Street 2. The World's End 3. Under the Skin Another fairly weak year. 2014 1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Grand Budapest hotel 3. Whiplash Then boom! 2014 has masses of brilliant films - too hard to pick 3, no room for Nightcrawler, Lego, Birdman, gone girl, ex machina, john wick, boyhood, edge of tomorrow, frank, kingsman etc etc, what a great year for films.
  3. @ChewMagma That's how I initially felt about playing and our first game was under a thousand points and I had basically had a bunch of infantry with a couple of HQ's and so did my mate. The matchup of primaris vs death guard is tricky as both sides are very hard to kill if you've only got basic guys. Both sides lack punch for various reasons, especially if you're playing open play rules for DG as the matched play / battleforged rules give them a massive boost to shooting. So in an infantry vs infantry game you'd want to be playing the competitive rules. I won due to securing the objectives better / at all. So the problem then, well actually it's 2 problems: 1- my mate I play with is really competitive. And so am I. 2- we're both in our 40's and so have the means and ability to acquire any unit or units that we thought would be of advantage. So these 2 issues started an actual arms race, just in tiny plastic men. The second game we played at around 1,000 points saw him play a captain next to hellblasters and an apothecary. 36" range 10 plasma shots, re-rolling 1's and resurrecting 1 guy per turn. So my Death guard guys who could shoot 24" and walk 5 were just shot to shit. Shit just got real. So I bought a rhino and a helbrute and more bloat drones, he bought dreadnaughts, (6 dreadnaughts), vindicators and a whirlwind, I bought terminators, then blight haulers (little tanks) he bought terminators, then flyers, and it culminated with a game where he had some flyer that was effectively a flying land raider plus guilliman sat next to a las-predator and the hellblaster combo, you reroll missed shots and maybe wounds with guilliman - you basically point your finger at a unit and your opponent takes it off the table. It's not fun to play against. At one point I had a spreadsheet calculating how many wounds i could expect different combinations of unit to do. We had one more game after this one, on a smaller scale and it was more fun for me as by this point I had given up all pretense of fielding a balanced fluffy list and had Mortarion, a demon prince, a tank with 2 plague flamers that auto hit, a bloat drone with 2 plague flamers that auto hit, an elite with a plague flamer that auto hits and a Knight Armiger with a whopping great chain-sword. Oh, and 50 points worth of cultists to camp on an objective in my back field. Everything just ran into his face, covered it in plague goo and smacked what was left to death. It was a massacre, but maybe only as he hadn't played guilliman. But this meant I had around 2500 points of DG that were just unplayable as they were inefficient. Plague marines are too slow and don't do enough damage. Pox walkers require a lot of models and several supporting units to be good, blighthaulers need to be in a unit of 3 and suck if you lose 1. Helbrutes are too flimsy, etc etc. We haven't played since and I've sold 95% of the DG guys. We did play a fair bit of killteam, but I kept winning so funnily enough we haven't played that for a while... We're back playing more bloodbowl and I'm finding it a bit less stressful. I lose about half of the games, draw the rest with the very occasional win thrown in. That ended up being a bit of a rant, sorry. As for GW - as I understand it - competitive play is massive in the states, change the rules a bit every year to mix up the meta a bit and keep people buying new stuff to keep up to date and still viable. Personally, I bought 2 expansion books for killteam, one is still shrink wrapped and we still play with the original book. Its trying to balance fun vs complexity
  4. @cavalcade have you got somebody to play with? Or will you be playing randoms at your local shop? Ill admit I know little about Sigmar or skaven but I did go through similar recently with 40k. My experience was that I bought the big starter box and started building an army around the death guard guys in that box, adding other units to make a nice ‘balanced’ army only to find that none of those units were “competitive” and we’re just a bit rubbish. Then I went online and found out that actual competition DG armies had about 3 DG units in then and the rest were demons and knights. Loads of cool looking units just aren’t any good in actual play. Including most of the characters/HQ’s/elites. So after a few games of getting destroyed by my mates net-decked space marine reroll fest and then buying more units to try and find something that works against that I ended up with a version of the ‘competitive’ army type which was basically 1 infantry unit then demon princes and tanky units with flamers that ruthlessly ruined my mate and we never played again. I did finally get to use mortarion in a game though and get him into combat which was great as he basically did his one punch man act on a land raider. By this point I’d amassed Over 100 models or 4000 points worth where only around 1500 points worth were useable and the rest was nicely painted chaff. So you can either build an efficient math-hammer Army or something cool and fluffy but I think it’s hard to do both. This is a good blog on the subject, it’s already been posted here but worth posting again. https://therewillbe.games/blogs-by-members/6466-the-howard-street-batrep Which is why I had to sell it as a job lot as if I tried selling piecemeal no bugger would have bought the guys that don’t see play. So I’d look on 1d4chan and have a read about that faction and see what the consensus is on good units before spending any money. I’ve still got enough DG left to field 800 points and 500 points of armigers if we want to play again. Or 2000 points if partially painted space marines I’m working on off and on. I can maybe make something competitive from them, but I’d still rather have cool tanks. TL;DR read up and build your army in BattleScribe before you buy any more models.
  5. One cut of the dead. 4.5/5. Brilliant in so many ways. Loved it.
  6. Dragged across concrete 2/5* boring, unpleasant, terrible script. *40%
  7. @Kzo Yeah I did the same with conquest. Still it’s a shit load of minis and gear for very little money. Pile of shame ain’t gonna grow itself. @Nicky sounds like a stupid system cant be as bad as 40k and it’s “who goes first wins” system. In all likelihood I won’t ever play it. But he models look fun to paint. Cant really see myself playing 40k again. Killteam is more fun, less pay to win and doesn’t take all day to play.
  8. Sorry I meant the stuff in first delivery - glue, new snips, brush etc. You can get first 6 editions delivered for £32 and so get the first set of extras as well. Then cancel.
  9. you’ve just got the greatest miniature ever made by games workshop - the ‘Sassy Nurgling’ that comes with the champion. Treasure it. I’m kind of thinking of subscribing for the first 6 issues of the mortal realms to get all the goodies. I’ve never played Sigmar. Is it good?
  10. @feltmonkey As a veteran of many death guard and underworlds minis - easy to build stuff is always a bit shit when it comes to gaps. You’re much better off snipping off the pins they use and just gluing them.
  11. Got 3. There were loads in WH Smith will pick up a few more issues I reckon and see if the kids want to play. I’ve got a few other sigmarines from Underworlds etc.
  12. Bit of a shame, peach seems like a dick too. So is there some drama or just moving on? @PelekophorosShould get @Cocky hired to replace him.
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