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  1. @Davros sock drawer there’s new starter sets coming for 40K from games workshop https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/02/sunday-preview-new-warhammer-40000-starter-sets/ so that Smallest box will be around £20 - £25 from the third party sellers like Wayland or firestorm etc, good value, plenty of stuff to practice on. post up some of your air fixes
  2. My problem is I’m easily distracted. So at the start of lockdown I thought I’d get all the warcry stuff painted, made some progress but then got distracted by list building in 40K which lead to a knight and some admech, And then some death guard stuff, then a new blood bowl team came out, and then Indomitus and so on.
  3. Wow. That’s loads! A pile of shame visible from space! Ive built about 100 minis but only actually finished painting: A knight. (That’s quote big though) A bloatdrone all the scenery from warcry about 25 warcry minis about 6 marines think that’s it. Lots of work in progress though.
  4. 2 days!!! You're a machine. mine’s still a hunk of unbuilt sprue. though I currently have ‘on the go’ in various stages of painted : 1 ad mech Tank thing 15 various ad mech dudes 12 blood bowl players 30 warcry dudes 5 helblasters 1 helbrute send help.
  5. Don’t hold back mate, say what you really think.
  6. My son and I have decided on : leadbelcher (spray) agrax or nuln oil Necron compound and we’ll get tesseract glow for bright details and do some screaming bell bits will see how his attention span lasts doing squads
  7. BB is, and I can’t stress it enough, the best game that GW have ever put out. (I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t like sport and has never watched a game of american passball) And the reason for this is that it hates you and not only wants you to Lose but to lose badly. But it is fair. It hates both players. I now have a magic spell I can cast to make a dice roll a 1. I say - “anything but a 1” And hey presto. I played on Sunday for the first time since lockdown. We played underworld vs skaven At kick off, rocks from the crowd took down 3 of my players including the troll, to 1 of my opponents. Turn 1, my thrower rolled 1 when trying to pick up the ball, then rolled 1 again. Turnover. Turn 2, my thrower has managed to pick up the ball, run to a goblin, hand off the ball, the troll rolls and is on his feet, picks up the goblin to throw him down the pitch to score, but no, I have used the incantation and a 1 is rolled, so instead of throwing the goblin the troll tries to eat him. Turnover. This level of preposterous bullshit continued the whole game for both of us, until on the last turn with the score at 2-2 and 5 dead or injured per team, the last play is troll throws goblin for a possible win. Troll rolls to see if it can throw or if he’s really stupid, rolls a 1. Game over. Can’t recommend it enough. Plus the minis are fantastic.
  8. If the teams are good ill probably be buying too. I expect this will be around £100. The last one I paid about £60 for. I’m hoping they support all the teams they’ve released so far as I’ve got like 10
  9. new rules, new starter box. bit miffed about the Death zone books and 6 or so copies of spike that are now all obsolete. Including the one released a few weeks ago.
  10. There’s rumours of a new version of blood bowl on reddit. Anyone heard this?
  11. My indomitus box arrived. My god, so much sprue.
  12. @moosegrinderThey look fantastic. that green wants a wash of something to give it some contrast. I bought a helbrute on eBay only for it to arrive with half the arm and a foot missing. Got a partial refund and kitbashed an arm out of spare bits and made a foot of tentacles out of green stuff. Swapped the Tiny anguished face for the spare mortarion one. Helbrute for less than a tenner.
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