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  1. Various warhammer shit - approx £125.
  2. Mine are glued now but the fists / gun hands can be rotated on the magnets to pose
  3. Those top ones are amazing. I quite like the stock ones to be honest. but might branch out if I get more. they’ll be teal with white decals when I’m done to match these guys but with Apollo astronaut gold visors. any idea how big these robots are compared to a vanilla space marine dread? I could be tempted to proxy them into my marines.
  4. Look at their stumpy little arms though. You have 20 seconds to comply.
  5. This looks like when you’re digging in the garden and find a star was figure that’s been lost since 1983. I approve.
  6. Well its not like I’ll be playing any time soon to see how they do. I’ll see how much of a twat they are to paint before I commit to another 4. I keep taking I should get cawl. He’s supposed to be a beast.
  7. 6? a) that’s like £130 of models. b) that’s 36 power! Or like 700 points! I have magnetised the arms and am now feeling very smug about that. I’ve now got a decent 2k of admech/ knights combo though dominos and and enginseer 5x 5 skits 5 infiltrators 2 robots dunestalker disintegrator 1 knight 3 armigers (2 helverin and 1 warglaive)
  8. I gave up on punisher s2 after the fight in the gym, it was just stomach churning. DD was the best overall. Punisher S1 was good but I didn’t make it through 2 Jones series one was good then it dropped off a cliff, can’t even remember what happens in s3 Cage series one was ok then shit after Iron fist was just flat out shit Defenders was ok
  9. Spray or brush? I used the dullcoat but it seems to have disappeared - I think it’s American. I've used army painter matt spray before but stopped using it after I got some pretty bad frosting on a few models - I found it’s very sensitive to humidity so not much use here. So now I brush on Vallejo Matt. Seems good so far. I’m on my second bottle. Varnishing seems a bit harsh on highlights so now I’m trying to paint to over compensate.
  10. I dunno, it’s basically net decking. I’m more of a “that looks cool” and play units that I like the look of. Like my stupidly flimsy armigers. Had some Kastelan robots arrive today. No idea if they’re any good but they look cool as fuck.
  11. Yeah. There’s some really good ones out there but I can’t be arsed as I hate painting Metallics. for an 8 year old though they’re perfect for learning about the joys of nuln oil, drybrushing, and painting details where he wants. As long as he’s happy painting them he can do them however he wants. Rule of cool in full effect. I was reading the rule book the other day, and if you play matched you get a bonus 10 points at the end of the game if your army is painted to battle ready standard. I will totally be pulling that out of the hat when I next play my win at all costs mate who
  12. Painting the necron half of indomitus with the boy. I’ve really no interest in these guys so they’ve all had a silver spray then probably getting dry brushed and a couple of details. Though I’m going to carry on trying this old stone look for carapaces on the characters at least. these guys took about an hour or so each so I reckon I can crunch through the ones I’ve been assigned fairly quickly. The boy is making progress - these aren’t finished, he says they need more tesseract glow but he’s getting the hang of the drybrushing. See if his enthusiasm holds out when he has 2
  13. You should deffo do that. They’re such great models.
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