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  1. And

    The National

    I’ve got tickets to both nights at Brixton rearranged to next may. Not happening is it?
  2. Stunning as usual. Can’t really judge Cap until we see America’s Ass though.
  3. Seriously though. This is supposed to be fun. If you’re learning just experiment and have fun with it and don’t worry about the outcome. The way I see it is models are cheap. Your time isn’t.
  4. Or just ignore it and move on to another of the hundreds of models in the pile of shame!
  5. @Davros sock drawer I Was always worried about going too far on my highlights and as a result didn’t go far enough and ended up with a bunch of models that when varnished looks bit dull. push them contrasts. What’s the worst that will happen?
  6. Yeah they’d be mad not to put the rules out separately. But at the end of the day there’s the old rules if they don’t. Aside from the book ive got everything in that box bar the new teams and refs.
  7. A week into my Home office setup and I’m loving it.
  8. And

    The National

    It’s totally great. I’ve got it on repeat today. it’s like a whole album of about today. Although I thought easy to find was a bit of a return to form after SWB and TWFM. I am totally in platonic man love with berninger. What does Serpentine prison sound like? The guitars are super familiar. I think it might be Ryan Adam’s cover of wonder wall. Am I going mad?
  9. Always going to be subjective an answer but I’ve found her great over the past few years. Matt Berninger’s new solo album is
  10. New blood bowl is a nope for me. I’ve already got loads of teams and everything in that box that isn’t a team. Rule book better be available to buy separately otherwise we’ll just keep playing the old version.
  11. Hmm. I’ve bought two typhus. (As first was sold with my old dg army) That’s fair enough but still, it feels like bad value though. 1 guy about the size of a terminator vs a box of 10 models. Same for any character really but he’s stupid expensive even compared to the other similarly sized character models. Same goes for the £20 odd I spent on a techpriest. And you’re stuck as you need to buy HQ’s. you still can’t buy the death guard wizard - he came in the big box and that was it, same for the lord of contagion. You can get felthius and his buddies cheap though I guess. I bought ty
  12. Though the HQ/ character pricing can fuck off Typhus is almost the same price as a tank.
  13. Well, I’m not normally one to be a corporate fanboy but I generally like GW. But I’m in the privileged position of being a Middle Aged man who can afford as many small plastic space men as I want. compared to my other hobbies of record collecting or mountain biking it’s quite cheap, and in one instance much safer. I don’t see how you could hate GW, they sell toys. If you don’t want to pay their prices then go elsewhere. Same as anything. See also people complaining about prices of apple stuff.
  14. Oh totally. All hobbies are to a greater or lesser degree though. I actually think As hobbies go it’s not too bad in terms of cost - I might spend a few hundred quid a year on it but it gives me countless hours of fun for that money so I reckon it’s good value. But it is a luxury. @Davros sock drawer can't tell if serious. £96 is still fuckloads for a miniature. You should certainly avoid the forge world website...
  15. Sorry @Pelekophoros but you’d be mad to actually buy stuff from GW when the third party sellers are 20% cheaper. Use my local store for consumables but sets are loads cheaper elsewhere.
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