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  1. Just got a 3070. This set off a chain reaction of me needing a new PSU and SSD. I really hope I use this thing!
  2. I think the 2020 and 2021 LG OLEDs have a native app now too. You'd need a Bluetooth controller to make it work (or the Stadia controller obvs).
  3. I'm feeling like getting back into this after a long while out. Where should I start? I always get confused when going back in with all the options
  4. Control Ultimate Edition just went onto Stadia. I'm quite tempted as I've not played it before but heard great things. It's got a 60fps mode at 1080p. Torn between getting it on Stadia where I can play it on many TVs in my house versus the XSX which has the 4k 60fps version but is confined to my office. Decisions decisions.
  5. I had a go with "tandem" mode where you connect your Non-Stadia controller to the Stadia controller. I used my Xbox Elite controller and it all worked as intended from my perspective, no difference in input latency or anything. The only issue from my end is that I use a USB-C wireless headset so can't use tandem and this headset at the same time. Nice feature though.
  6. Given that Stadia's cut there covers an entire hosting environment rather than just a digital store and market place that sounds like pretty good value.
  7. I seem to remember Phil Spencer saying they'd ended up with a variety of developer remuneration options underneath Gamepass because different developers wanted different things. IIRC, he talked about many developers wanting an up-front payment which basically de-risked the entire process for them. The thing that immediately struck me on Stadia's new model was the "session days" thing. If you're going to do this on time in some way then surely you want to use elapsed time and not penalise infrequent long gaming sessions over frquent short ones? The announcement that Stadia will only take a 15% cut on sales I guess is welcome but I don't know what the comparators here here. They didn't even say what it was coming down from so it's hard to tell.
  8. How does the new respawn mechanic work on Taego? Is it.... weird?
  9. I setup my son on this with family sharing at the weekend. Google's family sharing stuff is a little confusing as you get bounced around between different apps in the Play ecosystem and then Stadia itself, but once it's setup it's great. Really nice parental controls over what he can and can't play, and he inherits all the games I've bought and through the Pro sub. There's a lot there for younger audiences these days.
  10. Just gave this a go for the first time as it's on Stadia Pro. Fuck me it's tricky!
  11. I only play unranked, assuming that this would be less sweaty,but I think that's just where the sweats hang out to get their stats up. Am I doing it wrong, will ranked try and match me with people at my level?
  12. Get this, I spent some time on pubg stats today and I've played a total of 700 odd games in my time since the game came out on Xbox 3 years or so back. I checked out the total games of the two lads that ended my last two games on Friday evening - 7,500 and 11,500 lifetime games each! It's sweaty out there. What was also interesting is that Pubg stats shows you the bot percentage in your games. It's been about 1.5% in my games recently and I rarely bumped into them. So my statement that it was hard to tell them apart from real players was probably wrong as I've just been playing against real players.
  13. It's a sweat fest alright. I rarely get top 10 these days in solos. Which platform you two playing on? Could do some squads
  14. I'm interested to know if they have a plan to get this onto a new engine at some point. The visual updates they're doing to the maps like Miramar are nice n'all but it's starting to feel a little dated. And it always felt like it was pushing the Unreal engine in a direction it didn't really want to go.
  15. This is still my go to shooter. The bots have definitely improved the situation recently, making the game more welcoming to newcomers and the bot logic itself is much improved. I struggle to tell the difference between bots and mid tier players like me these days. What amazes me is how much depth there is to the gameplay. I feel like I'm an ok player but watching level 500 players who roast me on the killfeed is pretty amazing. They're probably 30% more accurate and make 100% better decisions.
  16. It was a golden era. I remember many times hauling my family pc round to my mates house for Quake sessions. My sleep was horrific after 12 hours of quake multiplayer though. They need to fix that in the sequel.
  17. I guess with subs you tend to see tiering of the sub itself for higher fidelity. I think there's a market out there for people who want the best the medium had to offer over streaming
  18. Ping one of existing users here and you can get 2 months free Pro sub rather than the usual 1. No-one can tell you what the matrix is and that. I think you'll be impressed and there's nothing to lose.
  19. Weirdly, I played Pubg at the weekend for a solid session and it was totally seamless. Something has changed there for sure, either in the game or the platform because I'd say it's very hard to tell the difference between local and streaming there now.
  20. I notice compression scaling on Pubg quite a bit. Whereas Cyberpunk and Doom Eternal are seamless. It's odd, because Pubg is much simpler graphics. I can only assume that it's a function of the port quality in some way.
  21. Stadia seem to be doing a referral offer where the person you refer gets an additional month free (2 months instead of 1) and the referrer gets a month free for their troubles. So if anyone's looking to try the service, hit up one of the existing members here for a referral code (seems to be accessed via the app).
  22. Stadia Pro is pretty similar to game pass but with two differences. First, at any given time, it's got a smaller number of games available on the sub. You can look it up right now but I'm guessing it's 30-40? The reason I'm guessing is because of the second reason it's different which is that when games come off the sub, if you were a pro subscriber when they were on the sub you can still access them as long as your sub is active. The net effect here is that if you sub to Stadia Pro continuously you build up a collection. I guess it's a loyalty scheme of sorts?
  23. Back on topic, I'm not personally sure what I want from a Netflix style game service. I've got game pass annual sub, but have used a tiny fraction of the available content on there. I think I've played two games on it. I've also got Stadia and use that more, but I play a mix of games I've bought there and games on the sub. I pretty much only play Pubg on Stadia Pro tbh. I guess because I'm quite time poor, a huge catalogue doesn't have much value to me. I have the same issue with Netflix, so maybe game pass already is the Netflix of games? Ultimately I value accessibility and immediacy plus an excellent gaming experience in the few hours I can play. Game pass and my Series X get fewer of my gaming hours simply because downloads require planning and the streaming solution there isn't intended as a replacement of the console experience.
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