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  1. It's probably just easier to keep the codebases converged than diverged. The core optimisation work for Xbox will be pretty self-contained if I had to guess.
  2. Dynamic weather is on both platforms now
  3. Hass

    Destiny 2: Forsaken - Festival of the Lost

    What should I be doing with glimmer during the Forsaken campaign? I seem to permanently be at 100k...
  4. Hass

    Google Project Stream

    Seems like this is finally happening, what with this being heavily rumored to be part of the next Xbox offering n'all.
  5. Xbox one hotfix came out a few days ago. Tl;Dr is that it drops visual effects on the One X to improve fps. Apparently this is a temporary change whilst they work on options to customize - proposal seems to be to give players choice of trade-off which is unusual for console.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how Bluehole fare on the PS4 conversion as there's no equivalent of game preview. It was an interesting ride being part of the Xbox pubg releases since almost day 1 but they're clearly a very iterative Dev shop so it'll be great if they can nail a big bang PS4 release.
  7. So the OG had two advantages right now. First, it's got a more stable fps, second, it's got a much smaller draw distance for grass which means that people "hiding" in grass stand out at distance.
  8. Latest community post says there's a hotfix arriving on the 18th that will improve fps on the X at the expense of a few shinnies.
  9. The pubg feedback forums are constantly going on about m+k on Xbox but the consensus seems to be that any advantage is small because the controls are tailored for a controller. You don't have anywhere near the fidelity of PC still.
  10. As long as a grenade through the window sets off a chain reaction that's fine. Claymores would just be annoying though - I think you need the assailant to be actively involved in the kill otherwise they'll just scatter them and collect kills which is shit.
  11. Played some Sanhok today on El Bono. It's a great little map isn't it? The drop rate of good gear is crazy high too. Raining DMRs and scopes. Still no Sanhok dinner though - struggling with my final circle approach, massive benefit to circle placement in this one.
  12. The fruits of last night's labour.
  13. I was wondering if anyone's interested in getting an XBox squad together? I've only played solos to-date and have a feeling I'm missing out.
  14. No formal practice level but you can achieve that goal my repeatedly dropping in hot areas. On Erangel, I'd suggest Hospital, Prison, Mansion plus the towns in the bottom left, right and top left of the map. They're not so chaotic that it's just chaos like School drop, but you normally have to kill one or two to get out. Vehicles are important if you've got unkind circles on Erangel and are a basic necessity on Miramar due to the openness of the spaces between towns. Do a search for the maps with spawn locations, useful to have this as a reference whilst you're learning the maps. Also, try to resist the urge to just lie down.
  15. Xbox pubg coming out of game preview on Sept 4th, arrives with Sanhok, war mode and a cosmetics marketplace.

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