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  1. I can't speak for the OG Xbox but I've found XBox One X to be totally fine for the last 3 patches or so. Bizarrely the only point I get framerate stutter now is inside a few tiny buildings but combat generally seems fine and the gameplay isn't negatively affected. I think the key thing now is that when I lose in a 50/50 duel (or even when I die after getting the jump on someone) it's typically because I fouled up (it normally takes a DVR watch for me to get through the 5 stages of grief here). The absence of auto-aim can make tiny errors huge - no headshot and you're kicking up dust. But there's a huge amount of skill to the gunplay in this game - you can tell this because the good players really clean up. It's just got a huge learning curve.
  2. Solo dinners 4 and 5 last night: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860446 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860667 And this was a pretty explosion: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860468 This game is incredible when you're winning
  3. New Xbox patch out today: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/208879-xbox-game-preview-patch-notes-12/ Optimization mainly
  4. It's really tricky to tell at the moment without the replay mode being available on Xbox one to see what they did. There's a lot of chat about this on the official Xbox one forums and most "examples" from game DVRs are being debunked.
  5. Playing last night I noticed much more instances of other player crashes (i.e. free kills for moi) in the latest patch. Weirdly, I would say that this patch is more stable than the last for me personally - only one so far in maybe 8 hours I think.
  6. Had some great solo games on this tonight, no dinners but plenty of top tens and lots of kills. The new x patch is definitely an improvement again.
  7. What are people's thoughts on addition of aim assist to the Bone version? On the one hand, the game feels pretty elite by not having it, but on the other, I sometimes feel like it forces you to overthink each engagement even if you've got the upper hand. I'm not sure it should be this hard basically.
  8. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/NelsonWillyJ/video/46262772 This is an example of why Xbox still has a bit to go - I swear I count at least 5 hits with a scar then I get insta-deathed!
  9. I've not played in on PC but looking at some of the streamer vids I would say that the game probably plays differently insofar as it's harder to kill people due to lack of aim assist. So you tend not to see people engaging much at medium to long range as the chances of success are low whereas that looks fairly commonplace on PC (although I might just be inferring too much from watching a few ninjas).
  10. The VSS in this game is an absolute beast.
  11. I played 4 games last night. Christ on a bike, every one I was miles from circle and couldn't find a vehicle for love nor money, got hardly any kills then got picked off by gunfire coming from lord knows where. All very unsatisfactory. On the plus side, the performance on the x is really good these days.
  12. ...and now the pubg sleep horrors begin.
  13. Second solo dinner tonight plus plenty of top 10s. It gets easier when you learn how to be a final circle Jedi.

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