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  1. When you start out and struggle with the gunplay there's a very strong urge to use a lot of stealth. What I've found is that the game is much more relaxing when you keep moving and play aggressive. I think a lot of this is because it's hard to hit a moving target but it's also because you get better loot by keeping moving. There's a general FUD when you start out that every building has someone lying in wait for you, but in practice, if you check doors before entering and stay outside of the main plane line, you can keep looting right through the mid-game. So yeah, hot drop a lot to learn the gunplay. I found hospital and prison drops on Erangel to be a good learning zone because they're not as chaotic as School and are frequently a little off the plane line but still accessible.
  2. Firstly, aiming without scopes is tricky. So prioritise a sight or scope in your early looting. A laser-dot or holographic sight is much easier when ADS because you get better peripheral vision. I find a 2x scope on any rifle to be great in most situations. 4x is great once you learn how to use it but it's worth using soft-aim for short-range encounters. 8x is fantastic on an SKS or Sniper Rifle but takes lots of practice, I'd be tempted to ignore it until you feel comfortable with short-medium range engagements. Beyond that, a lot of it is about learning the weapons and when the engagement odds favour you. With practice, you'll know what the optimal cadence of firing is per weapon along with the velocity of the bullets so be able to better judge bullet-drop and target-lead. I find the shooting mechanics to be quite similar to games like Battlefield 4. Once it clicks, it's very satisfying. But there's a steep learning curve which I'm surprised isn't more off-putting tbh.
  3. Hass

    Battlefield V

    They seem to have removed everything that made Battlefield Battlefield. Totally bizarre.
  4. Played 4 hours or so of this on Xbox One X last night after a period off. The recent patches have really improved performance; I'd say that the X experience is now feeling close to v1.0. Overall the gunplay feels really solid for me now on the X. I think a big part of that is major improvements to FPS in close-quarters combat.
  5. Hass

    Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth

    Please let there be co-op
  6. Doesn't getting an external HDD for the OG Xbox One massively help? Preferably an SSD.
  7. That's weird, I've not played it since it came out of test but it wasn't laggy on the test servers. Do you have a hard wired connection? Pubg is weirdly sensitive to WiFi lag.
  8. I've only played 4 hours or so or Miramar. My initial impressions were that the map had quite a different pace to Erangel. You tend to have situations where circles drop that then force people towards a set of buildings, which places those in the buildings at a big advantage. If you attempt to get to said buildings on-foot, it's likely a turkey shoot so there's a greater emphasis on using vehicles to get from A->B. People tend to be much more hesitant to leave buildings in general so more of the combat occurs in buildings. Performance wise, the map seemed to run better on XBone than Erangel which I can only assume is a result of less foliage.
  9. I've not even played Miramar yet! Test server is up again on xbone tonight so I'll give it a go!
  10. I only play Xbox but it's looks incredible. I love the thought of a denser map.
  11. Xbox update #13 sneaked out yesterday. Patch Notes
  12. I can't speak for the OG Xbox but I've found XBox One X to be totally fine for the last 3 patches or so. Bizarrely the only point I get framerate stutter now is inside a few tiny buildings but combat generally seems fine and the gameplay isn't negatively affected. I think the key thing now is that when I lose in a 50/50 duel (or even when I die after getting the jump on someone) it's typically because I fouled up (it normally takes a DVR watch for me to get through the 5 stages of grief here). The absence of auto-aim can make tiny errors huge - no headshot and you're kicking up dust. But there's a huge amount of skill to the gunplay in this game - you can tell this because the good players really clean up. It's just got a huge learning curve.
  13. Solo dinners 4 and 5 last night: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860446 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860667 And this was a pretty explosion: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/47860468 This game is incredible when you're winning
  14. New Xbox patch out today: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/208879-xbox-game-preview-patch-notes-12/ Optimization mainly

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