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  1. It'll be nice if Stadia streaming exclusives like PUBG and RDR2 will now turn up on Geforce Now
  2. Sad to see Stadia go, I was an early adopter and loved the simplicity and immediacy of the service. Cyberpunk showed what it could do but ultimately that was the high point and developers clearly weren't interested in ports if Google weren't paying. I've long since moved to Geforce Now which turned out to be more aligned with what I want streaming to be (renting a GPU).
  3. I'm mainly interested in seeing this get out to GeForce Now. It's a great experience these days.
  4. I often look at switch games and think they look exactly how their creators wanted them to. It seems well specced for the types of games that run on it and I'm constantly amazed what it can push out.
  5. I stuck the Geforce Now app on my LG C1 and thought I'd give the 3080 tier another go. Sweet Jesus, Cyberpunk looks immense. The whole experience was just immaculate.
  6. https://www.engadget.com/microsoft-confirms-its-taking-a-new-approach-to-its-game-streaming-device-090144247.html I'm guessing that the "new approach" is simply putting a streaming app out on existing platforms (e.g. LG WebOS, Chromecast etc.) rather than asking people to buy yet another dongle. This is what Geforce Now is doing and it makes a lot of sense.
  7. I tried the 3080 tier a month or so back and it's fantastic. It's such a shame that publishers are holding back from this.
  8. Any news on if this will have streaming? I'm keen to play Returnal but don't want to buy the hardware (even if it was available).
  9. I put 10-15 hours in whist I was off work with Covid recently. I've never played the previous games so everything was new. I generally struggled to see the attraction tbh but I'll probably go back to it when I've got a chunk of time.
  10. I've done the tutorial and have tried the first dungeon with the wolves but am stumped by the boss there. I also tried the nearby village (Limgate?) which is a stealth section but kept getting stomped by the golden Knight (although have been close a few times). I wandered over the bridge to the south of Limgate and needed to avoid the Knight. Knights in general are OP for me right now although I did manage to take one down in horsie combat. I haven't played again since I originally posted but generally couldn't work out if I was losing to high powered ads because I was shit or if the game is trying to tell me to avoid them at this stage. Something specific I couldn't work out is how to conjure spirits. I've got a wolf pack spirit thingy but when I try and use it it's blanked out and the game doesn't seem to tell me what I'm missing to use this. This would be useful for bosses I think as it would take their focus off me 100% whereas right now, I don't find useful breaks in their combos.
  11. Thanks all. I will persevere!
  12. I'm struggling with this game. I've never played the genre before but generally an finding the fighting very frustrating. It seems to vary between extremely easy and extremely hard ads in a nano second and blocking doesn't seem to work for anything hard. I've not managed to take down a bit yet, generally feeling frustrated by it.
  13. Played through the campaign of the Witch Queen yesterday. It wasn't without its charms. I was about to jack it all in and then I stumbled upon the legendary playthrough option and it's fantastic.
  14. Assuming they can actually sell the platform on a whitelabel basis I'd imagine there's very little additional cost to continuing the Stadia store. It actually makes sense from a game developer's perspective too as you have a choice of being your own store, but there are costs in that, or you can just use the Stadia platform (friends lists, chat etc. etc.) directly.
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