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  1. I'm on holiday and decided to give pubg mobile a go. Expecting absolutely nothing, it transpires that this is a totally great little version of the game. I actually wish they'd implement the auto-loot mechanic in the console versions. The bots in the first few games are a nice way to ease people into the mechanics and controls too.
  2. Hass

    Greatest Videogame Tune

    Gives me shivers. So good!
  3. Xbox Public Test Server notes (Vikendi and various fixes)
  4. Played this a lot last night. Another solo dinner on the endless rounds of Miramar that seem to be happening on Xbox right now. The new map is up on Xbox Pubic Test Server - I couldn't get in early in the night but had a couple of games later on. The sound is incredible. Anyone playing this on xbox and fancy some Duos/Trips/Quads over the evenings in the festive period? I've only ever played solos.
  5. Vector is amazing once it's stocked out. Plus, it's pretty easy to stock it out.
  6. Got back into this last on the One X and got me a double dinner https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/video/65416479 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/screenshot/11055075 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nelsonwillyj/screenshot/11055078 I was wondering - folks used to lean shoot because it increased the likelihood of headshots being taken by a limb and reducing damage. Is there any point in doing that these days now that they've implemented a limb penetration mechanic?
  7. It's probably just easier to keep the codebases converged than diverged. The core optimisation work for Xbox will be pretty self-contained if I had to guess.
  8. Dynamic weather is on both platforms now
  9. What should I be doing with glimmer during the Forsaken campaign? I seem to permanently be at 100k...
  10. Hass

    Google Project Stream

    Seems like this is finally happening, what with this being heavily rumored to be part of the next Xbox offering n'all.
  11. Xbox one hotfix came out a few days ago. Tl;Dr is that it drops visual effects on the One X to improve fps. Apparently this is a temporary change whilst they work on options to customize - proposal seems to be to give players choice of trade-off which is unusual for console.
  12. It'll be interesting to see how Bluehole fare on the PS4 conversion as there's no equivalent of game preview. It was an interesting ride being part of the Xbox pubg releases since almost day 1 but they're clearly a very iterative Dev shop so it'll be great if they can nail a big bang PS4 release.
  13. So the OG had two advantages right now. First, it's got a more stable fps, second, it's got a much smaller draw distance for grass which means that people "hiding" in grass stand out at distance.
  14. Latest community post says there's a hotfix arriving on the 18th that will improve fps on the X at the expense of a few shinnies.

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