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  1. I think it's historically been both. I'm not close to the Windows scene these days but my memory is that the support has been really spotty. HDR monitors haven't really been a thing though until fairly recently. They tend to have reduced peak brightness (e.g. HDR600 vs. HDR1000) compared to OLEDs which is partly because of the tech but also to address the point you raise that you don't want to be 2ft from the sun.
  2. For competitive gaming I prefer a monitor hands-down. But it saddens me deeply that I still need to compromise on HDR to do this today. It will be interesting to see if the Eve Spectrum is a game changer in this regard as it's HDMI 2.1 and HDR750.
  3. Stadia and Geforce Now getting baked into LG TVs built from 2020 and beyond: https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/11/22224359/google-stadia-nvidia-geforce-now-lg-tv-2021 I guess all this does is drop the requirement for the Chromecast Ultra. Will be interesting to see whether they bundle controllers with the TV. EDIT: Looks like LG have only committed to updating the 2021 TV range EDIT2: They've now updated the article to say it is indeed coming to the 2020 range too.
  4. Hass

    The Turing Test

    Gave this a go on Stadia. Liked it, very portal like as people here have mentioned. Didn't outstay it's welcome. HDR implementation on Stadia was all over the place though. Turned that right off!
  5. Looks like it's called "tandem" mode https://9to5google.com/2020/10/01/stadia-controller-tandem-mode/
  6. I've got three mates who all bought the Cyberpunk deal in the run up to Christmas and they are all people who would never have owned a console. Since then, they've bought 6 titles between them. There's definitely an untapped market here for industry.
  7. I've played 5-6 hours of Immortals Fenyx Rising on this and it's really excellent. It's got two graphics modes, "performance" which targets 60fps and "visual quality". The former is really excellent whilst the latter was juddery. Beware because the juddery one is the default. One bug I've noticed twice now with two separate games on Stadia (PUBG and Immortals) is that frame rate gets worse over the course of a long (2hr+?) gaming session. I thought I was imagining this each time but closing the game, loading a different one (to make sure you don't get the same host) then reloading
  8. You can use your Xbox controller by "tethering" it to your Stadia controller. You just need the right usb cable to connect the two together. I've not tried this btw, I just know the feature exists so worth reading up on it! Works with most controllers as far as I know.
  9. Playing this on Stadia, really enjoying it so far (about an hour into the open worldy bit)
  10. Going to wired is less about the latency and more about consistency. You'll get a rock solid 1ms over ethernet whereas even 5ghz over direct line of sight will occasionally have big blips, normally when a competing signal is happening. Given that an ethernet cable is less than a fiver I'd say it's definitely worth doing.
  11. Software development in general is inherently an interative process because it's very hard to predict user experience until you've built something and put it in-front of people. Films, in contrast, are almost entirely Waterfall produced. Ultimately, they're a simpler medium because they're less abstract. I'm a software engineer but I've never built a computer game; I find it a constant miracle that people can make using computer software enjoyable at all because the typical experience is rage inducing.
  12. Assuming you're using CCU in both instances, the *only* difference is a 4k HDR stream for Pro. Cyberpunk only runs in 1080p in the Stadia servers but the generic upscaling Stadia delivers to create a 4k stream does signifcantly improve image quality in my experience. HDR is obviously a big improvement too if your tele supports it. I've not played Cyberpunk on PS5 but the general consensus of the reviews seems to be: PC > XSX > Stadia > PS5 > PS4 & XOX With the primary reason for PS5 lagging behing here being that it's running the PS4 version
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