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  1. Just unlocked the second bike and I love how different it is! Yes, the tiniest pebble will now send me flying but its really opened up some shortcuts I couldn't make with the first bike.
  2. He also attacks more than once sometimes so make sure you hold the block. That got me the first time I played.
  3. Just managed to get a free copy of this through the videogame giveaway for NHS workers, I was surprised to see something I'd actually heard of! I'm looking forward to giving it a try over the weekend. EDIT: So it looks like it was a code for the free trial version!
  4. I'm visiting Shadyglade now, it's my first non-Nook Miles ticket visit! EDIT: I left 20,000 bells in the flower sale section. I'm a bit short on cash so I hope it was enough!
  5. Yeah, we've certainly got some hope again. I just hope we aren't set for another fire sale in January. Woodrow has been saying the right things but it wouldn't surprise me if he was sold.
  6. I'm a Barnsley fan unfortunately. I know Stendel hasn't had the best start with you guys but if he has a bit of time, I think he could do a decent job. He wasn't really given chance to turn a bad start to this season around so I'm not exactly sure if he is up for the job at Hearts right now but we did play some fantastic, free flowing and high intensity attacking football with a very young team last season. Hopefully he'll be given the chance to replicate that up in Edinburgh!
  7. Barnsley fan here feeling less and less optimistic by the day after promotion. We've already lost both of our centre backs and goalkeeper from last season. Who's next?
  8. I haven't really played my 3DS since the Switch came out but today I picked up Luigi's Mansion. I'm looking forward to firing it up again! I'm also on the look out for good deals on Warioware Gold and Samus Returns.
  9. My left Joycon has started playing up The Switch doesn't always seem to recognise when its attached to the console, meaning I have to mess around with resyncing it everytime I wake the console up. I've noticed the battery in stand-by is going down much faster too but I'm not sure if that is related, although it seems strange to have cropped up at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be? I only use it in handheld mode so it's rather annoying.
  10. This is driving me crazy too!
  11. Don't forget the 5% CDKeys discount on Facebook. I know it's not much but every little helps. EDIT: Remember to check Quidco/TCB too.
  12. Grabbed by the Ghoulies is my favourite.
  13. Haha, I can confirm it was a real life dog walk I was referring to, sorry for the confusion!
  14. I just got caught out in a thunderstorm whilst walking the dog, my first thought was to unequip my sword, shield and bow...
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