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  1. Um iPhone does all of them better to some degree than XBLIG. Apple don't have competing XBLA/Retail though so there's a far better reason for them to promote and develop it. Leaderboards and Achievements: iPhone can connect to outside servers to track scores, there's stuff like OpenFeint, Crystal or even Facebook API's. Apple is launching it's own Game Center thing with OS4. XBLIG is locked to Live and has no way of doing leaderboards, the P2P scoreboard hack really isn't very good. Release Date Control: As far as I know there isn't release date delaying on iPhone but the processing time is a lot more predictable, on XBLIG it can be anything from a few hours to 3-4 weeks to get through peer review, for stuff like game updates it can be extremely difficult to get through peer review at all. iPhone also has provisioning so you can send beta/review code out, impossible on XBLIG where you have to wait until it's released to give out tokens for review, at which point you start sliding off the lists before reviews come in. Increased Section List Sizes: iPhone's are 25 vs 20 XBLIG elements and have a "next 25" button, XBLIG are locked at 20, if you're 21st on a list then you're getting no sales. The iPhone categories are much better too, XBLIG has the inexplicable IGN Picks which features some real rubbish and doesn't actually appear on IGN. PC distribution: iTunes is a lot better for browsing than the Xbox Marketplace Website. Improved/Any Promotion: iPhone apps have TV ads (!), the "top x apps" lists are far better curated than the Xbox dash spots which are themes like "Christmas Games" encouraging loads of crappy xmas themed games being added to the service. I really like XBLIG dev and think on the whole it's excellent. It does feel to me though that recently MS corp aren't very interested in the platform or allocating enough resources to improve it, even though the XNA team works hard.
  2. I could imagine them offering a single small (1000 entries say) leaderboard per XNA title. Even that would make a big difference.
  3. XBL Indie game, about a month or so from finishing it. It's a dynamic difficulty, fixed length horizonatal shooter / coming of age story.
  4. MattV

    Perfect Dark XBLA

    The rareware.com site confirms this and that it's being ported by 4J Studios, who did the banjo ports. Hope they don't fuck it up, are the kazooie and tooie ports decent?
  5. Here's a link to the web marketplace, you can queue it up to download on your 360 from here: http://xblcg.info/link/groov Catalogue of all the community games marketplace links: http://xblcg.info/
  6. MattV

    Perfect Dark XBLA

    This site reckon Wil Overton (ex superplay mag artist right?): http://xoomer.virgilio.it/mononline/unseen.../pdzeroxbox.htm Also has some pics of it running, presumably GC techdemo.
  7. I think one of the main reasons they don't allow achievements for Community games is that there would be a lot of "press X to get 100G" type "games". Stopping these through peer review would be difficulty, how do you decide where the too-easy cutoff is?
  8. Isn't 99% of anything junk? I'm still going to do a CG because there is no other way to put a game on consoles without loads of annoying company bullshit. Compared to the PC shmups I've put out those sales figures actually look really good in comparison.
  9. The more consoles you sell the more important it would be to them to shave pence off the manufacturing cost. There will be people at Nintendo spending weeks working out if reformulating the plastic or making the ventilation holes bigger etc will affect costs. If they can get away with it they'll cut it, they're a business not some kind of rich charity.
  10. MattV

    Fat Princess

    The princess is the "flag" you have to capture off the other team. You feed her cake to make her harder for the other team to steal, carrying a fat princess is slower.
  11. He's going to Ignition Entertainment (LA branch) to be a director of development. He also mentions he was offered a Sony PR position 2 years ago and turned it down and gives the impression that the last year or so of Ziff/1up have been a drag.
  12. The World of Goo fellas (Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler) got one of their mates (Allan Blomquist, who I'm pretty sure already had a wii kit and licensed status) to convert it to Wii.
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