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  1. jessr

    Illustration Club

    Hope it's okay to crash the club in need of advice. I'm currently in the process of making coasters for save the dates, I've hand drawn the images as I'd like them, but now I need to draw it on the computer, so it can be made as a ink hand stamp. I got a super cheap pen mouse online, and just wondered if anyone had advice about the best software to start with, and any tutorial tips. it's potentially going to be floral, this was my second attempt (first was actually a squiggle) I think i need my lines to be more defined as a stamp won't handle shading well, but anything solid seems to pixelate. Terrible picture too. thanks in advance and apologies for the request and combining it with mentioned weddings...
  2. Thanks Andy_S, Nemesis is the squirrel taken with the X series? It's gorgeous. Here are a few from my travels. IMG_2708 by I wish i was kodak, on Flickr IMG_2150 by I wish i was kodak, on Flickr IMG_0750 by I wish i was kodak, on Flickr As I said I haven't delved into the world of post at all yet, but i've amassed a lot of pictures this year, so my next project is lightroom, so I can do more with my images.
  3. I've not been here for ages, very inspiring to see everyone's pictures. Clumpyjamie, love the double exposure, suitably jealous of the MKIII. I've been playing around with polaroids a lot and just got my hands on a 7D so going to finally get myself organised and teach myself some post work, lightroom here I come. Just leaving a job which has consumed all my free time, so planning to get out there with my cameras much more. Please can someone remind me how to upload photo's into the message text, got a few on flickr i'd love feedback on. thanks!
  4. I am keeping all he raw originals, but they are too big too put on my flickr fize size wise. thanks ill give PNG a go.
  5. I have never photoshopped before and just wanted some advice on best way to save my raw files once im done with them, im saving them as tif files for printing, but for online use whats the best to use? I don't want something massive but i tried jpegs and the quality seems terrible, is there a happy medium? Sorry this is so basic...
  6. yep i went up new years eve, lots of snow times!
  7. Finally developed some pictures from christmas, haven't had chance to play around with them yet, but for the first roll from a charity shop nikon 801, its done alright. and a cheeky fisheye for fun.
  8. we used the bartech wireless focus, we were only using primes so it wasnt to complicated, but there are some new red rock remote focus which are pretty good. Im not sure about tailing off, its mental dslr wise for us next week, lots of virals, and mtv our using them a lot too, so thankfully it hasnt frightened everyone off.
  9. we did a great rig for it yesterday... put it on the steadicam flyer, with a remote follow focus and a wireless hdsdi signal, it was huge amounts of fun looked really fluid and the signal on the wireless held for a great distance... wait for the smirnoff paint viral to see it at work. funtimes.
  10. ive got a spare kit list, pm me if your interested.
  11. jessr

    Canon 7D

    if your anywhere in london, get yourself to the bve in earls court, for answers, jx
  12. In true wildlife photographer of the year style... its an 'animal' outside.
  13. I really wished they repeated things sometimes (yes im aware of iplayer but my computer at home has died a death, and im fairly sure work would frown on it) looks as if i missed a good one.
  14. still a work in progress, playing with it at the moment the ducks awesome baz
  15. i am braving it this weekend, and those animals better be out there ready to be snapped if not im taking my own stuffed wolf.
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