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  1. wasn't aware of this playlist sharing functionality, spotify has already revolutionized the way I consume music. Amazing, I knew there was a reason I still checked this forum after all these years
  2. Big thumbs up to Let Down. And thanks for whoever recommended Mr Blue Sky My sunny days will never be the same..
  3. People who delete albums after the first listen then make a statement out of it makes me roll my eyes like fuck. Whether it's a radiohead record or not. I would give you credit and say you gave it a fair chance on that one listen but when I make a mental list of my top ten albums of all time and think about how every single one I didn't enjoy on my first listen I just fail to see how deleting an album after a first listen isn't down to some pretentious "I like real music and this is too popular for me to grow into it". Sorry if that sounds harsh but I'd like to see how you defend your poor musical judgement (note: not your musical taste. What music you like I couldn't care less, but how you appreciate music shouldn't be down to preconceptions, whether popularist or anti-establishment).
  4. Kyoshiro

    Adlib Comic

    Astronauts sharing a moment.
  5. 1) OK Computer/In Rainbows 2) HTTT/The Bends/Kid A/Amnesiac 3) Pablo Honey Relative rankings within 1) and 2) changes all the time, but after a few months I'm certain I've never enjoyed an album as much since OK Computer. Personally I love all albums, they all have something similar at the core that makes me love them all if you just have the patience and open-mindedness to get to it. For example In Rainbows took me a good 4 or 5 listen before I could get over my disappointment and hear the amazing songs shine through. If I were prejudiced against it from the start, say everyone around me telling me how it sounds artificial and shit, or maybe everyone loving them so I think I'll be different and hate it, then it would be easy just to reinforce what I hated about it when I first heard it instead of letting myself hear what they were trying to do with that album rather than what I wanted them to do.
  6. Kyoshiro

    Oil painting

    Nice work number 28! When drawing from the original picture onto the canvas do you use a grid or other method of getting the proportions right? I find it a nightmare to get right with human faces that you want to look like someone when sketching freehand without markers of some sort.
  7. Kyoshiro

    Adlib Comic

    No it doesn't make any sense, but neither does valentines day.
  8. Kyoshiro

    Adlib Comic

    Cheers, comments like that make it feel worthwhile
  9. Kyoshiro

    Adlib Comic

    Yup sorry, the only higher res ones are the original scans. Thanks for checking, I think updates will be very sporadic this time..
  10. Kyoshiro

    Adlib Comic

    36: Update in first post.
  11. I think the variety of choice of best songs here speaks volumes about the quality of radiohead's catalog, regardless of each individual preference.
  12. Kyoshiro

    Revision music

    Will check it out, cheers. Just listened to The Fountain soundtrack, that fits the bill nicely too. The last track in particularly is gorgeous.
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