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  1. Played this for a couple of shots and it's just brilliant. Amazing 90's style arcade action but looking great on modern consoles. I can imagine a lot of my pals will enjoy this, even the ones that aren't usually gamers.
  2. I've watched 5 episodes so far and it's been enjoyable, however talk of a 5 year plan just leaves the taste of sick in my mouth.
  3. Future Perfect all the way. From memory (it's been over 10 years since I've played them), it takes everything that was good about the second and amplified it. It was a staple for me and my pals to play on games nights.
  4. The memories!! When I was about 11 my mum bought me a C64 out of the local classifieds, and it came with over 100 (non pirated) games on cassette. Buried at the bottom of the box was one of those monstrosities. From memory it didn't work correctly, but maybe the 11 year old me just knew it was shite and got rid of it straight away.
  5. Vivo - a couple of people I know had told me this was excellent so settled down to watch it with my daughter. They were wrong. Awful film with some terrible voice work, cringey songs and some of the most annoying animated characters I've seen in a long time. Utter crap. 0 Skulls/5
  6. I used to think that the Megadrive pad was OK at the time, but as soon as the Snes came along it felt stodgy and far too plasticy. Going back to it now is horrendous.
  7. I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but for me the worst official controller is the original Megadrive one. Overly plasticy, unresponsive and a horrid D pad. The later 6 button pad is great but the original was a huge step backwards from what had gone before (despite it still looking cool).
  8. Based on this week's quests I've been rediscovering Burnout Paradise. I've had a love hate relationship with it over the years, but it really has aged well and looks amazing. I'm approaching it more like a Forza Horizon title rather than a traditional Burnout title and it's all the better for it.
  9. New to this but already hooked!! Think I got lucky with my first guess which helped me greatly. Wordle 204 4/6
  10. Thanks to this list I have been listening to that Turnstile album and it's very good. Surprised it flew under my radar as it's very much something I would have expected to have cropped up on my Spotify.
  11. 01 - Gary Numan - Intruder 02 - Weezer - Van Weezer 03 - John Grant - Boy From Michigan 04 - Poppy - Flux 05 - Kanga - You and I Will Never Die 06 - Zetra - From Within (EP) 07 - Machine Head - Burn My Eyes (Live in the Studio 2019) 08 - AFI - Bodies
  12. Game of the Year A1. Forza Horizon 5 - I played Forza Horizon 4 to death and the fifth entry into the series does not disappoint. A huge map with loads to see and do, and perfect to play for 15 mins or hours at a time. Mexico makes an amazing setting and the game let's you play it whatever way you chose, whether it be as a straight up arcade racer or just your own playground to powerslide, kangaroo hop or combo around till your heart is content. It's essentially started with all the extras and improvements that were added to FH4 over time and used that as a base point. I'm in no doubt this will be supported just as well and I look forward to seeing what will be added in the future to this already superb game. A2. It Takes Two - A late entry into my list as only started playing it this week with my daughter, but what a game!! A fantastic story (even though most of the forum seems to hate it!) with bags of character and more innovative Co op gameplay than I've seen for ages. One level of this has more imagination in it than the majority of 2021 releases. It's genuinely funny as well without resorting to lazy wacky humour and memes. A modern classic and a welcome return for couch Co op! A3. Echo Generation - The spirit of an 80's/90's adventure movie wrapped up in a more basic Final Fantasy type skin. Brilliant from start to finish and doesn't outstay it's welcome. Went in blind with this thanks to gamepass and was genuinely hooked from start to finish. A4. Mighty Goose - It's Metal Slug with a space exploring goose. Solid old school action and a nice surprise to find on Gamepass (see a theme here?) A5. Unpacking - This is sneaking in due to the new template and the fact I just played it over the last 2 days. A lovely wee game with a lot of emotion which is a miracle as there is no real plot to speak of. I'm sure everyone has their own interpretation of what every level represents but it was an experience which will stay with me for a while. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Monster Train (The Last Divinity DLC) - The DLC for this already amazing game made it even better. No game has claimed so many of my spare hours for a long time, and even a year later since original release I'm still playing it daily. B2. Streets of Rage 4 (Mr X Nightmare DLC) - I already think highly of this game, but the new survival mode, new characters and new moves meant just when I thought I was out... B3. Hades - my first time playing it (again thanks to Gamepass) and the perfect title to slot in a shot between nappy changes (as my daughter was born as it came out). Kept me sane in all the chaos. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Psychonauts 2 - against my better judgement I got sucked in by the hype (even though I don't rate the 1st one) and gave it a shot. Unfunny attempts at humour, a game that thinks it's some narrative masterpiece and some dull unintuitive gameplay (for when the game actually lets you control something). Not my idea of fun at all. Z2. The Artful Escape - Saw the hype. Tried it out but something really rubbed me up the wrong way about this game. Beyond basic gameplay and an annoying pretentious first year university style smugness stank up this poor excuse for a title. Z3. Back 4 Blood - It's Left 4 Dead! Except not. And shite. Sound Design of the Year S1. It Takes Two - some genuinely good voice work that doesn't make me want to reach for the skip button and a nice soundtrack. S2. Forza Horizon 5 - setting aside the lacklustre music choices on the soundtrack, every other audio aspect of this is superb. I'm no car nut but even I can appreciate the differences in the engine noises and the effort that has gone into this. S3. Echo Generation - loved the music in this. Evocative of the 90's but distinct in it's own right. Visual Design of the Year V1. It Takes Two - it's like a really good animated movie with a lovely visual style and bags of personality. V2. Forza Horizon 5 - Stunning landscapes and plenty of visual flair. V3. Echo Generation - Retro styled without looking crap. Too many games look sub Sega Master System these days, but this took the retro aesthetic but makes it look worthy of a game released in 2021. Writing of the Year W1. It Takes Two - I usually leave this category as game writing is almost universally terrible, but this is a heartwarming tale and has some genuine funny moments. Actually better than the majority of animated films in the last while! W2. Unpacking - Less is more. Wish more would take heed. W3. Format of the Year F1. Xbox - Gamepass continues to win the day for the format and it's an embarrassment of riches. More added to BC too means the Xbox Series X is genuinely one of the best machines I've ever owned. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Microsoft Skull Commander's Special 2021 Award Monster Train - Started playing this Christmas week 2020 and didn't slot it into my games of the year last year, but I've played this more than any other game this year and I'm still enjoying it. Almost perfect as a game and the DLC released this year gives it even more longevity. I love everything about this game and some days my Xbox went on only to play the daily challenge (followed by "just one more game"). *edit* it's allowed into the new template now, but leaving my original text.
  13. The start of this... Sounds suspiciously like the start of this :
  14. That's a solid month just for the 360 games if nothing else!
  15. Jay Rayner tweeted about his bemusement of Brewdog's Parma Violet beer, and Brewdog decided to try and spin it into a positive. I don't think they expected this to backfire quite like this.
  16. This is on ITV tonight for anyone hankering after a seasonal viewing.
  17. I spy Anchor Christmas Ale. I buy it every year and have two bottles of this years to try. I still have a couple of last years left over so will be interesting to compare.
  18. I know. To make matters worse I just literally moved away from Dyce! Not that it would have been that much an advantage as it's still a very long walk from the main road and not really staggerable for the way home. I just got an email this week to say that the Faith No More concert in Glasgow has been cancelled so I'm due money back for 3 tickets (that I hasn't asked my pals to pay up for yet) so that money will cover my beer tokens and more. I have a nice wee stash of Fierce beers at the moment and with this credit I am assured replenishment in the next few months while my partner is on maternity pay!
  19. I put in 100 pounds too. I also put in the previous two rounds as I think they are a fantastic brewery. It was amazing how fast they hit the target and are now almost at the stretch goal.
  20. I just do "Films" then a year. It gives you loads of thumbnails too. Alter the years for variety into the bargain.
  21. Apologies. I have no recollection of the audio cue at all. Must be getting old that my memory fades this much in 2 years!
  22. Any parts of games that change the properties of an energy bar for certain enemies. An energy bar should be a guage of how long it will take to beat an enemy. Don't refill it for no good reason or suddenly decide that the depiction of the bar that the player sees is actually a third of the actual bar. Bonus dick points if your normal powers or perks are nerfed.
  23. Not bad for a game I didn't play till December last year!
  24. Just got all of the roads discovered. Much easier than previous years (thankfully).
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