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  1. A solid month for sure. Will gladly take all these into my collection.
  2. I think the next "batch" will be added at the start of March.
  3. I haven't seen La Haine for years but need to rectify that soon. It was such a powerful film and made a huge impression the first time I watched it.
  4. About 6 hours in now and 43 percent done. Fantastic game that has totally drawn me in. It feels like a proper game where I am in control and not one of these sit for 10 mins and get to play for 30 second types that are all too common nowadays. I'm hoping the quality keeps up to this standard till the end.
  5. This game is so good! Finally got round to downloading it on Gamepass and it's the best of it's genre I've played since the gba Castlevania titles. After the lacklustre Indivisable this really hits the spot. Love the art style and graphics and it feels like a comfy pair of shoes in the best possible way.
  6. Nice to see more people feel the same about Dragonball FighterZ as I do. I usually love most fighting games, but just cannot enjoy this at all. The problem for me is that it never feels like I'm in control. What I do on the pad really doesn't seem to translate in the expected way to the screen and it feels more like the fighting equivalent of Dragon's Lair rather than the type of fighter I normally play.
  7. She was the best character behind Harley Quinn, the computer generated hyena and the egg sandwich.
  8. Birds of Prey yadda yadda Harley Quinn: Absolute shite. A weak script, terrible story and apart from Margot Robbie some truly poor performances. Fuck knows what Euan McGregor was attempting, but he came across like Elton John throwing a strop. 2 Skulls out of 5 (both for Margot Robbie)
  9. Parasite - An absolute masterpiece. I don't think I can fault this film. Great performances, amazing cinematography and not an ounce of flab. Deserves every award plus more. 5 Skulls Out of 5
  10. I actually downloaded this not knowing what it was, but on the above I don't think I will bother playing it. Sounds like my own personal hell!
  11. I'd say transformed is better than every Mario Kart except the original. I still hold Super Mario Kart in the highest regard. It just did so much right, from the time trials to the amazing battle mode.
  12. I'd love to see a return to the more restrained style of the Capcom vs Snk series. Easily the best "vs" games for me. I too like marvel vs Capcom but it's just too much. All this mega juggles and 100 hit combos isn't really my style of game.
  13. Ahh!! I was one of those people a couple of days ago myself!
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