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  1. Skull Commander

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    This looks awesome and I'm a total sucker for the setting but I still have Origins in my to play pile as it came with my console easier this year. I'm guessing the time I'm ready for this I will be able to pick it up for peanuts.
  2. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    From this year alone: Solo, Games Night, Tag, The Meg, Rampage. None of these were reviewed fantastically but none received the mauling that Venom has endured. For my money Venom was far more entertaining than any of the above. Edit: You can add Redcon:1 to that list as well which is easily one of the worst films I have seen this year yet ended up with 2/3 star reviews.
  3. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    I think a lot of critics do have an agenda. It's been shown time and time again in films videogames and music reviews that often a company will provide a sweetner for exclusive in exchange for a favourable review. I suspect that it happens more than with those that have been caught too. When it all boils down a review is a single opinion but personally I would always take the opinion of a pal or someone on here over a published review.
  4. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    This film is exactly a reason not to trust the critics. What's wrong with making up your own mind and not taking meta critic averages as gospel? Plus if this makes money then I'm sure somewhere along the line it will go towards another film getting a green light that wouldn't neccesarily have. Sometimes that film that gets green lighted will be shite or sometimes it will be a hidden gem.
  5. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    I'm actually not a comic book film fan. I will go and watch them but to be honest I'm pretty bored of them. If I didn't have an unlimited card and a bunch of pals who enjoy them I likely wouldn't bother going. Just fed up of people forcing opinions on stuff they haven't even seen. It is pretty suspicious how scathing the reviews have been for this film when I have seen a lot worse that has been reviewed better.
  6. Skull Commander

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    Correct. I remember being shot down in flames for saying this when I played Half Life 2 but clunky over explained Sci fi dialogue is NOT entertaining and your character ends up with all the charisma of a pissed on piece of toilet roll.
  7. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Are you a Disney plant or something?? Hud yer whisht.
  8. Skull Commander

    Forza Horizon 4 Photo Thread...

    My first couple of days of mucking around.
  9. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Just back from seeing Venom and although it's a flawed film, it's a lot of fun and NOWHERE as bad as the reviews would have you believe. Intentionally funny in places and it zips along at a fair pace with very little flab. 3 Skulls out of 5 for me.
  10. Skull Commander

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Nine hours is the time I have put into this over TWO nights. That never happens with games nowadays for me. Just superb.
  11. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    In my defence I have a cineworld card and go at least once a week so end up seeing most stuff. I wouldn't be spending 10 quid on it otherwise!
  12. Skull Commander

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I found the talky bits were short and didn't get in the way. That's with two seasons through so I assume it doesn't suddenly get more vocal.
  13. Skull Commander

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    This is going to be epic!! Booked for tomorrow night and fully prepared for a good laugh.
  14. Skull Commander

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Wow. Can't remember the last time I put on a game and time Melted! How on earth is it 9:40?!?! I'm having a lot of fun discovering scenic spots and racing. Too much time messing around taking pictures too! Also:
  15. Skull Commander

    Films that are good for the soul

    So I Married an Axe Murderer. That film always makes me smile

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