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  1. I thought I was imagining that. Utter buggers.
  2. I get Atomicrops is a low budget indie game but I don't think I can get over how ugly it is. Horrid looking game.
  3. Managed to squeeze past my record and get to level 33 on the weekly survival. I think I'm actually getting obsessed with this. It's just ace.
  4. The 8% health thing can really backfire on any stage like the boxing ring. The environmental hazards don't count for replenishing health, so if you get hit and then something else takes out a pile of enemies, then you can totally be on the back foot.
  5. Cheers!! I used Blaze and depended a lot on her alternative forward forward X attack. Essentially concentrated on getting that beefed up with lots of elemental perks. I usually take the perk that gives you 8 percent health of your damage inflicted but this time decided not to, so not too sure if that helped me a bit. I do think there was a degree of luck on the Boxing Ring stages, as a wrong move there can usually be costly.
  6. Managed to get to level 32 on the weekly survival challenge. More than happy with that given my previous high score was level 18.
  7. Oh yeah. Would have been handy if I had mentioned that! It is indeed the same. My scores are also shit but I seem to get slightly better with each shot, so I live in hope.
  8. If anyone wants to add me on Xbox then please feel free as my friends leaderboard is looking very sparse. I'm not fully addicted to survival mode and need some added motivation to do better!
  9. The diagonals on Smash TV are horrid. Seems to pot luck whether they work or not.
  10. A wee word of caution. Midway Classics wasn't showing free yet when I checked earlier (even though Rock of Ages Was), so don't go wildly clicking without checking first or you may be 15 quid down.
  11. Just had a go of survival with Max and it's just chaos!! Had fire and electric powers added to lots of his moves and was dishing out 140 hit combos like they were sweeties! Brilliant fun and the fact you can unlock alternative moves just makes it even better. Best value dlc ever.
  12. Just had a playthrough with Max. He is super fun to use and makes it really easy to rack up the stupidly high combos. Can't wait to dig into the survival mode tomorrow and try the other characters.
  13. My choice would be Brimstone from 1998 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brimstone_(TV_series) Loved it at the time and it was clearly meant for more. It looks quite low budget and of it's time now, but I really enjoyed it when channel 4 first picked it up. One other honourable mention would be Carnivale from 2003 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnivàle Slightly cheating with this one as it actually had two series, but was cruelly cancelled, never to be concluded.
  14. I'm annoyed that I don't have access to FH2 on the 360. I remember playing the free Fast And Furious edition on it and being impressed (which I think is the same engine).
  15. It still takes a good 15 mins or so before you can get the achievement. I always meant to try this game but never again. The absolute worst style aspiring to be cinema bloat.
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