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  1. Eh?? I understood these were 4 unique Cloudwater x minority brewed beers (albeit by Brewdog) that wouldn't be available seperately.
  2. The bottom line is that for me a lot of weaker beers just don't measure up. They lack in substance and body and that's the ones WITH alcohol. I would have happily tried this 4 pack if it was all alcoholic beers, but i'm never going to pay £2.50 for a can of no alcohol beer, and I feel there will be others who share that same opinion. If people want to buy and enjoy a no/low alcohol beer then that is great, but why not do them seperatly? Just feels like defeat from the jaws of victory.
  3. What isn't good is that one of the beers in the 4 pack (which retails for £10) is non alcoholic. Fuck that.
  4. I wonder if the Microsoft/Nintendo news (if it really exists) would be something about Rare made games/characters allowed back to Nintendo systems. I would guess that this would be one of the main reasons that we haven't seen a N64 mini.
  5. Punk IPA has changed for sure. Last year they were selling "Retro boxes" which were old branding that was short coded. I opened a new punk and an old punk and they were different. I took this (not very good) picture at the time and you can actually see the difference in the colour. The old one had much more flavour.
  6. ... To be frank it was a waste of time. The beer box was mediocre and the stream was unprofessional and pretty poor. I say this as a fan of Brewdog
  7. All ready for the Brewdog Virtual agm. Doing a video chat with pals at the same time. Not too sure what the scoop is with the running time but it starts at 5pm on Facebook and YouTube if anyone wants to watch it.
  8. The end of the "rewards month" is always flakey. All the new monthly quests will likely appear around 6ish tonight. Usually your daily logins etc aren't dependable on the last couple of days or so before the monthly switch over.
  9. My viewing slowed because I downed a shot everytime they mentioned the "Money Train", Vic put on his jacket or anyone kicked down a door. I'm still feeling rough!
  10. It's a great film. I remember seeing it as a child and it totally made an impact on the young me. I was pleased to see it on yesterday and had only missed the first 20 mins. A proper classic that I still enjoy.
  11. Well the good news is that The Shield is still on Prime. I wonder if there was some 11th hour negotiations to extend the period of time they can show it or something?
  12. That would be amazing as I only have the final season left to watch and didn't want to resort to "other means".
  13. I don't have any of three but interested in Hard Corps for sure. I think I played Dark Void back in the mists of time and didn't think much of it, but I havent heard of the other two.
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