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  1. Skull Commander

    Mayans MC - Sons of Anarchy spin-off

    If anyone cares this is on BBC2 and if you reach out to your remote control, the whole series is available to watch on I player.
  2. Skull Commander

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    No need to worry about me mincing my words. If I think something is shite then I will say so. This is brilliant though. A proper gamers game. Just pure fun and mayhem in a massive playground. I really cannot understand why it's reviewing the way it is. Are games journalists all filthy casuals now??
  3. Skull Commander

    Marvel Puzzle Quest - F2P Match 3 with Wolverine

    Anyone still playing and want to join the Rllmuk alliance? I still play everyday and the team has thinned out somewhat. Feel free to join!
  4. Skull Commander

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Finally got a shot on this. Its been downloaded courtesy of gamepass since Friday but I had work, a funeral and then my daughter over for the weekend so hadn't had a chance till now. First impressions are great. Lots of fun, and everything I liked about the first game amplified. A game that remembers it's a videogame! I look forward to putting more hours into this and having just finished Hellblade last month I feel this is the perfect antidote.
  5. Skull Commander

    Xbox One X

    Agree with this 100 percent. It's like night and day between the visual quality of 3 and 4.
  6. Skull Commander

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    Went to a 4DX showing with my daughter yesterday. We both feel the first is the stronger of the two. Less laughs overall and just didn't have the same charm as the first. Still good just not as good. I would agree that the Lego Batman film was stronger too.
  7. Skull Commander

    Good Cover Versions

    That Rage cover is beasting.
  8. Skull Commander

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I hate that so much. No point in having an indicator of how much health if its going to refill 5 times before the boss dies. Utter pish.
  9. Skull Commander

    Russian Doll - Netflix Groundhog Party

    Not really a fan here either. Got a little more interesting as it went on but was pretty smug and annoying for the most part.
  10. Skull Commander

    Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC.

    I'm very tempted too. Never played the two exclusive games and have got rid of my PS2 so can't play my Capcom collections that had stuff like Captain Commando on it.
  11. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Server Runtime Error

    Yas!! That King of the Fighters is ace.
  12. Skull Commander

    Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC.

    I notice this is just over 12 notes on xbox live this week. Was there ever a European physical version of this or was it download only??
  13. Skull Commander

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Finally got enough money to get a castle and got that last barn find!!
  14. Skull Commander

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Mine is letting me play everything but says I'm not on gold. This is all while I'm playing games I got with games with gold!
  15. Skull Commander

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    I'm guessing that season two will feature the PI trying to get a DNA sample from creapo but I won't be watching to find out. Felt too long as it was.

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