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  1. This is like a bad April fools joke. The Game Gear had a few decent games back when it was cutting edge but they haven't aged well. 4 games per colour?? What kind of bullshit is that??
  2. 89p on Xbox One at the moment
  3. After playing through and enjoying Dead Rising 3 I noticed that Dead Rising 4 was on Gamepass. All the reports made it sound like I wouldn't enjoy it but being that it's Gamepass I had nothing to lose by trying it. When I loaded it up I noticed that there was a Capcom Heroes mode and after looking up what this is I decided to play through this way. Effectively you play through the game and find arcade machines that let you change into various Capcom characters cosplay and gain their powers. There are loads of stars and treasures dotted about the levels to collect as well as costume focused challenges in addition to the normal cases to play. You can't pick up weapons at all as whatever costume you are wearing dictates your weapons. Each costume lasts for 5 mins but if you find another arcade machine you can reset the timer without resetting to Frank. This interesting spin turns the whole game into a kind of Dynasty Warriors with zombies and some added photography! Highlights so far include an M Bison outfit and a Cammy one (whilst just looking like Frank West in drag). A great mindless piece of entertainment which is just what I needed right now.
  4. Riverbond is due to leave Gamepass soon, so if fancy trying it, I'd make it a priority.
  5. I think the 50 pointer vanished for a bit end of last month too. It sometimes does that for a day or two.
  6. Stay Puft is awesome and the Imperial version is even better. Stay Puft with Irish Cream is a good shout too if you like the taste of Baileys.
  7. I actually was gifted a bottle of Bunnahabhain a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.
  8. Nah, Xbox One X. I can't say I have really noticed the soundtrack at all. Maybe that's an insult in itself!
  9. I'm playing through it with my daughter and while it's good basic fun, it really looks like shit. I get that it's meant to be like Minecraft but to my eyes it looks absolutely horrible. I wish there was a little more polish on the graphics and that the player characters stood out a little more in a packed screen.
  10. I really want this but I'm damned if I'm stumping up 35 note. I will wait till it's had a bit of a reduction. I've been avoiding all the spoilers on the friendships and extra stuff so it's all going to be a nice surprise to see. Tried out Spawn's last night and it's brilliant!
  11. Been up for a while on Xbox as well. About 15gb download or thereabouts.
  12. I'd love a bundle of the 3 EX games, all remastered and with loads of extras. Worth it for the amazing soundtracks alone!
  13. If you don't like it yet, then I'm afraid to say it isn't going to get much better. It has it's fans but I was much like you and saw it through till the end, and it really doesn't change much gameplay wise.
  14. I really wanted to like it but gave up. Played through the forest course then started the haunted house, but couldn't figure out what was going on with most of the holes. Seemed a little too crazy and don't get me started on those controls...
  15. I cannot overstate what an experience going to the arcade was from the 80's till approx the PlayStation era. You would walk in and be presented with scores of machines all bright, loud and battling for your attention. Some for single player right up to your Turtles/Simpson which supported 4 player. You would have simple machines along side big monsters like Hang On that had an actual tilting motorbike to sit on, Operation Wolf with it's mounted machine gun and even the humble Paperboy machine had a protruding BMX handlebar controller. Most of all you would see graphics beyond your wildest imaginations. I would play stuff on a C64 or at best have played an NES in the shop, but I was walking into the arcade and seeing the jumbo sprites of Final Fight, the almost cartoon quality (to my eyes at the time) graphics of the TMHT game, and the real FMV of Mad Dog Mcree. All this I was seeing was impossible and I could only dream of a time where the quality of what I was playing at home would match anything like this. As a kid of 11/12 in that era my tiny mind was absolutely blown away.
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