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  1. As a massive fan of the Sopranos I had been looking forward to this, but ultimately it was a bit of a mess. Young Tony was decent, but like pointed out earlier he didn't have much to work with. I'm just left with a feeling of disappointment and some unnecessary backstory, much like the Solo film.
  2. I always think he (the top guy!) looks like Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction
  3. I started playing this and while I like the flying around bits, the shooting just annoys me. Maybe it's not even the shooting but the dodging and shooting of incoming missiles.
  4. We noticed this early on and it got more annoying as time went on. Also brought to mind this:
  5. At it's core there is a fun game in there, however there is just too much messing about for me with all the "deeper" stuff which just turns me off it. Pity there isn't a mode just to strip it back to like Left 4 Dead.
  6. Max I will pay is 30 quid. If I could be guaranteed that it's the full version and there won't be extra dlc to burn me further down the line then I would increase that to 45. Having said that I don't remember the last time I spent over 35 quid on a game. I guess we would have to go back to the Xbox 360 days.
  7. Does anyone else occasionally get a wee glitch where the clouds seem pink and slightly glitchy looking? Happened a couple of times and backing out of the game to the main xbox screen and going back in seems to sort it out. Was getting slightly paranoid that my Series X is going to throw a wobbler, but all my other games are running perfectly.
  8. Another tick for Mighty Goose for me. I was initially put off with the whole wacky goose thing, but if you can get over that there is a good Metal Slug style shooter in there.
  9. Now I'm getting tempted. Didn't like it enough to buy at the crazy high initial asking price, but may buy this at this more reasonable tariff once I'm clear of my current games I'm playing.
  10. Does Avengers have a local 2 player? If so I may give it a try with my daughter.
  11. FFS. Having only looked at (what looks like) unimpressive screen shots for this, where is all that data being used? Is it a huge GTA style open sandbox world or something?
  12. I will take that! The newer titles look interesting, and although I own Castlevania HoD and have played Code Veronica (ages ago on Dreamcast) they are welcome. Also I note that's 2 years of horror themed games on the October offerings which can only be a good thing.
  13. Everyday you have 2 dailies. Log into the gamepass app and play a gamepass game. Resets around 6pm in the evening.
  14. That later date has come! I played through about 60 hours of Origins and finished the main part of the game so thought I'd use some of my rewards credit and treat myself to the ultimate version (or whatever they call it). Restarted the game playing as the female character (as had done a few hours of the free trail as the male) and I'm getting well into it. The frame rate improvements are amazing and the game looks mostly stunning. While not too different from Origins, that isn't an issue as it's such an amazing setting and I love the exploration. All my childhood Jason and the Argonauts/Clash of the Titans love has finally been presented in game form.
  15. It's utter shite! Like a ps1 Tony Hawks also ran from the 90s.
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