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  1. On Xbox live play for free if you are on gold for this weekend. I downloaded it but not feeling it at all. Distinctly worse than what has come before and wtf is the story with those half minute loading times?? Namco has really bit delivered for me this generation at all with their fighters.
  2. Hmm. I'm thinking I may give it a swerve. Sounds like she may perceive it as more of the same. Thanks for helping me out!
  3. I get they are similar, but the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U versions are all unique to each other. Is this the same levels etc as the Wii U version with extras or is it a whole new version? She will be disappointed if it's just a tarted up version of the Wii U one à la Mario Kart Switch, but has enjoyed the Gamecube and Wii U entries, so knows they are similar in that respect.
  4. Quick question if I may. Is this significantly different from the Wii U edition? My daughter still loves the Wii U version and I'm thinking of getting her the Switch one for Christmas. Is it an updated version or a completely new entry to the series? Thanks
  5. I couldn't disagree more with this. As someone who plays Forza Horizon 4 all the time it's still absolutely thriving. I just bought the Lego DLC and the Fozathons on there are always populated with plenty of players and the main game is always full too. Granted I don't have the Fortune Island stuff, but there is certainly not a lack of folk playing the main game. I love that they are still supporting this game a year over launch and there has been many nice wee updates at regular intervals with new free story modes like the Top Gear levels. The seasonal stuff and Forzathon challenges alone mean that there is always something each week to try your hand at. It's one of the few games that I have played constantly since launch.
  6. Gremlins- Watched the 4k remaster in the cinema last night. Still fantastic and still very funny in places. Only reason it's nae got a 5 is that I like the second better - 4 melted gremlin style Skulls out of 5
  8. We showed it to a film club of 12 and upwards and to be honest some scenes were touch and go with that crowd, and apart from the "sexy" scene I remember a couple of sweary bits too. Personally I wouldn't reccomend for a 5 year old.
  9. I agree with most of your post, but must take exception to this. Mk11 has tons to do offline. As well as the story mode (which is still one of the best of this gen), there is tons of ever changing Towers of Time, standard towers, Krypt mode and survival. With the exception of MK10 and Injustice 2, I don't think there is a more full experience available this gen for the single player.
  10. IP? I'm not a marketing man or a movie executive. I like films, and I like the first two Ghostbuster films. Right enough I didn't enjoy the 3rd movie from a couple of years back, but considering this film seems to be ignoring it's existence as well, then the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 is what it must be measured against, especially because of the blatent call backs in that trailer. For the record, as a child I LOVED The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and comic, but I wouldn't deem someone's opinion null and void if they didn't. Very strange logic indeed.
  11. I remember always wanting an NES and playing those demo units with the 20 games (or so) all selectable. The reality is my folks could have never afforded one, and I went the route of having the Atari 2600 (which I loved) to a 2nd hand C64 which my folks got my out the classifieds. Came with over 100 games and I remember my mother painstakingly typing up every title with her old typewriter as my sister matched the cassettes to the correct boxes!! I had a friend who was a huge Sega fan and his dad was pretty well off, so he always had everything as soon as it was out. I used to enjoy playing the Master System at his, but as soon as the Megadrive was released in the UK he bought one of those and sold his Master System onto me. Always one generation behind until the Snes came out, but in hindsight I do think the Master System had better games overall than the NES, even if Mario 3 is still one of the greatest games ever.
  12. The only person shitting the bed here is you. For what it's worth I found the visual hazy look of the trailer and the nostalgic feel lends itself to the Stranger Things comparisons as well as the obvious actor connection. This couldn't feel more detached from Ghostbusters if it tried and that's my issue.
  13. That trailer did nothing for me. I don't like Stranger Things so copying the feel and tone instantly put me off. Heard everyone excited about this today but my excitement has been well and truly quelled.
  14. A batch of films with my daughter over the weekend: The Littlest Reindeer - pretty standard kids fare, but at least it wasn't a Trojan horse for Corden or any shite pop music - 2.5 Skulls/5 Paddington - Lovely looking film but the plot was a bit by numbers and Nicole Kidman was a surprisingly flat baddie - 3 Skulls/5 Paddington 2 - Better than the first in every way. A fantastic piece of filmmaking with a superb cast - 5 Skulls/5 Your Name - Was really looking forward to this but fell a little flat for me. Superb animation, but the story was full of holes and a bit on the twee side. 3 Skulls/5
  15. Superb! Plus you don't have to endure the 10am rammy today!
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