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  1. I had a very dissapointing bug in this. I tired to play this on my One X in Dec (after the new consoles had launched) and it wasn't letting me go to the map, or registering any combos or events. I put it down to a glitch and went and played something else. Booted it up the other day to find it was still the same. Anyway the short of it is after much troubleshooting I had to delete and reload the whole game and it works again. Most annoying given I never experienced anything like this until it was made "forward compatible".
  2. Strangely I totally bounced off Slay the Spire when it was released but love Monster Train. I recently went back to STS to see if I like it anymore and it still isn't hooking me in. I really detest the art style and the whole "whimsical" feel of the game. Monster Train just feels more fully developed as a game and is just much more fun for my money. I also feel the tower defence elements give it more depth and strategy.
  3. I used my free month with Xbox and I feel like I've seen everything I want to. It would be different if there was a wee one in the house, but it's pretty light on variety.
  4. This game is so addictive. For me it's got the ultimate "one more shot" quality, and i can't even put my finger on why. I love experimenting with the different types of cards and seeing what All works best. The daily challenge is really good too.
  5. I didn't have a lot of gaming time over the past week or so, but been putting in most of my spare time on Monster Train, with a side of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2. Other than that been playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Alien Vs Predator on the Capcom Home Arcade.
  6. This really is ubfunny. Doesn't even feel like Brooker's work to me.
  7. I got one of these as a pressie and it's ace fun. Absolutely not worth the original asking price, but it is a very well built device and although the design is over the top, it actually works well in practice. One thing I will say is straight out of the box without the update it's shockingly bad with no dipswitches, less settings and sound lag. It isn't until you download the latest firmware that it comes into it's own. Quite astounding that it was originally released in such a shoddy state for the RRP.
  8. I posted about it yesterday in the Gamepass thread, but I agree it's a fantastic game. I have had little gaming time the past week, but this has been slotted in my spare half hours. It has the "one more go" factor and it just feels right. Would be amazing if they got this working with touch on the streaming app...
  9. Monster Train is really good. I'm finding myself quite addicted despite not fully understanding everything. Each run seems to let me understand a bit more though, and I keep getting a little further.
  10. Merry Christmas folks! Hope you all have a good day with plenty tucker!
  11. This is just a copy of what I originally had in the albums of the year thread: 1. Smashing Pumpkins: CYR - only out at the end of November, but Corgan had been drip feeding half the album since August. A synth based double album which is unmistakably Pumpkins in it's dna. Echos of New Order, The Cure as well compliment the atmosphere as well some pretty unexpected turns throughout the albums 20 tracks. A great album which I feel will open up even more over time, and a worthy addition to the Smashing Pumpkins body of work. Also features some of Corgan's finest vocal work in years.
  12. I just had a quick half hour on the demo and it's just like I remember. 100 percented the warehouse already and got over 50 percent of the warehouse 2. I have no trouble making the huge combos and feel if anything, it's easier and more forgiving that it was before. I need this game! I'm going to wait till after Friday to make sure no one gives me it for Christmas, and if not then will cash in some reward points to get it in the sale.
  13. I will give it a shot and see. I am worse at games now for sure than I would have been back when THPS first came out so will allow for some erosion of skill over time!
  14. That would be handy to get that email as I'm eyeing up Tony Hawks in the sale.
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