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  1. I tried the Snes version and it's beyond awful. The sprites are tiny and every enemy just seems to come straight for you like a homing missile. It's an absolute slog and this is from a connoisseur of mediocre beat em ups!
  2. Aye Terminator should be available for everyone today.
  3. I just have to finish the 3 weeks of bing searches and that's me
  4. Her fatality is good the first time you see it but it's infuriating when you have a losing run against her and have to watch the lengthy sequence again and again. As well as being really boring to fight against she is just a crap character. No charisma (kharisma?) and I think her design is very non memorable.
  5. After a lot more time playing the various modes, I think this is fantastic. I must have played for about 12 hours and don't feel like I have even scratched the surface. Finished the story mode and have mainly devoted time to the Krypt and Towers of Time. Still haven't played as all the characters due to trying to unlock stuff for certain ones. It's a shame they brought back Frost, as she was a shite character then and still is now. Would have much prefered Mileena, and Kronika (or whatever her name is) can do one. A shitty annoying character in every way and quite possibly the worst Mortal Kombat boss character of all time. Being back Motaro!
  6. Strangely thid game popped back into my mind the other day and I have been thinking about getting back into it. I remember it being really good fun and pure over the top car chase homages.
  7. What a film. Went in with high expectations and was not dissapointed. J.P. Is one of the finest actors of his generation and this makes a fine companion piece to his other recent work, "You were never really here". So much memorable scenes and the fantastic use of colour to create mood totally lept out at me. I really think all those that have criticised the film for the dangerous loner type thing have completely missed the point of the film (or are too scared of the grim message it delivers). It's a film for these times and never been more relevant.
  8. Krap! If forgot about the korrect spelling of krypt. I am on wireless and there was a couple of wee instances of lag when I played you but nothing game ruining. Managed to unlock Frost through story tonight so that's another character to add to my extensive"still to try" list.
  9. Second session on the game today and it's all clicked into place. Played a wee bit of the story mode which seems to be full of fan service so far and spent a lot of time on the Towers of Time and unlocked a heap if stuff. Also ventured onto the crypt and got more goodies. Can see me sinking a lot of time into making my own customised characters once I figure out the advantages and stuff. Online has been tried as well and it all seems good with minimal lag as well as plenty of modes. Nightwolf seems to be awesome (used to main him in the Deception days) and also quite enjoying Johnny Cage and his goofy moves!
  10. For me Tekken 7 is no where near as satisfying as TTT2, especially so in one player. I saw everything it had in one player mode in less than 48 hours. I'm not too sure what I'd suggest as an alternative. In terms of good one player modes the Mortal Kombat games always deliver tons of content and variety (well as much as you can in the fighting genre). If you want more like the style of Tekken then Virtua Fighter 5 (any version) is likely as good as you will get (even though it's knocking on a bit now). It has the ghost type opponents with different playstyles and still plays a good game.
  11. £22.99 at Monster Shop for the Xbox one version if you are not concerned about the extra gubbins: https://www.monster-shop.co.uk/product/mortal-kombat-11-xbox-one/
  12. I think I will be ready to give you some games online after another session. Maybe tomorrow?
  13. Had an hour or so on this for the first time last night. Some garbled first impressions: Firstly (after playing Mortal Kombat X extensively for the past while) I noticed that it feels more Injustice than Mortal Kombat. The characters have more of that feel and less heft to them. It's also a lot more colourful than the previous entry to the series. I haven't tried the story yet, but had a wee shot on the towers of time and the main arcade style towers. The Konsumables stuff was pretty much confusing and I couldn't be arsed messing about with it so just ignored it for the time being, but I can see there is "Kustomisation" much like Injustice 2. The boss woman is a major pain in the arse and that fight is not enjoyable in the slightest. Seems the easiest way to beat her is to spam short fast kombos over and over and weather her transformations. The fatalities have been simplified and there seems to be a standard uppercut brutality for all the characters I've tried so far, which is good as it means everyone has a chance of a finisher in casual play. The new cast seem a mixed bag from the rubbish boss woman, to the sand guy (who sounds like Gyros) who reminds me of the guy with the scythe in Soul Calibur 3. Nice to see Kabal and Baraka back in the fray, and I do enjoy Kano's uber aussie mannerisms ("Nice bit of tucker"). Overall from first hour it's not quite as good as I wanted it to be but I'm sure once i'm used to the tempo (compared to X), and get my head round the Konsumables and Kustomisations I will enjoy.
  14. For anyone considering the Premium Edition I can confirm that it does have Shao Khan as well as all the other content.
  15. I don't believe people actually want the three button pad. It was always a horrible monstrosity of a thing with one of the worst D-pads inflicted if it's time.
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