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  1. Is this some sort of monthly Microsoft office sweeper to see who can pick the worst games? This has to be one of the worst and given the lack of quality lately, that is saying something.
  2. That's 3 days in a row that my 50 points for any achievement hasn't worked. I'm used to it not playing ball every now or then but never this much. Anyone else having problems?
  3. At the risk of derailing the thread, I still don't really rate 3. I really want to love it, but it's like someone has taken a classic recipe but messed about with the quantity of the ingredients and added in a couple that don't even belong in the dish. As a result it's just a far inferior version of 2 that feels more like some rom hack rather than a bona fide entry into the series. Also for some reason the graphics always looked far worse in SOR3 and that's despite being on a more meaty cartridge. Lucky the 4th one has completely redeemed the series and it's totally up there for me. I have loved SOR2 since it was released so it's maybe unfair for me to compare the two games, but SOR4 was everything I wanted and more.
  4. I watched this all in a couple of days and really enjoyed it. I did feel like the last 2 episodes or so were a good bit weaker, but some really good ideas as a whole. I do fear that this could keep going and going and become a bit of a bore, but for now it's likable, enjoyable and good not too heavy entertainment.
  5. Really surprised there was no Wii U on the list. It's games easily puts it ahead of the 3DO and Jaguar at least, regardless of personal opinion.
  6. I would agree that it's too long. We watched it last night. My partner hated it, but I thought it was pretty amusing in places. The Eurovision medley bit in the mansion was utter cringe though. Glad it was a one off in the film, as I genuinely wouldn't have been able to take any more of that sub Mama Mia! style nonsense.
  7. Downloaded this (Soul Calibur 6) off Gamepass to give it a second chance and although I stand by some of my original criticisms, the character creator is great fun. There is a good game hiding in here but it's pretty much ruined with the triple attack of too much dlc, crazy amounts of loading and screeds of sub fan fiction story which is beyond dull. Some nice ideas in the game but you really have to wade through a lot of crap first. On the loading criticism, I went back to Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown which shows how it should be done. Less than 10 seconds from the end of each fight to the start of the next and it's no slouch in the graphics department either, despite knocking on a bit now.
  8. I really don't think a lot of it. I used to love the series but this particular version feels clunky, tired and doesn't play as well as most of the games that came before. Also the loading times are atrocious.
  9. I like Saints Row 2 for it's hark back to simpler times. It's more grounded than 3 or 4 and more like GTA with the fun turned way up. It has that janky experimental feel that was in a lot of earlier open world titles and although it's showing it's age I would rather play it than GTA 4 and 5.
  10. Dunk Lords looks like it may be fun. NBA Jam with violence maybe? Saints Row 2 is also good (although I have that already). The generic rally game is of no interest to me though and will stay undownloaded like the multitude of other identikit car games they have given away over the past year or so.
  11. The Lost Boys is one of my favorites. Endlessly rewatchable and very influencial on my tastes. Falling Down is also fantastic. Those two alone are a a amazing legacy to leave.
  12. See almost every Lego Game ever, if you want to 100 percent complete it.
  13. 100 percent this. Most powerful console ever and half the games looks like high def NES titles.
  14. I haven't tried any of this "Seltzer" stuff yet, but from what I've read it sounds like fancy hooch type alcopops. Is that accurate?
  15. A similar issue is with stuff like Mortal Kombat X, where I have the "game of the year" type version with all the extra dlc, but sometimes it will just boot the standard version. I'm guessing it sometimes ignores the disc and just goes straight to the gamepass version.
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