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  1. well, i have to say after softmodding the wii im playing it more than i ever did before! :angry:

    havent tried anyregionchanger, but i have starfall which plays imports fine. i hear wiisx is still unplayable last time i looked?

  2. had a good 4 hours play on the single player of this today (360 version) managed to do the first 2 campaigns, so i think people who are completing the game in 2hrs must simply be running through each mission or something and not properly playing it.

    it was great to finally see what happens after the demo ends! some fantastic set pieces in the campaigns ive completed, which of course i wont mention here! havent tried online multiplayer yet, will be doing that tonight, no doubt into the early hours.

    i love the whole "movie" style of the game, from the poster to the end credits that roll, telling you various stats from your mission. B)

  3. well, finally found something to spend my 500 yen on, left spare after buying GT5 prologue back in december, "the last guy"

    its certainly a very quirky little game, its pretty much been described perfectly in the earlier post, but i can confirm the language doesnt get in the way of playing this. the tutorial is in japanese, but its a simple game to pick up yourself, and the option menus are all in english anyway.

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