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  1. the fact you dont have to take otis' phone calls anymore!
  2. to be fair this game isnt too bad. once you get past the downgraded visuals its still fun to play, the new save system is so much better, and makes it a lot less frustrating than the 360 one. from what ive played so far, id say 6.9 is about right.
  3. well, i have to say after softmodding the wii im playing it more than i ever did before! havent tried anyregionchanger, but i have starfall which plays imports fine. i hear wiisx is still unplayable last time i looked?
  4. sega_kid


    That's it. Roma are gonna nick one. We've had too many misses
  5. sega_kid


    WTF? The ref started the half with two players missing?
  6. the hand cannons are great. Lovely and weighty. Just like the old Saturn virtua cop guns!
  7. I'm lovin this mother fucking game! Loved the Jason looking zombie who pops up near the start!
  8. That's ok then you can get killzone 2 LOL
  9. Just watched this. Fantastic! Quite brutal but it had me gripped from start to finish. I hope it gets the attention it deserves
  10. gah! i keep clicking on this thread when i see it near the top of the page hoping for a "demo is now on live!" post
  11. watched this tonight. The 3d effects were great! It had your typical jumpy moments but also some great gore scenes, and of course 3d boobies!
  12. GS sell 3rd party Xbox pads which are identical to the original S pad, bar the microsoft logo, for £9.99.
  13. fantastic film, i felt particulary sad at the autograph signing scene.
  14. absolutely cannot wait for this! any chance of the Daytona 2/scud race tracks putting in an appearance?
  15. its a shame people are being put off by these bugs, i havent had any problems with mine really, except the occasional delay in the wheels appearing on my car when in the garage!
  16. sega_kid

    Left 4 Dead

    had a good 4 hours play on the single player of this today (360 version) managed to do the first 2 campaigns, so i think people who are completing the game in 2hrs must simply be running through each mission or something and not properly playing it. it was great to finally see what happens after the demo ends! some fantastic set pieces in the campaigns ive completed, which of course i wont mention here! havent tried online multiplayer yet, will be doing that tonight, no doubt into the early hours. i love the whole "movie" style of the game, from the poster to the end credits that roll, telling you various stats from your mission. B)
  17. really, really enjoyed this, a very bleak british horror indeed, i thought it was kind of like a british Last house on the left...
  18. sega_kid

    Left 4 Dead

    downloading now, really looking forward to playing this after missing the boat with the early access. will be on tonight at some point!
  19. finally got round to watching zombie strippers. it was pretty bad, but it kept me entertained throughout. lots of tits and gore, and robert englund kept me interested
  20. watched Midnight meat train the other night, really really enjoyed it, was quite brutal in some scenes too. i was wary of the ending after hearing about it on here, but overall it seemed ok to me, not that ive read the short story.
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