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  1. I bought the same case too! anyone tried the new neo Geo Pocket emu on Dingux? seems to run pretty well to me, though the only game I ever played on the real thing was Sonic, anyone got any reccomendations for the better titles to try for it?
  2. Nope, not working for me under either emu, just hangs at the sega logo?
  3. I generally overclock mame at 384 however, I can't get mortal kombat to run either, so it could just be incompatible. It's all pretty much try it and see what happens to me, as there isn't exactly a wealth of info online on how to run the emus
  4. im running vista, but yeh i think they have to be zip files, im using roms from my mame collection and they seem to be working fine. Mame on dingux works fairly well, it can play stuff like TMNT and Sunset Riders, so im happy
  5. finally i can convert .zip to .fba! found this prog that does it all for you, rather than using command prompts which i could not get the hang of. FBA certainly seems quicker than the native emu on the games ive tried, and i can finally play Wrestlefest on my dingoo .zip to .fba converter
  6. I have this on DVD, it was stocked by Gamestation quite a few years ago didnt realise it was sought after now! i love it even though it is a bit strange compared to the other sonic animation.
  7. Actually, it appears my cps1 are zip files, yet the others are .cp2 and .mvs for the respective emus. Weird.
  8. nope. zip files work just fine! it plays neogeo aswell.
  9. I've given up on Fba for now, I simply cannot get the rom convertor to work, I'm more than happy with the cps1&2 emu on the standard os though, seems to play all the Roms I've tried just fine. Thanks for the advice on the micro sd card, I may well grab one with a adaptor now.
  10. Picked up one of these a couple of months ago, and must say it's a nice piece of kit, especially if you can find one under £60 all in, so does a micro sd card work ok in a mini sd adaptor? Hadn't thought of that as my 2gb card is full.
  11. damn, ive seen so many, and a lot have already been covered but heres a few suggestions- Naked Blood Bad Boy Bubby Robo Ninja check out Cinemageddon for many, many mental movies!
  12. So has anyone got one of these from ASDA yet? I have a BT home hub 2.0 so presumably this would increase the speed of my wi fi connection? I ask because in the evenings my connection slows some nights, especially when trying to watch Sky Player on the 360.
  13. sega_kid


    im using this one... http://www.lagerassassin.com/tvbank/6012.html
  14. so will this channel work on freesat?
  15. Yeh im hopeful my GF will find enough to keep her happy while i feed my arcade addiction! queing up for an 8 player Daytona race? i may well shed a tear of happyness
  16. thanks for the replies, looks like I will deffo be paying this place a visit then. Roll on 8 player daytona!
  17. Off to Florida at the end of the month, and have just come across this place on the net, which is in Downtown Disney. it pretty much sounds like what Segaworld at the trocadero used to be, except it also has a decent selection of retro arcade games too (at least according to wikipedia) add to that all machines are on freeplay, and this place is sounding really tempting, i'm surprised i've never even heard of it before, considering its been there for 11 years! it does all sound too good to be true, so has anyone from here been? DisneyQuest
  18. ahh fair enough, it was pretty dark in there, we might of even played on the same team! the one thing that did surprise me today was how much better the pc version looked to the 360 one... seemed quite a step up dont you think?
  19. nope, I was wearing a space invaders shirt, wasnt promised a goodie bag, and i certainly didnt get one either!
  20. Hey sounds like we were at the same event Elmo! Overall I was impressed with the game, though its not exactly worlds apart from the first one, which could be a good thing. got to nplay all 4 stages of "the parish" and yeh stage 4 is rock hard! though im sure with a good team I could of reached the helicopter. unlike Elmo I did get to use the axe, and can report that it was very satisfying hacking up the dead, wasnt a fan of the incendirary weapons trhough, this basically added fire to your gun, ie if you shot a zombie with your shotgun using this ammo they would catch fire, annoying as they would then run in to you and in turn set yourself on fire!
  21. yeh i could mostly be found on either Daytona or Track & Field!
  22. sega_kid

    Vidzone (PS3)

    spent hours on this the other night its great! as soon as widescreen support and more videos appear it will be even better
  23. yeh ive been lookin forward to vidzone since last years e3! im hoping for no pausing and buffering mid song!
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