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  1. it just looks really dated, with kinetic and move just around the corner...
  2. It's quite interesting, there are people out there who, aswell as modding the 360 to allow it do homebrew, are also modding it to be red ring proof, ie adding an extra fan and resoldering or using silver paste on the weak points. There seems to be quite a demand for them due to the modding available for modern warfare 2, so I doubt it will die out for quite a while, but the consoles will get less and less scarce.
  3. So not many people messing around with 360 homebrew then? ive just started and it seems pretty decent, Mame is good, but a bit out of date. Though the great thing is it doesnt lock up if you try a rom that doesnt work, unlike the wii and xbox versions. CPX3 is a nice little Capcom system 3 emu which runs the games well Xbox1 emulation is also supposed to be pretty good, using a hacked version of the compatibilty file. ive tried a handful of titles and they work fine. anyone else trying out any of the homebrew?
  4. I was about to mention Defendor too, a good film but very different to kick ass
  5. So am I the only one who enjoyed this? A nice dark, understated low budget horror, short on gore but an interesting film nonetheless
  6. Hi Guys, I have several of these codes if anyones interested? PM me for a code!
  7. Zone horror is probably my favourite freesat channel! But I do love crap horror films
  8. Just Downloaded and had a play with the 360 version, tarted up my arcade with themes and props, got about 4 achievements from it however I cant seem to buy any of the games, i can play the demos fine but if i press A to purchase nothing happens, is this bit also broken?
  9. Well, out of the "new trilogy" I can safely say this is my favourite, and I liked the other 2! Cast aside 2 particulary bad cgi effects and this is a very solid romero movie IMO. It's a shame it didn't get a proper cinema release, but I guess with reception land and diary got from the general public it was to be expected. Viewing it for a 2nd time I think the slightly slapstick scenes fit in quite well to break up the action, much like in dawn. Look out for the zombie postman, and the grenade scene, my 2 stand out comedy moments
  10. Just finished watching this... I liked it, different to what I expected, like you said the cgi effects are poor, which is a shame, that first zombie headshot really made my heart sink. Otherwise though a good little zombie film, mixed in with almost wild west elements. Gonna give it another watch tomorrow night
  11. So, its out on monday and im surprised to find its not "out there" yet... Whos going to be picking it up then?
  12. Damn shame, I grew up on his films. after I saw him in Crank 2 I hoped he may rekindle his career...
  13. sega_kid


    justice is served
  14. watched The Collector last night, it was a very good and gory little horror film, I probably otherwise would of overlooked, thanks for the heads up in this thread.
  15. Before you press a to start the race, music selection comes up in the top right hand of the screen, it looks like u can only select sonic music for sonic levels and jsrf for jsrf levels etc
  16. Yeh I may just go straight to yakuza 2 then, if the bc of 1 on the ps3 is that bad.
  17. Well, I tried the demo and really got into it, having never owned a ps2 this series completely passed me by, I've now rectified this by ordering 1&2 cheap online to play before this is out, however after Reading through earlier posts in this thread, do you think i'm better off just playing part 2? Even with the bit missing this is now a preorder for me
  18. Strange, I've had no framerate issues at all, I'm running in 720p could be a resolution issue maybe? Back to the game itself, some of the unlockable music tracks are great! Supersonic racing anyone?
  19. I'm finding some of the monkey ball tracks quite frustrating with the 90 degree turns!
  20. Got my 360 copy today, it's great! I can confirm the framerate issue has completely gone from what I've played so far
  21. Other than the slight frame rate issues, I'm loving the demo! Here's hoping the final versions frame rate really is solid, as for drifting, it does seem weird having to hold down both buttons, but only because I'm used to outrun
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