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  1. Absolutely loving this game. Its fantastic. Only had a few online races with random so far so ill be looking to add anyone that wants racing or leaderboard comparisons. Add me up! Sega k1d
  2. first impressions- wow! Pretty much what I had hoped it would be. Thank you Sega, more of this please! Bah off to work now but back on it tonight =)
  3. Its up!!! Yes I will get a couple of goes in before work! 228mb wow =)
  4. Trick R treat is pretty much perfect viewing for Halloween. It will definately be on my list this Halloween.
  5. I had no trouble seeing what's going on in classic sonic, I did find the modern one very fast, meaning I was running into enemies without seeing them first. Hopefully its something I can adjust too with more play.
  6. Wow, really enjoyed the demo it looks lovely, and plays well. It looks fantastic on a 3dtv, seeing green hill zone in 3d for the first time was a genuine "woah" moment for me =)
  7. I used to love the arcades at Paignton, good to see they are still going!
  8. sega_kid


    Just got back, it certainly wasnt half empty! there were empty seats scattered around the stadium, but it wasnt too bad really. an enjoyable game too.
  9. interesting article on arcades in the U.S - Arcade comeback
  10. Go to my club in community, then hit toggle, and enter rmuk
  11. wow! back when xbox live arcade was first announced many years ago this was the game i always wanted to get released. since then the model 2 and 3 emulators on pc have sufficed, but this could well be my GOTY. though i am still a little cautious, as its been 16yrs, and sega still havent managed a decent home conversion in all that time.
  12. Supermodel is great, playing Daytona 2 and scud race sat on my sofa is something I dreamed of many years ago!
  13. Ha thanks for the rep back! I'm impressed by the demo. Rivals mode is going to be a great addition to the game. The 14th can't come quick enough now =)
  14. the demo is "sailing the seas" for anyone that doesnt have it yet. it works fine on retail 360's apparently.
  15. sega_kid


    And the wobble is on =(
  16. Looking forward to seeing this one! im not going to Frightfest unfortunately so will see it on normal release.
  17. Now funland has closed down?? I last went to Namco Station a couple of years back, and it was pretty good. they have a Bar there too which is cool.
  18. One of my faves... and of course... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J890Tx1z_AA
  19. I went to florida last month on my honeymoon, and from what i saw the arcade scene over there is still going strong. DisneyQuest was nothing short of amazing- its basically just like Segaworld was in the Trocadero, but "disneyfied" ie it was about 5 or six floors full of arcade cabs, each level was themed ie racers, retro shooting etc and each level had one "big" attraction, stuff like a build your own virtual coaster and ride sim, bumper cars that shoot foam balls at each other and so on. it really was a carbon copy of Segaworld, except it was free to get in if you had one of the Disney passes, and every machine was freeplay, except for the ufo catchers and such. Even better, one whole floor was dedicated to retro, rows and rows of original cabs all fully working and clean all the big hitters i can think of were there. the other levels all consisted of current games, i finally got to play Sega Race Tv, which id hat yet to see in a arcade. We also went to place called Fun spot on international drive, kind of a low scale theme park with go kart tracks and water rides. they also had a arcade full of old cabs all on freeplay, stuff like the old house of the deads and time crisis games, aswell as various 90s beat em ups etc. 2 other places i didnt get to see were the King of Kong arcade at the airport, and Dave & Busters, which is basically a restaurant and arcade in one, im hoping to check these places out whenever i get to go over again.
  20. off to watch this tonight, ive got high hopes! im sure i'll like it either way though, i even enjoyed revenge of the fallen
  21. sega_kid


    My thoughts exactly
  22. sega_kid


    I hope Wenger has knocked the ref out in the tunnel! =/
  23. Im happy with Sonic 4 on windows phone
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