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  1. Picked this up this afternoon and have been having a great time on it with the other half, who doesn't normally play Mario games. We both loved it! Had a problem though on the first time we encountered a platform that required you to blow into the gamepad nothing happened. Ended up quitting the game and doing a mic test in settings, all was ok, went back into the game and it worked fine... Anyone else had this?

  2. Tesco direct are still isting the Day 1 Forza edition as available for order, but not sure how reliable they are. HMV stopped taking Day 1 edition orders in store last night and can't see any other of the main candidates taking orders online.

    Toys r us had the Forza day one bundle last time i checked. Trouble is both them and Tesco charge you the full amount straight away, no deposit. Haven't seen anywhere offering day one editions with a just a deposit

    Any other ideas beyond Tesco ?

  3. Picked up a wii u last week on a bit of a gadget whim, had time to properly play it over the weekend, and im really enjoying what ive seen so far. Netflix seems to work especially well, and it has the super hd option, which my 360 doesn't. Spent many happy hours on Lego city too, and im currently downloading need for speed. Haven't hardly touched zombiu yet, which is the game i thought id be playing the most!

  4. Gutted for everybody losing their jobs today, i spent 8+ yrs at GS as a store manager in various stores before leaving last year. I had some fantastic times there, and worked with some great people. We kind of all knew it would be the end when GAME bought Gamestation, but to be fair it took them a while to start bringing in all the changes. either way they have killed gamestation off. I truly didnt think it would kill GAME in the process though. very sad.

  5. Well I did that account swap trick mentioned earlier in the thread and am now happily using Netflix on my UK account, add to this the unblock us dbs settings and I have all the us content. I am a very happy man :-D

  6. I'm impressed with the new dash tbh, didn't realise the UK was getting free streaming music videos as part of the Zune sub, as its working for me. Looking forward to checking out the Xbox companion app for wp7 too when it decides to start working =/

  7. A great documentary, I was only a kid during the nasties error, but I remember it well. In fact its probably one of the reasons I became a horror fan in the first place! Tracking down any of these nasties in my teens was like searching for the holy grail. Its worth checking out the DVD boxset of this doc for those interested, as it contains trailers for every film on the list.

  8. Really, really enjoying this! As has been said the soundtrack is awesome, easily the best sonic game I've played for ages, so many neat touches and nods to old sonic games. The only thing that slightly lets it down is the wonky framerate in places. If you are a sonic fan, and don't like this, then to be honest no new sonic game is ever going to make you happy!

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