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  1. i dont get it people, its a decent mp3 player, decent emulator player, decent game console(with good future potential) decent for watching movies on the go, and a ok phone (ok, so it is a bit big, but its not TOO big) so why the hatred?

  2. Can we not say when things are just shit these days ??

    Its shit.

    The New BMW's look shit

    Leeds are shit.

    Baked beans are shit.

    Some things in life are just shit, its the way of the world.

    I mean its even being dropped in shops now, its just shit. 

    Yeah you are right, the Gamecube is pretty shit 

    now, this man speaketh the truth!

  3. ok, anybody here play this game on live?

    me and haribokart borrowed it a couple of weeks ago to find we were the only people on live playing it! had a few decent matches though, and ive just picked it up for the reasonable amount of 11.97 in GAME (i knew that damn voucher would come in handy) so, anyone up for a game?

  4. yep v.tennis is a gba port, tony hawks is very good- its basically the psx game, much better than any of the gba versions, sonicn is a gba port, pandemonium is another psx game- but it does look impressive graphics wise, monkey ball is a gba port, but i think theyve added another mini game(?) havent had a chance to play any others yet-

    ok in the box was a usb cable to link it to a pc, headphones, a cd with software(bluetooth only) orange sim card, 32meg card(it has nokia game on it, but u can delete it) and 2 other cables which i dunno what they do. its dead easy to transfer stuff to the n-gage, u just connect via usb and ur pc recognises it as a extra hard drive(as long as u have a mem card in it) and just drag and drop wot u want into it. theres plenty of software on the net that will convert any movie files to .rm so they are playable on n-gage too.

  5. yeh ive tried mame on my n-gage it runs the smaller games well like 1942, qbert, etc. ive read it supports about 1200 mame roms but some run very slowly at present although new updates are continuing to be released, so hopefully it will run the bigger games soon.

    btw the n-gage doesnt need an adaptor for headphones? :(

  6. ok, purely for GAMES the gba has a lot more going for it, but with all the other capabilities of the n-gage i think 129.99 is a fair price. and these are early days still, emu wise the n-gage is looking good- nes, gameboy, gameboy color, mame etc already available- its probably only a matter of time before someone releases a gba emu on n-gage.

  7. .... or get a n-gage! already comes with a memory card and usb cable... loads of stuff to download off the net, games, apps, emus, videos, music...

    did i mention its a phone and radio too? and unlike a gba it can handle decent 3d?

    :( come on, admit it... the n-gage aint all bad! ;)

  8. sega kid, i've been thinking about getting an n-gage for a while as an upgrade to my SPV anyway how big(MB) is a game(cracked)? as i'd like to know  what i can fit onto a 128MB card, i need around 30odd songs which is 60ish MB's so i'd have 64MB free what could i get on there?

    thanks also how big is the nes emu?

    well, im using a 64meg card, and ive got tony hawks, super monkey ball, tomb raider, virtua tennis, puzzle bobble, pandemonium, a couple of short video clips and a few mame/gbc roms all on it. tony hawks is by far the biggest in size at about 14megs, where as most others are between 6-9 each. im gonna get myself a nice 128 or 256 card so ill never need to change it! the emus in size are tiny and u just install them to the phone itself.

    hmm, its quite interesting how a lot of people here are now vigorously trying to defend the gba and its flaws- running scared? :(

  9. i didnt want to go for a contract tho, so 130 was fine by me. i dont think the design is TOO bad. has anyone here made a call on one? u dont ACTUALLY have to hold it to your head sideways, it works fine just holding it to your ear like u would a normal phone!

  10. well, picked myself up a ngage at the weekend after reading bits and bobs about it on various web pages, and i have to say i am very impressed by it! and at 129.99 from woolies a bargain! sure, it has its downsides- battery life & the way your supposed to answer a call, but, i think it has a lot going for it. it comes with a usb cable which makes downloading games, movies, apps and music a doddle. it has various emulators on it already-mame, gameboy color, nes to name a few, and while they arent 100% yet, it is early days for such a new machine! and of course, the "cracked" games, which enables u to put several full games on a memory card-which puts to an end the argument over having to change the card for every game. not to mention the ability to fit whole movies onto cards to watch on it.

    so overall, i say its a nice little machine and certainly not deserved of the bashing u lot give it on this forum! ;)

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