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  1. the one that always springs to mind for me is the last starfighter. i remember watching it when i was younger and it totally blew me away. its basically about a teenager who is really good at this space invaders style arcade game, who is suddenly enlisted to help a real war in space, all because of his gaming skills! i dont remember the plot too well as it was such a long time ago that i saw it, but i remember the friendly alien, who was his gunner i think? who i think looked like ben out of the fantastic four.

    another movie i can think of is freddys dead, when freddy puts on a nintendo powerglove, and chases a victim through a videogame, a basic platformer.

    brainscan- eddie furlong buys a videogame where you murder people but then it actually turns out to be real! i remember this because of the scary gamemaster monster dude who i think was played by the same monster out of little monsters?

  2. naked blood. thats the sickest ive seen for a while! wanna see a girl cut of her vagina lips with a knife and fork then eat em? then this is your movie...

    as someones already mentioned, anthropogus the beast also springs to mind for its pregnant women scene, as does island of death for chicken shagging(!)

    i found i spit on your grave disturbing for the many rape scenes. not nice

  3. mame is pretty cool, its a early version that supports the smaller games like 1942, airwolf, pacman to name just a few. the nes emu and gb/gc emu seem to support pretty much every game ive tried on it so far too.

    i notice on this thread that some people are actually beginning to ignore the whole "ngage is shit" bandwagon and actually try it out for themselves! good for you! im with rllmuk on this, it is fantastic to have all the games and mame on one system!

  4. to race your own cars online, just press left on the car selection screen, it will show up GARAGE instead of a car manufacturer. i highly recommend anybody with doubts to try the team battle and navigation modes online.-they are great fun!

  5. i think its fantastic online! a breath of fresh air after playing so much pgr2! sure it has its faults- laggy races, race finishing early when 1st crosses the line, and is it me or is it bloody hard to join an online session? but, like already said, racing your souped up cars online is great fun, and the navigation battle and team battle modes show that sega have put some thought into making it fun! so, for me its a worthy oppenant alongside pgr2.

  6. oh yeah nearly forgot.... ITS SEGA MONTH AT GAMESTATION! yup that means cheap sega games for all! eg, monkeyball (Gc) 12.99 otogi (xb) 19.99 rez (ps2) 14.99 to name a few! plus most sega pc titles for 2.99!

    oh, and did i mention free sega logos and ringtones?

  7. hmmm, i agree some games from sega recently havent been exceptional, but ive yet to see a CRAP sega game. for me, they are still my fave game company. i tried the sonic heroes demo, and it seemed fun to me, but ive yet to give it a full playtest. as for sega gt online, well, to start with it just looked plain ugly, but once i started tuning up my car and winning races it really came into its own (same as 2002) and with the addon of live, finally a sega game i will be spending many, many late nights on! although., i have to say the whole process of finding a race on live couldve been easier!

  8. sorry i've got DOAXBV and Beach Spikers. Unless it's better than Beach Spikers then count me out as i've got enough volleyball. Did enjoy Outlaw Golf though.

    never played beach spikers myself, but this is live, which gives it a good reason to buy. especially at £20 new!

  9. oh man, come on guys the gamecube is dying a slow and undignified death! at least sega had the balls to come out and tell everyone they were stopping the dreamcast, unlike nintendo, who think knocking out one or two first party games a year will keep it going! i work in a gameshop, and believe me the gulf between gc sales and xbox/ps2 is huge! its the same all over our town, hell, even our indy has stopped selling any new cube titles.

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