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  1. i hope the qd is a success, as although it has its flaws the n-gage is still a great machine in my opinion. i remember the chuckles i got at work from my mates when i showed it to em, but now after seeing what it can do, they all have one too now!

  2. i still dont understand the slagging most of you lot give the n-gage. i too used to hate it(probably swayed by the bias on this forum) sure at first impressions it does come across as a little crap, but once you get a feel for it and use it for a while it becomes a great little machine especially the emu and game side of things. it might be a bit big for a mobile, but it fits in my pocket fine and when i take a call on it, i can hear perfectly fine without "sidetalking like a taco" which you lot constantly prattle on about. from the pics on the official ngage site the qd certainly looks nice, and as long as mp3 is just a free download and the price is right, i will consider one, though it must be said im perfectly happy with the original.


  3. hi, im moving house at the weekend, so i will be needing to transfer my btyahoo broadband account to my new address. looking at the bt site, it says i need to cancel my account, wait 3 days, then reactivate it to my new address. however looking on btsucks.org there are horror stories of people going a month without broadband access after moving. has anyone here had experience of this?


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