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  1. QD Sucks!! The original is the best! There is no problem with the size or how you talk into it! Plus it actually comes with MP3 & Radio functions without the need to download software! You'll also find the buttons more spaced out an easier to press and a better interface! The menu's on the QD are seriously sh*t!

    these are the words of a scorned ngage owner! shouldve waited for the qd!

  2. also for those not feeling the NGAGE love you clearly haven't used one properly.

    amen to that! most people just dont get it do they? (unfortunately most are on this forum!) anyway, in reply to the earlier question of where to go for ngage stuff, try www.aivanet.com

  3. robot jox fans should also check out "arena" as its by the same people that did jox and crash and burn. they are kind of a cheap-ass trilogy!

    but i love em! also i remember seeing one a few years later called robot wars i think?

  4. i found bumfights bloody hilarious, if a little disturbing. bumfights 2 was a bit dissapointing as it was more fighting than funny homeless people. however part 3 is lookin better! trailer on www.bumfights.com

  5. Keep us updated on any advances in sound and pressing more than one button at a time

    yep, u can press more than one button at same time already. so the games are playable!

  6. well, dunno what the hell you lot are talkin about resolution wise, cos it looks great running on my ngage, even stretched to full screen. its now fully playable and has save states. and the button layout of the ngage easily gives it the edge over other versions. roll on sound!

  7. hi to all you n-gage haters, just thought id let you know that an early beta of a megadrive emu has been released for the n-gage. its called Picodrive and is available from mysymbian.com.

    its quite buggy, but most roms seem to run fine with no slowdown noticeable, however in this early stage there is no sound, and you cant seem to press 2 buttons at the same time. although obviously this will be fixed for the final release.

    so, does this make any of you a bit more interested in the ngage?

    no flaming please. :)

  8. my n-gage cost me 149.99, ive got 17 full n-gage games all of which were free off the net, and houndreds of java/sis games, again all free. mp3s and movies, and a mobile radio with web access to boot.

    no, the n-gage is not shit.

    and before someone says "jack of all trades , master of none" SHUT UP!

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