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  1. just watched i, robot and must say i really enjoyed it! its the usual summer blockbuster fare, big action scenes, heavy cgi, but i sat all the way through and didnt find it slow or boring at all.

    best scenes-

    in the tunnel where the truck load of robots try to take out will smith in his car

    the robot vs human standoff

    will smith's sneezing "sorry but im allergic to bullshit!"

  2. heh, just scoured my video collection, and what do i find? the video dead! nice cover btw. if i remember rightly, isnt this the one where a zombie puts someone in a washing machine to kill them?

  3. may i recomend undead, an excellent little australian zombie/sci fi flick! think braindead, but not as good. also, whos seen zombiethon? a lovely collection of clips from the more obscure zombie flicks!

    night of the creeps is among my faves too!

    oh, nearly forgot- the supernaturals nice little zombie soldiers flick. heck its even got the bloke out of casualty in it!

  4. just checked my emails to find bt yahoo have cut the costs of their broadband to 26.99 for 500k or 29.99 for 1meg!

    1meg here i come!

    hmm, but it also says from next year there will be a 30gig download limit, still shouldnt affect me as most movies are only about 700megs to download.

  5. well, i believe most stores are getting there copies today or tomorrow, so expect somewhere to go early on it! probably tomorrow knowing GAME1

  6. QD Sucks!! The original is the best! There is no problem with the size or how you talk into it! Plus it actually comes with MP3 & Radio functions without the need to download software! You'll also find the buttons more spaced out an easier to press and a better interface! The menu's on the QD are seriously sh*t!

    these are the words of a scorned ngage owner! shouldve waited for the qd!

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