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  1. yep, ive just re watched freddys dead -the one with roseanne barr, its shit, but i still like it! theres a nice death by videogame scene in it with the dude from road trip. im my opinion they are all good except part 2 and freddys dead, but hey, you gotta expect a couple of badduns. parts 4 & 5 totally rock though!

  2. dunno when this came out, but i was browsing virgin and came across the nightmare on elm street box set for only 19.99 wow what a bargain i thought! however i was still put off by the fact that it didnt include freddys dead, when, upon closer inspection, i noticed that part 6 is now in there! 20quid for all 6! SOLD

  3. so you can gush like a fanboy but noone else is allowed to post some sense?

    sorry, but i dont see the "sense" in saying the games sound utterly shit. the sense would be to ACTUALLY PLAY the games and THEN give your opinion like i have done.

    *also leaves*


    thankyou, come again!

  4. well, i checked out the ngage roadshow today, currently touring the uk at the moment and got the chance to play on upcoming ngage releases.

    ghost recon jungle storm- excellent 1st person shooter with 3d graphics the gba could only ever dream of. this really is the most technically impressive ngage title ive seen to date, and it was great fun in 8 player bluetooth!

    virtua cop- seems close to the saturn version, its fun to pick up and play, but im still baffled why sega chose to release it of all games on a handheld!

    pathway to glory-nokias attempt at a strategy war game looks very promising, i was handed a free demo so will play it more at home. bluetooth and ngage arena multiplayer

    pocket kingdom- segas big ngage title looks really really good, but i didnt have a bloomin clue how to play it and nor did the reps! apparently they only recieved it today!

    operation shadow- another excellent 3d shooter, bluetooth multiplayer was great fun, and you could even use vehicles like tanks, jeeps etc.

    the way nokia had their show setup was great, and a lot of interest was shown from the public, especially ghost recon, which i found hard to get on any of the 8 machines as they were nearly always in use!

  5. all ill say is the qd is a great little device, its a decent mobile phone that fits easy in my pocket, with the added benefit of playing many games and movie/music files etc. i always have it on me cos its a phone, so is always there when i have time for a quick blast on a game. which is a lot more than i can say for my poor old sp, left at home all the time with no one to love it.

  6. just watched mindhunters, and have to say what a cool film! i knew nothing about it so had no idea what the film was about which added to my enjoyment. basically its about a group of fbi agents who go to a deserted island on training to solve a fake murder. however.... da da da.. a real murder takes place and they have to hunt a real killer! its directed by renny harlin, and stars ll cool j , val kilmer, christian slater and johnny lee miller(with great fake accent). overall a nice mix of action, suspense and some gruesome death scenes done in a way similar to final destination, as in "someones about to die, but how?"


  7. illbleed was one of my favourite dreamcast games! i remember the excitement of playing it for the first time with its "heart attack" thing where the more your character gets scared the worse your heart condition gets. there was some truely twisted and gruseome enemys and i found it a joy to play due to my love of horror films. in fact i still have my u.s version of illbleed as i never sold it when i sold my dc. hmmm i feel the need to play this gem again...

    rest in piece Shinya Nishigaki

  8. early issues of xboxworld were GIVING AWAY laserdisc games on dvd with the mag! pretty sure they gave away mad dog mcree, space ace and dragons lair. and on the disc were traileres for loads of laserdisc games which have apparently been released on dvd?

  9. is super monaco gp emulated? i havent seen it also, who remembers this game, it was made by sega/bally midway i believe and was called galaxy something or something galaxy? it was a shooter which had fmv backgrounds if i remember correctly? damn i put alot of 20s into it in its day. any ideas? p.s its not galaxy force.

  10. thanks allyourbase, those settings work great! im not having any luck with the light gun games tho, ive got the berreta gun, it configures fine, but when u actually try and use it in a game, the screen just flashes when u take a shot, but you cant actually hit anything. any ideas?

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