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  1. I enjoy retro gaming on my crt, with decent RGB consoles, mostly Sega stuff but I enjoy PC Engine and Neo Geo too. I only buy what I want to actually play, wether it's games I had when I was younger, or stuff I missed out on before. I also enjoy emulators on the PC, mostly for arcade gaming, but I find it a happy medium being able to use emulation or the real deal. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, SeanR said:

    It looks like this though, right?



    Yes that's it, it's the stock one. If I can get the stock yellow white cable to work in that connection, but the RGB one gives the noise and tint, do you think it's just a duff cable? It was only a 12.99 eBay job 

  3. 54 minutes ago, kernow said:


    Oh, that could be a problem with one of the mods? Have you got a megadrive RGB cable you can try? 

    I have a megadrive 1 RGB scart, but it won't fit into the back of the AES, there are 2 slight indentations in the circle around the pins and it won't go? The standard yellow white cable that came with it works fine in the same connection though with no tint or noise 

  4. On 08/02/2019 at 06:50, kernow said:

    Let us know the serial when you get it, can advise on RGB stuffs 

    It's a NEO-AEC serial: 014610. It also has a few mods from a previous owner- s-video and red white yellow connectors added, along with what I understand to be a region switch. Although it has a unibios too? Thank you 

  5. Ok my Neo Geo has arrived! I currently only have Samurai Spirits 2 to play on it. I do have a question though- the picture looks fine through the standard composite cable that came in the box, but I did buy a RGB scart lead from ebay... However if I use the RGB scart I get a tinted yellow/green image, and a horrible buzzing sound. Have I bought a duff cable? I know the tv is fine with the scart sockets as I use other consoles with RGB scart via it... 

  6. Yeah - low power mode is ace coming home to find that massive DR3 patch had taken care of itself was a revelation !

    Great! yeh my DR3 patch was almost 50% done when I went to play it, what a brilliant little feature

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