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  1. well ive had a reply from sega europe, but of course it doesnt answer ANY of our concerns. :)

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Unfortunately I would not be able to confirm whether SEGA Amusements still supply machines to this park. You would need to contact SEGA Amusements as they deal with all queries regarding arcade machines.

    We are sorry that we are unable to assist you with this matter.

    Best regards,

    Gemma Cooper

    SEGA Customer Service


    Internet help line 09066 544 544 (premium rate)

    All other enquiries 08456 090 090 (local call rate)


    -----Original Message-----

    From: PAUL ASHFORD [mailto:paul.ashford5@btinternet.com]

    Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 9:21 PM

    To: info@segahelp.com

    Cc: paulw@sega.co.uk

    Subject: SEGA PARK Bournemouth

    Dear SEGA,

    i was just wondering if SEGA still have anything to do with the running of the SEGA PARK arcades in the uk, particulary the site in Bournemouth.

    i am asking because the place has recently began to go rather downhill in quality. not only have a lot of the good machines disappeared but the place is not a shadow of its former self, of the machines that are still there some are covered in cigarette burns while others are damaged and have not been shown the care and service they used too. also on the last few occasions i have visited, the members of staff on duty just seem to be stood around, and on one occasion smoking. the place is often quite dirty, but it only seems to be down to lack of care shown by the staff.

    but my main concern is the lack of a Outrun 2 machine, surely this is SEGA's biggest arcade hit of recent years? and for it not to be present at a SEGA branded arcade to me seems rather strange.

    I appreciate that the arcade business probably isnt as big as it was when the park opened 10-11 years ago, but in my mind and that of a lot of other sega fans posting on internet forums, this SEGA PARK is letting the good name of SEGA down!

    i hope you take time to read this email and give me a reply.

    yours faithfully

    Paul Ashford

    (a concerned sega fan!)

  2. hmm, i dunno i actually quite like most of andersons films, shopping was the first one i saw and it completly blew me away, very stylised and entertaining and i hear its just come out on dvd too. Event horizon was easily one of the scariest films ive watched in a cinema, and soldier was just big dumb fun. "im going to kill them all, sir" as for resi evil, i loved it too, sure its not much like the game but its good nonetheless.

    and now we have avp, apart from its slow start its a very entertaining film, not the "classic" that alien or predator fans probably would of hoped for, but still bloody good fun to watch. and i think as soon as you put a vs. in a title then of course its gonna loose its classy style. (see freddy vs jason, another mindless but excellent film imo)

  3. What game are you referring to that involves Michael Jackson?. All I remember was Moonwalker which I quite enjoyed, great music for a Master System title.

    it is the sega AS-1 simulator. basically you sit in this thing with about 5 other people and you are gunners on a spaceship being piloted by michael jackson! i remember that whoever got the highest score had the chance to land the spaceship on the runway. however it was always more fun to crash it as it was bumpier!


  4. Sadly, I never visited a Sega Park but the story illustrated is a very sad state of affairs, I agree with Rob that Sega should be contacted. Anyway, what theme park was it (in London I think) that had an Aliens ride where you were in a lift?. Was that a Sega Park?.

    yeh ive emailed sega europe and sega amusements europe, the segapark email address doesnt exist! not sounding good huh. if i get a reply from either ill post it here. the place with alien war was the trocadero centre, sega world was in the same building.

    now, this is what we need in bournemouth....


    though its got a lot of what sega world had... including that as-1 with michael jackson! yess! people still play on it! ;)

  5. ok, i must admit apart from the yawnsome opening the film is actually quite entertaining! sure its nowhere near alien quality, but i did get a kick out of watching that alien get its face sliced off by the predator(oh my god this "slicing" thing really is doing the rounds now- cube, ghost ship, 13 ghosts, resident evil, equilibrium spring to mind)

    and it certainly sounded like the audience enjoyed it too. gotta love them yanks.

    the rounds of applause after the fight scene were a bit over the top ;)

  6. at the end of the day, if the ngage really does die soon, at least ive still got myself a decent little s60 phone full of games and apps. to be honest, i cant see it dying in the near future, sure, the ds and psp are gonna wipe the floor with it technically, but its a phone! people could a qd and a psp/ds. for the price of a qd i think its a bargain.

  7. track and field on mame is the best in my opinion! if your running mame on an xbox, get 2 of those gamester arc ade sticks and change the controls to waggling the stick to run. absolute class! B)

    and yes, virtua athlete is pretty good on the dc, and you can probably pick it up dirt cheap too. though i reccomend a saturn with athlete kings. and maybe winter heat too.

  8. yeh, i forgot to mention i found the outrun 2 machine on the pier, believe me i put a fair few quids in it. and thats another thing, i remember me and my mates thinking that the pier arcade was crap, cos it had older machines and was dirty and chav filled compared to the then shiny sega park. and now look, it seems to actually offer a better selection of machines than sp! and with outrun2 who can argue? you sure that lease sign is for the sega park itself? i thought with the crappy new sweet shop just opened inside that it would still be staying open? mind you if it is closing, then were not losing much anymore....

  9. QUOTE (sega_kid @ Aug 12 2004, 10:04 PM)

    i maybe a prolific ngage fan, but i speaketh the truth. dont believe me? ask haribokart. the fact that we are really behind the machine has really helped us out. 

    Well there's your slip up, right there !

    heh heh, well i do work with him you know.

  10. yeah, im gonna do an email to sega europe and see what they have to say about it. and dont even get me started on the demise of sega world at the trocadero! mind you, i remember going there and having to pay just to get in, which i thought was a bit over the top, but heck inside it was a beutiful place! who remembers that as-1 simulator where michael jackson was your pilot? hah i bet thats not being used anywhere any more! :(

  11. a wonderful example from segapark's own messageboard- god i hope its someone having a joke. this cant be real can it?


    by Da Geezer Innit on 20/05/2004 at 22:58

    Innit..chuk out all crappy video games and bring in more of them wiked £5 slots pool tables darts and punching machines and dance machines also have a dress code of la coste caps, nike air trainers and trakkie bottoms with socks pulled over dem yeh bwoy dis would a wiked place to chill innit? Oh yeh kick out them smelly geeks dang some of dem need a good wosh ha ha

    Reply to this


    Other Replies:

    stupid limey fucknut!! by [no name] ( 353 )

    Re: stupid limey fucknut!! by break your fucking neck. ( 369 )

    Stupid Limey Fucknut! by Tha'Row $$$ ( 354 )

    Oh shit man you are one stupid mutherfucker! What sort of cocksucker would be dumb enough to throw video games out of a video game arcade? Thats right: A DUMB LIMEY BIAATCHH!!And what sort of freaky dress code is that huh, punk? Do you really walk around with your socks over your slacks? Oh geezuz, how wack is that?! :-/ You look like a fucked-up Tiger Woods ha ha ha!!! And I also heard from Murder Dawg! that UK kids be wearing hoods over baseball caps so you all look like penguins!! O_o. Damn man you need a '44 magnum slug boy...fast!! Tha'Row - You punks gotta know that I'm gonna wreck your show and kill you slow you stupid limey ho!!


  12. helped you out???


    well, we big it up to anyone who looks interested, and actually demo it where possible. virtually no one knows what it can do, ie movies, java, series 60 apps, mp3s, and the fact that it is actually a phone too!

  13. walking into SEGA PARK in bournemouth on tuesday was a horrible experience for me.

    i remember the very week it opened all those years ago, 8 player virtua racing, 8 player outrunners, virtua fighter machines everywhere, a wicked SEGA shop selling all sega games from master system to mega cd, and loads of SEGA merchandise from sticks of rock to cuddly sonics. wall to wall full of nice shiny arcade machines, 2 r360 units, mini bowling, a nice row of pinball machines, a burger king, a lovely sonic carpet throughout with big murals of sega characters painted everywhere, and nice friendly staff. i really was in my absolute heaven, ill never forget me and my mates queing outside excitedly looking at the large virtua racing sit down machines. this place was was IT for me!

    Fast Forward to tuesday 10th august 2004.

    from the outside, it looks about half the size, one side is now a casino, so i walk in, gone is the sonic carpet, gone are all the murals, in fact the first thing you see when you walk in is some shitty sweet shop taking up a lot of room. the main floor is now about half its original size, and most of the machines there arent nice and shiny like they used to be. even recent machines like tokyo cop and that horse racing thing are dirty and stained with fag burns. and the games are few and far between, where the 8 player machines used to be is now a crappy "sega casino" for over 18s only, a insult to the "family entertainment" slogan painted on the outside of the place, gone is the burger king, now just a shut off area completely empty. i walk up the steps to the second foor and its even worse. they have your usual 4 player daytona 2s and sega rally 2s and initial d's but not much else at all, of what they do have, its all shoved against the walls, leaving the middle of the floor empty except for a few shagged air hockey and pool tables. gone is the mini bowling lanes, in fact the whole 3rd floor is gone, closed off to the public. the fucking place hasnt even got OUTRUN 2, SEGA PARK without OUTRUN 2 WTF! all in all its now a very dingy and sad little place, over run with little chavs playing pool while the chavettes play on the dance games. and special mention to the "staff" chavs themselves, lent up against a gambling machine SMOKING for christ sake, while 2 others wander around with their hands in their pockets lookin incredibaly bored, and not one of em looking over 16.

    now, i call myself a sega fan, but that place which used to be my heaven now just plain disgusts me! how sega can give their name to it is a disgrace! surely they dont still run this shithole? if they dont, they should get their name removed immediately, and if they do, they need to pull their fingers out immediatley and employ proper staff and sort it! for an insight into the pricks that run and inhabit this place now check out the messageboards over at www.segapark.com i dont know wether to laugh or cry! anyhow, who else lives near a SEGAPARK? has yours gone down the shitter? if so, i think SEGA need to know! :rolleyes:

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