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  1. picked up a movie from blockbuster yesterday called "the locals" from the cover it looks like a rip off of "wrong turn" 2 guys get lost in the middle of nowhere and meet some hillbilly types etc etc. however after watching it, i was amazed at how clever and entertaining it actually was! i cant really go into detail as i wouldnt want to give anything away, all i can say is... go rent it!

  2. yeh the game looks nice, and if its half as good as the original, then it will be worth playing, its definately out tomorrow btw, and if you preordered it from gamestation youd be getting a lovely headhunter t-shirt too. one of which im wearing now :)

  3. He was completely inebriated.

    And you found the exploitation of people less fortunate than yourself entertaining?

    Different strokes for different twats...

    like i said, its certainly not right, but entertaining? yes!

    and rufus is doing bumfights 3, so he couldnt of thought he was treated that bad :(

  4. everything is just sounding too good to be true to me. im a die hard sega fan and have had to put up with some major disappointments from them in the past. anyone remember the saturn version of sega touring car???

    still breaks my heart to this day <_<

  5. i thought the start of finding nemo was pretty strong for a kids film, as for when i was a kid, i have to agree with neverending story, short circuit 2 and transformers the movie. but i also remember being disturbed by a scene from disney's the fox and the hound. cant remeber what it was, but im sure if someone else here knows itll bring back nightmares for me! :ph34r:

  6. yeh i agree it could work (and from what your saying obviously does) unfortunately the bowling alley in my town is a bit cack, housing only a handful of machines, such greats as virtua striker1, point blank and radical bikers :unsure:

  7. I don't think I'd be one of the (fictional) customers saying "oh no I want to go in there but it's a bit warm so I won't bother" I'd even put up with a more intense stench if it saved me more money to do so.

    believe me, it happens. :unsure:

  8. this does look totally amazing. from the first preview in edge ages ago it looked like a game i needed to own.

    but i do agree that its gonna get lost among the bigger titles. hope not though!

  9. i think this "leisure exchange" needs a right kick up the arse! their email address doesnt work, their website for segapark is hideously out of date and the messageboard is full of dickheads swearing at each other, they seem to of let all there venues go to shit(its sad to hear not even brighton has a bloody outrun 2 machine!) worst of all they are letting the name of SEGA down. and they still charge a quid a go on machines as ancient as daytona and virtua striker 2.

    has anyone seen a decent SEGA PARK lately? surely there must be at least one out there? :(

  10. Oh cunt, I thought you were Sega Kid. 

    what the fuuuck??

    Lol, I was thinking of applying for a job there but you've kind of put me off it now.

    dont be put off by others, GS is a cool place to work. go see for yourself B)

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