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  1. ok, been playin outrun2 on live! its bloody great fun, had 6 in a race, however the slowdown on the first "big powerslide" corner is pretty bad. especially when everyone is powersliding! but, it does seem to be JUST that corner. so no great loss.

  2. The scene where Kate Ashfield's Dad fucks her in Tim Roth's 'The War Zone'.

    "Why do you always do it from behind?"

    dude that is fucking wrong!

    i know what ya mean tho :(

    For titillation, I quite liked Revenge of the Nerds, when all the nerds put secret cameras in the girl's dorms and showers. Aces.

    "bush! we have bush!" :D

    my stand out moment from my teen years tho has to be the naked dance on the tombstone in return of the living dead. i just wasnt expecting that in a zombie film!

  3. great great game once u actually bloody get one. the lobby system just seems a bit screwed, u get kicked after a race while your stats are uploading, or just waiting in the lobby. and whats with the cant race 50/60hz together??? going back to the dreamcast days now! come on EA!

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