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  1. ok, been playin outrun2 on live! its bloody great fun, had 6 in a race, however the slowdown on the first "big powerslide" corner is pretty bad. especially when everyone is powersliding! but, it does seem to be JUST that corner. so no great loss.
  2. got my hands on a retail copy today. absolute bliss!
  3. sheesh, the GT series has completely lost it IMO. and this news of no online play puts the final nail in the coffin. the Forza Motorsport team must be laughing their asses of right now.
  4. sega_kid


    yeh, i fuckin loved that movie!, the little clumsy guy was well funny. but yeh, it did lose it towards the end.
  5. ive just watched the maven release too, good quality yeh! well, i have to say i enjoyed it, and i thought the nemesis zombie was actually well done. and jill valentine was pretty foxy i thought. and at least it had a scene where the zombies rose from their graves. hooray! at last! proper zombies!
  6. ps2 exclusive??? noooo! get sumo to do a xbox port!
  7. i can vouch for these signs. my sega one looks lovely! i didnt like the idea of wiring on a plug tho, so i got a cheap convertor. its a little cheeky tho that wasnt mentioned when ordering.
  8. bah! no live! play. still looks good tho, but think ill stick with flatout.
  9. The scene where Kate Ashfield's Dad fucks her in Tim Roth's 'The War Zone'. "Why do you always do it from behind?" For titillation, I quite liked Revenge of the Nerds, when all the nerds put secret cameras in the girl's dorms and showers. Aces.
  10. absolutely hilarious film! 2 stand out scenes for me were the cheerleader bit near the start, and the bloke with his dog at the car wash! vince vaughn is fantastic imo
  11. ea were probably too scared to stick it on the xbox version. they know full well there are much much better xbox racers!
  12. p.s it comes with a chain, so you can hang it up on your wall. and ive just found a cheap converter on ebay. check the pics earlier in the thread from ebay. thats exactly how they look.
  13. have namco ever released an ORIGINAL arcade game? i dont think so. sega created arcade racers, namco followed. sega created 3d arcade fighters, namco followed. sega created arcade shooters, namco followed. get the picture?
  14. hey, mine arrived today, ive got the sega logo one. it looks very nice, but im gonna need a stepdown converter thingy as its a 2 pin plug, as stated earlier in the thread. anyone know where to pick one up cheap? dixons have em for 24.99 but im positive i can find cheaper!
  15. sega_kid

    Burnout 3

    great great game once u actually bloody get one. the lobby system just seems a bit screwed, u get kicked after a race while your stats are uploading, or just waiting in the lobby. and whats with the cant race 50/60hz together??? going back to the dreamcast days now! come on EA!
  16. hmmm, i had someone in one of my online races driving the f50! how the hell do you do that?? he had no mic, so couldnt ask him. his gamertag was raiden, or something similar.
  17. hey, have u checked out the moonwalking bloke with the chequered flag! just sit on the start line.
  18. its down for october 1st at gamestation too.
  19. sega_kid

    Outrun 2

    this demo is THE sex. had some great races tonight, hope to meet up with rllmukers soon!
  20. this game is just the best. getting the demo from GAME today was the greatest surprise ever! ive had some wicked races tonight on live! god bless sega!
  21. yeh it certainly looks and sounds nice. but you can just tell its gonna fail. shame tho, id be tempted if it was 99quid
  22. ive just ordered that sega one. it says postage is only 2.50 tho? mmm itll look nice next to my tv when im playing outrun 2 in october!
  23. hey those signs look sweet! how big are they? and do they just like plug into a normal wall socket or do you need batteries? cheers
  24. my god that video is amazing! i cant wait to burn it up around that daytona2 course! but, is it really minimum 4 players on live! as thyats what it says on the sega europe website?
  25. this "minimum 4 players on xbox live" thing, is that for real??? finding 3 other people could prove a pain...
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