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  1. the ngage certainly isnt dead yet! in fact it must be going through its strongest sales yet! certainly in our store anyway. all gamestations stock qds, as do choices, woolies and of course nokia shops. there are some good new releases at the moment, fifa2005, asphalt, pocket kingdom to name just a few. and £99 with 2 games is a bargain!

  2. ok, i recently watched the above mentioned film, starring david spade, and while it was distinctly average with some funny bits, what took me by surprise was the song which is shown in the final credits and in the dvd extras. basically its a whole group of REAL former child stars singing a song about themselves. amongst them are people from brady bunch, saved by the bell etc etc but it was the sight of corey haim that shocked me! damn is he fat now! now i read he went to drugs a while back, but damn has he let himself go! anyone else notice this?

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