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  1. the ngage certainly isnt dead yet! in fact it must be going through its strongest sales yet! certainly in our store anyway. all gamestations stock qds, as do choices, woolies and of course nokia shops. there are some good new releases at the moment, fifa2005, asphalt, pocket kingdom to name just a few. and £99 with 2 games is a bargain!
  2. well in our shop, we have nearly half the amount of copies of halo2 compared to what we got for gta sa. stupid microsoft! we will sell out by fri for sure. it will def get number one for at least a week tho.
  3. go for the ngage! like ive said many times, its a cool little machine. the qd is nicer, but unreliable ive had 2 go faulty on me now.
  4. cool! hopefully we'll see em in our place soon then! ive heard that we will prob be stocking gizmondo but nothing was ever mentioned of gp32
  5. i work for gs and we certainly dont sell em in our store, nor has it been mentioned on email. u sure it wasnt just a traded in one?
  6. corey haim and corey feldman can be seen singing a song parodying themselves in the end credits of dickie roberts:former child star. haim is well fat now!
  7. u mean that cool rap at the end? yep i loved that too, especially the lead to it from the end of the movie army general- "who the hell are you guys?" kid- "we're the monster squad!"
  8. head office arent that bad! ive worked in gs for nearly 2 years and enjoy it alot.
  9. 9.99? RACING? LIVE? SOLD! seriously though, ford racing 2 was spot on! especially for a budget release!
  10. dammit. i thought it looked kinda fun! but without tits whats the point?
  11. drop WATCHDOG an email. it would be hilarious! while your at it, mention EA's shitty servers and the threat of cutting them off when a newer title is released. GO FOR THE BALLS!
  12. im a total noob to xbconnect but had some good games last night! i can never seem to find any of you lot tho. my tag is sega_kid
  13. ill be up for some flat out on live. now that should be alot of fun! move over burnout!
  14. yep, just watched it from suprnova. bloody hilariouis. that musical!! i was almost pissing myself!
  15. ebay listing!!!! £30???? what a prick.
  16. hey so if a lot of people are gettin the leaked copy why not bring the "halo2 meet" forward? then honest rllmukers would get a look in before november 11th!
  17. SPOILER: heres another code BIRTHDAY
  18. sega_kid

    Fifa 2005

    yep first FIFA game ive bought since the megadrive original! and i am very impressed with it. live play is very enjoyable.
  19. like i said before, im well pleased with my sega sign. just bear in mind you have to wire a plug too it.
  20. ok, i recently watched the above mentioned film, starring david spade, and while it was distinctly average with some funny bits, what took me by surprise was the song which is shown in the final credits and in the dvd extras. basically its a whole group of REAL former child stars singing a song about themselves. amongst them are people from brady bunch, saved by the bell etc etc but it was the sight of corey haim that shocked me! damn is he fat now! now i read he went to drugs a while back, but damn has he let himself go! anyone else notice this?
  21. yeh, i never got the "sega scream" either when i unlocked the original outrun. and yes it does seem like a shitty version compared to the mame rom?
  22. i had a bash on the monkey ball game. it was a good laugh. quite close to the original too.
  23. ok, been playin outrun2 on live! its bloody great fun, had 6 in a race, however the slowdown on the first "big powerslide" corner is pretty bad. especially when everyone is powersliding! but, it does seem to be JUST that corner. so no great loss.
  24. got my hands on a retail copy today. absolute bliss!
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