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  1. i own them both, and they are both good games, tho as others have said you need to put a little bit of time into sonic learning the moves before it pays off. where as excite truck is great from the start. i say you'll be happy with which ever one you pick.
  2. will be great to see a new big budget hellraiser! it will be interesting to see if doug bradley returns as pinhead too, after so many dodgy sequels!
  3. if i were EA... id jump on the xbox live arcade bandwagon and release road rash, with full online multiplayer support!
  4. lookin forward to this one, as i enjoyed the first issue! havent seen it in gs yet tho
  5. it closed around the end of 1999. ive never been there since. if the reports are like this one below, then i dont think i want too! i miss sega world trocadero article
  6. its one of my favourite horror films, a definate must see!
  7. yeh i used to read fear, but it always seemed second best to darkside magazine.
  8. mashed or mashed fully loaded THE best multiplayer game on xbox!
  9. car boot listing any help?
  10. transcode 360 is a great little program. works great for me, the first version was a little choppy on bigger files but the 2nd version has been fine so far. i still use this, even tho i also have a modded xbox hooked up too. so i would say, no its not totally redundant! for a start the xbox cant handle high def files, where as the 360 can. so thats the main reason i have both.
  11. sega_kid


    current stuff- outrun 2sp overall- daytona usa!
  12. well, i really enjoyed it, and found it to be both dark and disturbing. i had no idea on the hype for this film before i watched it, so was not expecting the fairly graphic gore scenes, especially after so much t&a at the start! the eye scene stands out the most to me, and also the scene in the toilet at the end. both gruesome!
  13. anyone know if it will work on the 360 yet? does the games tm review mention it?
  14. 1 and 2 are great. 3 was a bit crap, but it had a young leo in for novelty value. 4 was ok, and had some returning characters from the first 2 in, which was interesting. if your a fan of b movies, then definately go for it!
  15. the game is a lot of fun. and i think worthy of £50! its imho the most fun ive had on xbox live on the 360. and career mode is gettin pretty intense too, im stuck on the level where you only have one life, its a nightmare! the frame rate doesnt bother me at all, the occasinal slowdown is just a minor niggle. interestlingly it says over on gamefaqs that if you play the game in 4:3 in non high def, it runs silky smooth. so maybe its the xbox 360 that is struggling to keep up and not the game?
  16. well, im really starting to enjoy this demo now. initially i was dissapointed, but after some repeated play its really growing on me. im certainly interested in the final game when its out next week. while the graphics arent jaw dropingly stunning, they are still good, and im sorry, but it doesnt look like an old xbox game! thats just silly talk.
  17. watched evil aliens the other night- great low budget gore fest-and emily booth is in it too!
  18. i was in music zone today (old mvc) they had a whole shelf full of these games, pretty much all the ones mentioned here i think, and 14.99
  19. marble blast is like £6 though. how much does Kula go for nowadays? i'll stick with marble blast methinks
  20. i still stand by this game. i really enjoyed it!
  21. ive always wanted to visit that store, just out of morbid curiosity. but yeah, if we start seeing dirt cheap gizmondos, i could be tempted. i noticed today they are not in the new argos catalogue...
  22. apparently its in today's financial times, i saw it online at www.gizmondoforums.com that forum makes for quite sad reading.
  23. its a shame, the machine specs dont seem half bad...
  24. well, these guys have actually PLAYED coast to coast on a XBOX. so, surely thats confirmed then???? i am so happy!!! sonic stadium
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