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  1. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    ...and it works perfectly! wow Time Crisis 4 just became even closer to the arcade version
  2. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    bloody hell what an idea! im gonna try this now!...
  3. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    the singstar mics DEFINATELY work on ps3 rockband, ive been happily using mine without any problems!
  4. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    ok ive superglued the drum back on, and it seems to be holding ok! thank god the wire didnt snap. im a little reluctant to bang the red drum a little too hard, so i think im gonna get a piece of metal to glue underneath the connection to it. all in all im just rellieved it still works. was a very heavy night indeed around a mate's , hence the place looking like it had been robbed!
  5. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! feel my pain! too much vodka last night and i end up falling on to my drums...
  6. much better than expected, and i quite liked the theme tune too!
  7. well, im happy keeping and buying hd dvds, but certainly do not class myself as stubborn or idiotic! there are too many great films on hd dvd to simply just stop and give up because blu ray has won. my 360 hd dvd drive will quite happily sit alongside my 360 and ps3 for the forseeable future, and even if it was to break down, i really dont think sourcing a cheap replacement would be a issue.
  8. meh its all just rumours still though. i for one WONT be selling my hd dvd collection, as i have some great titles that arent available on blu ray (yet) it will be sad though if hd dvd does go, as the region free was its killer app for me. still cant complain too much as i have a ps3 too for blu ray
  9. havent tried the iplayer myself yet, but i would say www.tvcatchup.com is a great way to watch tv online anytime. again i think its uk only though, but it covers all the free to air channels. and as mentioned in the ps3 thread... it works on the ps3!
  10. sega_kid

    Rock Band!

    played this for the first time last night with 3 of us while drunk. the game completely comes into its own with a drunken crowd baying for a go! how we didnt get told to shut the hell up by our neighbours is a mystery though!
  11. is everyday shooter really that good? even for someone who hates geometry wars?
  12. noticed this was coming back the other day! cant wait
  13. the stand alone camera was released today.
  14. oh man, i had that tune in my head while reading this thread! just needs the "awaiting your entry" voice over! my biggest memory of virtua racing has to be patiently waiting outside segaworld in bournemouth on its first weekend of opening. looking through the glass and seeing the big arcade cabs aswell as the linked 8 player ones of virtua racing. back in the good old days eh
  15. another vote for FIDO here, and Cemetary Man, a fantastic zombie movie!
  16. gamestation still sell new hd drives at £99
  17. yeh i have outrun 2 too. true that looks a little better but i've never seen coast to coast lookin this good and without the slowdown its win win! yeh i have outrun 2 too. true that looks a little better but i've never seen coast to coast lookin this good and without the slowdown its win win!
  18. coast to coast looked fantastic to me on my LCD, soo much better than on the xbox. happy times indeed!
  19. absolutely love this game, but is there really no option for split screen on live? ie 2 accounts on one xbox? im pulling my hair out trying to do it.
  20. as a current 360 owner, i am quite tempted by the elite. the larger hard drive, i hope will be of use for when the video downloads finally kick off in the uk, and live arcade games become bigger in size. and i admit the black colour does look rather nice, almost like a homage to the original xbox! if hdmi will give me a better picture than vga, then thats a plus too! as for price, i think £299 would be fair, the only downside to the elite is that my hd drive will still be white.
  21. from tomorrow excite truck will be £19.99 instore at gamestation for a limited time! now there is no excuse...
  22. i own them both, and they are both good games, tho as others have said you need to put a little bit of time into sonic learning the moves before it pays off. where as excite truck is great from the start. i say you'll be happy with which ever one you pick.
  23. will be great to see a new big budget hellraiser! it will be interesting to see if doug bradley returns as pinhead too, after so many dodgy sequels!
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