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  1. On 18/03/2022 at 23:49, Haribokart said:

    Anybody who worked at Gamestation may be aware of this absolute unit which was co-parented by me and @sega_kid many years ago :hug:



    Amazing! I can't believe you still have it! 😁😁

  2. My Series X showed up yesterday, very impressed with it, picked up the Forza controller too, and I had to nab Balan Wonderland as it was only a fiver in Smyth's!... I know it's got awful reviews but I'm hoping for a little Yuji Naka magic tucked in there 

  3. 6 hours ago, davejm said:

    Gutted that I can't run this 😔 the game crashes during cutscenes, and I've tried everything aside from a clean windows install (update and reinstall drivers, disabling non essential services, no overclocks etc).  Guess I'll need to wait and hope that a patch fixes things.

    I found the problem with mine was Avast antivirus... Disabling it didn't work but completely uninstalling it did the trick...



    Plus I requested to join the club too! Gamer tag: Segak1d 

  4. 3 hours ago, Mr Majestyk said:

    Outrun fans, any advice for running it fullscreen (not windowed) on a desktop resolution that is 4k? When I hit full screen it goes to the bottom left and is cut off, if I leave it in windowed mode it works and looks great. Tried a resolution fix I found online but setting it to 1080, 1440, or 4k gives the same results. Shame my version has some gangsta rap audio.

    You need to right click the executable outrun file, (Jennifer I think?) And go to properties, and it's one of the scaling options in there you need to tick, the one at the bottom. Sorry I'm not at my pc to double check. But one of those tick boxes fixed it for me 

  5. 9 hours ago, Goose said:

    Given up on Chase HQ 2 for now. 


    Got VF5 working (but not full screen)

    Got Sega Golden Gun working (nice!)


    Edit: I'm an idiot. I need to set wheel axis to the left joystick. Doing so allowed me to set up Chase HQ 2! 


    Also working -


    House of the Dead 4

    Sega Rally 3 (good fun!)

    Dead or Alive 5 (looks impressive)

    Let's Go Jungle

    Let's Go Island

    Luigi's Mansion


    Tekken 7


    Not Working

    Daytona 3 - Does some kind of network test, but then crashes (I did grant it access to the network)

    Transformers - Works but the cursor is stuck at the top of the screen

    I think the Daytona 3 crash *may* be down to forced resolution. I remember having loads of trouble before I got it running. From memory it has to be set at a specific resolution, but you can use a fix to make it fit your monitor screen. The fix will be buried somewhere in the emuline Teknoparrot thread. 


  6. I've been enjoying Need for Speed Heat, very much a boy racer Forza Horizon. 


    Is HDR generally broken on PC? NFS Heat wouldn't display at all without it being disabled, and I haven't had much luck making the already great image quality look any better on the likes of Doom Eternal or Metro Exodus... I've disabled it via display settings for now as I would often exit a game back to a washed out desktop

  7. 1 minute ago, Siri said:


    Providing the old drive is in the new computer, yes! Install Steam as you would on the new computer, and there's an option somewhere in the settings for 'Steam libraries' or something.


    You point it at your original Steam/Steamapps folder, and then it figures out what you've got and adds it as a playable game to your library again :)

    Thank you, I was hoping it was as simple as that. Yes my library is currently on a external drive 

  8. Loving this thread and those with the new pcs! All my bits for my build have arrived now so I'm hoping to set it all up Thursday or Friday this week when I'm on earlies at work. 

    One question- is there an easy way to migrate my steam library from my old pc to my new one without redownloading everything, or losing my saves at least? 

  9. 1 hour ago, Dudley said:


    It's absolutely that easy, until something doesn't work. Then it CAN be an utter bitch to track down which tiny thing you did was wrong.  Assuming it's not something as super obvious as "I didn't order a case big enough for a foot long graphics card".


    But the actual process is dead simple and you'll probably be fine.  I paid to have one built but the premium was small enough that I was happy to pay it to dodge the chance of the above and the fun of trying to build a PC around 2 cats.


    1 hour ago, simms said:



    I've gone the prebuilt route myself.  To be fair I think it's worth doing your own build at list once so you have some idea how it's all pieced together so you have a chance to diagnose small issues yourself or perform upgrades in the future. I've already added a couple of components already to my prebuilt and my previous PC I built from scratch.

    Thanks both, I'm looking forward to giving it a go. I'm fairly confident I'll be ok after watching and reading guides. And yes exactly that, it will be good for me to get and understanding of how bits work and hopefully make it easier to upgrade or add bits when needed 

  10. I'm going down the build a pc route now, got all my bits ordered last night, excited if a little nervous as I've never built one before. After much research I'm going i5 10600k with a RTX 2080 super, bonus is Nvidia are giving away Death Stranding with every RTX card right now. If building is as easy as YouTube makes out I'm on to a winner  

  11. I have been looking at a new pc for the last week or so, been tempted to try building one, but the price difference doesn't seem too different compared to the fear of me doing something wrong. 


    My current pc is an old Alienware x51 r2... Didn't think I'd consider a new Alienware machine but I've got a 15% off coupon through work and suddenly the prices look pretty decent, so I may be going down the Aurora route 

  12. 43 minutes ago, thegreathopper said:

    That’s a not Razoolas bios, completely different thing this is the debug from Neo-geo.com and was out before the Unibios.


    For some reason I have a few of these and about 10 original bios chips.

    Thank you! I did wonder why it looked so different 

  13. 12 minutes ago, SeanR said:

    isn't that a unibios set to MVS mode in an AES, so it does that for credits?



    Theres a mode set option at the top of the main menu, I can choose from normal home use, devel. Home use or devel. MVS. Presumably home use is AES mode? Or am I missing something? 

    Also, there's no unibios logo on the splash screen, just the normal neo Geo one 

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